Corbett Report: Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” Known to Be True

Cultural Intelligence

5) CIA and drugs: CIA has been involved in drugs since day one by protecting -and using- the mafia to do its dirty, killing jobs. Remember Air America roaming the skies since the late forties and Pablo Escobar’s recent declarations: drug cartels never existed before the CIA.

4) Government spraying us from the skies. In the 50s, government sprayed SFO skies. It’s been ongoing ever since. See Congress House Bill 2977 of 2001. Can we believe the recent denials and branding of researchers when official documents proved all along that spaying has been ongoing?

3) Governments staged terror attacks to turn their non-violent and reluctant populations into war mongers for hundreds of years: Gustave III against Russia, Japanese against Manchuria to justify the invasion, years of Israel’s false flags around the Suez Canal to push away the British and control it, The Bay of Tonkin, 911, it never stopped. The US never invented it. They just jumped on the band wagon and refined it.

2) MK-Ultra mind-control experiments with every facet of chemically (LSD), electrically and psychiatrically induced behavior control and distortion. The 70s revealed some of it. No longer a conspiracy: the evidence is available, including in videos Corbett includes here.

1) Chemicals such as Atrazine, plastics and endocrine disruptors in water to turn male frog into females and the expansion of it in human population, absolutely admitted by the scientific community to eliminate the male population.

So… what other “conspiracies” should we look into? Yes, Alex Jones and his weird outbursts caused serious damages to serious researchers but… can we ignore the official records confirming all of it? Corbett backs his entire documentary with true videos of scientific hubris justifying ALL of it in the name of… what again? Beside science-without-conscience, that is…

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