J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans 21 May 2019

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13 American Gray Swans – Week 20 – All the Kings Horses

When we review the 13 American Gray Swans written up in previous articles, we see we have serious verified threats that can and will take down our Just in Time (JIT) delivery system. Further, some are guaranteed to happen, we simply do not know when. When those dominoes start falling there will be a massive series of events. Once it happens, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men won’t be able to put our Humpty Dumpty “JIT” system back together again.

There is no way our military can contain the chaos when 320 million people have no food, no gas, and no Starbucks, and that is including our own military.

It seems somebody was not paying attention when studying Military Strategy 101 – “cutting the enemies supply lines”. Did nobody play the game of Risk when they where a child? Maybe somebody did not study on the Battle of the Bulge when the Nazis cut Allied supply lines. Or when Napoleon took Moscow and the Czar burnt all the surrounding food supplies forcing Napoleon to retreat.  Or the siege of Leningrad when the Nazis cut all supply lines to the city causing cannibalism.

When our “JIT” system goes down

– food stops being delivered to 300+ million people

– gasoline stops being delivered

– parts & supplies stop going to our factories – the ones we still have left

– our farms stop being delivered parts, supplies, and resources to produce food

– our military looses their private sector supply of food and resources.

So my question to the Department of Defense is, what are you doing to “Defend” America from any of the 13 Gray Swans happening? We have spent unknown (and unaccounted for) trillions on defense, and we can be defeated by 1 snot nosed genius computer kid, or a burp from the Sun, or only 27 guys with 9 hunting rifles taking out strategic grid substations. If it happens, and the experts say it is just a matter of time, who is left for DOD to defend?

It was a busy week for Gray Swan watchers, so there were a bunch of articles. All indicate, it is not “If” a Gray Swan lands, it is “When” one lands. And it looks like they may come in a flock.

Gray Swan 3 –  EMP – Tesla Technology

Air Force has deployed 20 missiles that could fry the military electronics of North Korea or Iran

Comment – Just a little verification that the US Military has Tesla Technology. The Russians do also as they used it on the USS Donald Cook. So do the Chinese but they seem more sly about showing it.

I guess in some ways that is good news. No need for nuclear annihilation and the end of humanity, the major powers can simply turn off each others electricity. The bad news is we in America are the most vulnerable country for electricity to be turned off.

Gray Swan 4 –  Electric Grid Attack

FBI uncovers homegrown terror training camp in Alabama

Comment – Whether there was a terrorist camp or not, and there are rumors that some parts of the FBI create incidences just to increase their budget to keep being employed (Surprise Surprise), it is beyond doubt that we have terrorists in the country. It takes less than 30 semi-trained people to take down our electric grid as proven with the Metcalf Substation attack. So do we do something about it or do we stand butt naked with our underwear down around our ankles?

California descending to Third World status with planned electricity blackouts for up to a week

Comment – The 8th largest economy in the world can not figure out how to keep the lights on? McFly , do you think possibly it is the management?

Socialism Leaves South Africa In The Dark

Comment – Maybe Nancy, Diane, Chucky, and AOC are doing some pro bono consulting.

Gray Swan 5 – Cyber Attack

10 in Eastern Europe Are Charged in Malware Attacks in the U.S.

Comment – all it takes is 1 snot nosed genius kid to take down our electric grid and we are back in the 1800’s. Food Security keeps us alive, and that takes the development of locally controlled regional small farms.

Gray Swan 6 – WW III

Saudi oil tankers including one bound for US hit by ‘sabotage attack’ amid Iran standoff

Comment – You would think that if it was Iran then they would have the skill to sink the ships instead of a minor boo boo.

Saudi Ship Sabotage – False Flag Cue for War on Iran

Comment – out of all the thousands of tanker ships to choose from, what a coincidence the ones bombed where registered in Norway, a NATO country. BTW – NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Middle East is not the North Atlantic.

 U.S. sounding drums of war, says ready to counter Iran ‘threat’

Comment – What a coincidence, the US sending an aircraft carrier and B-52s to the Middle East just days before the Saudi tankers got bombed.

Official: Initial US assessment blames Iran for ship attacks

Comment – Isn’t this similar to Allen Dulles being brought in to investigate JFK’s assassination?

Iranian missiles on boats in the Persian Gulf was ‘credible threat’ that sparked US evacuations

Comment – Does this not sound suspiciously familiar?  – WMD that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq, and no WMDs where found. Oh sorry for destroying your country, our mistake!

US asks Israelis to keep out of Iran fight

Comment – How about the US keeps out of the fight! Let the Israelis do their own dirty work for a change.


Comment – More indication of a war with Iran being provoked by the US. What part of Home of the Brave and Land of the Free translates into foreign wars of aggression? In God We Trust and everybody else we kill? The notion of “avoiding foreign entanglements” is our Founders concept, not starting them.

Operation Nitro-Zeus Has Been Activated

Comment – It looks like a potential trigger for WW III

Putin warns Washington Moscow won’t act as a ‘fireman’ in Iranian dispute

Comment – Somehow I don’t think Russia will stay out of it and will enter to their benefit, but it is a good warning. Stop causing war.

America Opens its Arsenal; Trainloads of Tanks in Desert Paint

Comment – I am sure it is just a coincidence that our tanks were already in Desert Paint and Iran is a desert.

Neocons Say Iran Positioning Missiles Against US in Iraq

Comment – after the complete US Administration and DOD Cluster F… lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq do you actually think anybody in America believes you? You have basically Zero (0) credibility. Not one of you has the integrity to truthfully say what is happening in Afghanistan. Pat Tillman did.

British general undermines US claims of increased threat from Iran

Comment – More indications that the Saudi tanker bombings where a False Flag event.

China Calls For “People’s War” Against The US, Vows To “Fight For A New World”

Comment – I know there is something called new math, but old math says 320 million against 1.6 billion is not good odds.

China Slams “Barbaric” US Behavior Toward Huawei as a “Declaration of War”

Comment – Tensions are growing between China and the US.

China unveils terrifying new armoured truck which launches swarms of killer drones to attack its enemies

Comment – It is evident that China, Russia, and the US are all preparing for war.

US posts highest quality video ever of mother of all bunker busters

Comment – Obviously our enemies already knew this, so this must be for our education. Is this where the missing $21 trillion went, or is it Lost in Space?

Gray Swan 7 –  Credit Collapse

American Farmers Are Losing Patience And Money In Record Numbers!

Comment – So what happens when we loose the farmers? Dam, sure sounds like ancient Rome to me. When the farms go down, the guns come up.

Jim Rickards: Trends Suggest Next Crisis WORSE Than Expected, “Requiring” MARTIAL LAW

Comment – Hard to say, Gray Swan Credit Collapse or Civil War. You can see some of these Gray Swans are interlinked.

Freight Night: Logistics Data Paint Dire Picture For Shipping, Broader Economy

Comment – If the JIT system goes down, we are all screwed.

“Significant Slowdown” Spooks Maersk At Mediterranean’s Third Largest Port

Comment – Let us watch the Baltic Dry Index. Presently it is about 1,000, if it drops below 600 – break out the lifeboats.

700 million people could move to U.S., analysis shows

Comment – what ever happened to – “There is no free lunch”? This simply indicates that unrestricted immigration will destroy our country. And that seems to be the motive.

Numbers Don’t Lie – The Coming Immigration Apocalypse

Comment – The title says it all. BTW – the articles author Holly Deyo has one of the best books written on Preparing for trouble. Maybe it is wise to have a copy – just in case.

Central banks are buying gold at the fastest pace in six years

Comment – notice, it seems governments are buying gold, yet none have stopped spending or balanced their budgets. They are all in the Red. Didn’t this happen just before WW II? Historically this does not end well.

Martin Armstrong Says Government Creating ‘Giant Money-Laundering Machine’

Comment – Marty is one of the smart guys to watch, and he does not mince words.

Burnout Nation

Comment – the first line in the article – The economic and financial stresses will exceed the workforce’s carrying capacity in the next recession.

EU Fines 5 Banks $1.2 Billion In ‘FX Cartel’ Case

Comment – Wait a minute. That is a Conspiracy Theory! And they do not exist. And we know they do not exist because the CIA told us so. But, how come the banks can steal Billions and get hit with relatively minuscule fines and nobody ever goes to jail. Who stole the money – Gremlins? What ever happened to the LIBOR scandal? And how is it that the IRS can find our missing $10 Starbuck receipt but can not find $40 trillion stolen by 5 banks?

Jim Rogers Warns Biggest Economic Crash Coming Soon – Be Ready!

Comment – Another really smart guy to watch.

 Liquidity Stress Fractures Begin to Show in the Federal Reserve System

Comment – “Stress Fractures” imply a foundation. Fraud is not a foundation.

On The Edge Of Disaster: 59 Percent Of Americans Are Living Paycheck To Paycheck

Comment – I see this with both family and friends. And I think it safe to assume that the 59% also own close to 59% of the over 320 million guns in private hands. If I was in the 1% , this would inspire me to invest in small sustainable farms to make sure these people do not go hungry. Oh BTW, if a Gray Swan happens the 1% get to quickly join the 99%.

Gray Swan 8 – Pandemic

The Threat Is Real’: Protein Supply Chain Disrupted As Hog Disease Spreads

Comment – just 3 animal pandemics and a majority of our animal protein gets wiped out of our food supply – Swine Flue, Bird Flu, and Mad Cow. Plus the potential for these to jump to humans. Another great reason to invest in sustainable small farms.

Another disaster unfolding for farmers! Hundreds of millions of pigs in danger

Comment – This indicates how vulnerable our food supply is.

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum.

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted

Comment – And we are only just entering a Solar Minimum. What do you think it will be at the bottom?

The media has turned against Monsanto, and Bayer is now facing a “snowball effect”

Comment – I am certainly no fan of Monsanto, but with that said understand the company controls virtually 100% of seed corn, wheat, and soy for America. If it goes down before we have established alternatives seed production we have a food collapse. Again, one more threat to our food supply even if it is unhealthy.

Massive explosion of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano

Comment – as stated before, a Solar Minimum brings massive volcanic activity. Has anybody contemplated the results if a major volcanic eruption happened next to 25 million Mexicans? Now that is a great reason for a very solid and tall wall. Dis nobody watch Cheech & Chongs “Born in East LA”? Born in East L.A. border crossing  A little “Predictive Programming”?

Spectacular eruptions of Agung (Indonesia) and Sarychev (Russia) volcanoes – Increased seismic activity of Kusatsu Shirane, and Hakoneyama volcanoes (Japan)

Comment – anybody else see an exponential rise in volcanism?

Unseasonal Atmospheric River storm to blast California with drenching rain

Comment – As already stated, our infrastructure is designed using 200 years of weather data, and we are now seeing regularly 1,000 year storms.

Volcanic eruptions of Agung, Sinabung, Krakatau (Indonesia), Nevados de Chillan (Chile) and Sakurajima (Japan)

Comment – Oh look, more volcanoes.

M6.3, M6.0 and M6.3 earthquakes hit New Caledonia within 13 hours

Comment – If this was a hockey game it would be a Hat Trick. And how come the USGS virtually always “Downgrades” the earthquake rating? Is their equipment really that bad, or are they skewing the data? No, the Government would never alter the data to deceive the public! Absolutely no evidence of that. Well with the exception of Unemployment, Inflation, Cost of Living, Social Security, Debt, Military Spending – but we should not be nitpickers about technicalities!

 Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – 4.4 Oklahoma earthquake rattles Wichita area

Comment – Oh look, more earthquakes.

Severe weather to ramp back up across central US this week

Comment – Our food production – death from 1,000 cuts.

Shocking moment floodgate breaks on 90-year-old dam at Lake Dunlap in Texas

Comment – As a Solar Minimum approaches the weather exceeds our infrastructure design criteria, and fails. Hint – be on the up-side of dams.

The Moment of Truth for the Oroville Dam-New Data Indicates the Coming Failure

Comment – It looks like possibly the “Wake Up” moment may come shortly. Or, the public will be told it was done by 19 Muslims who could not pass a Cessna flight test. Or farting cows.

US food crisis: Spring’s record-late arrival in parts of the U.S. has catastrophic consequences for food industry

Comment – Don’t worry, with the stock market so high we don’t need food. Apple stock will feed us.

Wettest 12-month period on record leaves US nearly drought-free amid rampant flooding

Comment – Noah, the drought has been canceled. But we won’t be able to plant food because it is too wet.

Severe weather to ramp back up across central US this week

Comment  – Just more verification of dangerous weather pattern changes.

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

The fight for America begins: Trump to invoke Insurrection Act that authorizes National Guard

Comment – this could be a very dangerous slippery slope.

House Democrats Move To Block Any Additional Spending For the Border Wall

Comment – someplace along the line even the illegal immigrants inside the country will realize they are out of a job. As I have said, there are groups trying to start a Civil War.

Joe Biden: Second Amendment Doesn’t Say You’re ‘Entitled’ to Own a Gun

Comment – Joe you are correct, it does not say an entitlement, it says an “Unalienable Right”. Maybe we should check into what Weiner’s laptop says on your entitlement? Rumors are there are hard drive copies floating around. Bummer Creepy Joe! Hey, does your son speak Ukrainian? Oh, BTW, Social Security is not an entitlement either – it is money owed to the American people.

Bayer discovers “black ops” division run by Monsanto

Comment – Just some proof of the evils that Monsanto has done now admitted by its new owner. You would have thought a multi billion dollar company doing a multi billion dollar buy-out would have done a due diligence and picked up what very many people already knew.

Invest in your country, invest in locally owned small sustainable farming.

With food we can solve virtually any problem, without it we can solve none.

J.C. Cole

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