Yoda: USA is Wrong on Venezuela UPDATE 2: The Real Reason Deep State Wants to Smash Venezuela

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An excellent interview with veteran United Nations Human Rights Investigator, Alfred de Zayas, about the misrepresentations and potential criminal liabilities of the US government in its actions in Venezuela.

Additional videos and regime change agent story below the fold.

What do the Keystone Pipeline, Trump, the Koch brothers and Venezuela have in common?

The Making of Juan Guaido: How the US Regime Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader

The Coup in Venezuela, Explained

UPDATE 1: Guaido is a Dead Man Walking

The Battle for Venezuela – Maduro vs Guaido

“Self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, Juan Guaido has now been stripped of his parliamentary immunity.  The National Constituent Assembly voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve a measure that strips Guaido of his immunity and authorises the Supreme Court to criminally prosecute him for proclaiming himself the leader of the country. In addition, The court ruling cited Guaido’s violation of a ban on his travel outside Venezuela when he visited Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Paraguay from late February to early March. For this he can also be prosecuted.

This should start to make things very interesting since Guaido has been recognised as interim president by more than 50 countries, while Russia, Cuba and China are backing Maduro.  The Trump administration has threatened Caracas with a strong response in an event of his arrest. Just before the vote against Guaido was announced, US Republican Senator Marco Rubio accused the Venezuelan government of plotting a coup d’état and trying to “abduct” Guaido.

The situation in Venezuela has gone from bad to worst…”

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Our President is almost certainly a genius and has been using Venezuela to keep Pompeo, Bolton, and Abrams occupied.  Now is the time to shut them down — all three should be fired, the US should end its totally illegal regime change endeavor against Venezuela, and Trump should announce that Jon Huntsman is being brought back to be a serious Secretary of State at the same time that he dismisses Jared Kushner and nominates Jim Webb or Doug Macgregor to be Secretary of Defense.  If he simultaneously implements the ideas in Memorandum for the President: Trump Triumph, the future will be bright.

I expect some major announcements in the next two weeks that will totally destroy those opposed to our President; a half dozen strategic fatal “heart attacks” will be the icing on the cake. God Bless America.

UPDATE 2: The Real Reason Deep State Wants to Smash Venezuela

Tip of the Hat to Andre Vitchek and OpEd News:

Like Libya and Syria, Venezuela Is Not “Just About Oil”

What makes the Libyan, Syrian and Venezuelan scenarios so similar? Why was the West so eager to viciously attack, and then destroy these three, at the first glance, very different countries?

The answer is simple, although it is not often uttered in the West; at least not publicly:

‘All three countries stood at the vanguard of promoting and fighting with determination for such concepts as “pan-Africanism”, “pan-Arabism” and Patria Grande essentially Latin American independence and unity.’

Gaddafi, Al-Assad and Chavez have been, regionally and internationally, recognized as anti-imperialist fighters, inspiring and giving hope to hundreds of millions of people.

Gaddafi was murdered, Chavez was most likely killed as well, and Al-Assad and his nation have been, literally and for several long years, fighting for their survival.

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