Election 2020 – Week to 26 May 2019

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Sunday, 26 May 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Democratic voters — it is said but not proven — care more about beating Trump than any one issue.  Jimmy Carter is emergent as a “Yoda” for 2020. Ralph Nader is demonstrating his own lack of integrity is joining the movement to kill the Electoral College (the other half of killing the Senate, the 17th Amendment, not properly ratified, was the first half and needs to be rescinding). 

Budget Busters.


Demographics. Women will be key in 2020. Trump’s base is angry. Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s recent publication of Trump’s Ten Lies is rocketing around the base and spells big trouble for the President. He is also weakening in the Rust Belt because he is letting the Zionists roll him on Venezuela and Iran.

Down-Ticket Impact.

Demographics. Republican women said to be key to both parties in 2020. Democrats are suffering from being clusted in big cities. As long as the Electoral College protects the equal rights of all fifty states, they cannot win the  White House. 8 to 12 percent of Republican voters disapprove of Trump — this is a problem.

Election Reform/Electoral College. See Big Picture for Ralph Nader making an ass of himself.  He makes some good points on the misbehavior of past Presidents making Trump possible, but anyone against the Electoral College is either ignorant or a traitor.  Nevada is the 15th state to break with the Electoral College that is so fundamental to keeping the Union of fifty STATES together. This is a Constitutional matter that is going to have to be fought — and won — in advance of Election Day. It will have to be found and won both in the courts and with the public — this is why Trump needs a truth channel that educates and mobilizes.

Fake News.

Impeachment/Investigations. The Democrats have lost their minds. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should face a strong challenger in 2020, as should every Democrat bringing government into gridlock with investigations  that are politically motivated. We disagree with the view that the Democrats are gaining momentum — the President will not only fight them and win at the Supreme Court level (which will take us past Election Day) but he has so many initiatives he can roll out, including the end of the federal income tax, holding the private banks accountable for Federal Reserve debts, and a debt jubilee for students and the elderly, that we don’t see Pelosi coming back. What the President does NOT have yet is arrests, 9/11 disclosure, an end to all our foreign wars, and so on.

Issues. Abortion could be the social issue of 2020, relevant not only to the White House but to the down-ticket.

-Kushner Liability.

Technology. Trump will beat the Democrats with technology if and only if he forces Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube to stop censoring.  A judicial restraining order is probably going to be needed, the manner in which Facebook closed down the populist party accounts in Italy and Stripe closed down an Independent seeking an EU parliament seat, are indicators of what they plan in the USA in 2020.  HOWEVER, if Fox continues to betray the President and showcase the Democrats to their pro-Trump audiences, the number of Republicans who might go against the President will increase.

Voter Fraud. We still cannot stop voter fraud, and exit polls are still conflicted.

Zionist Influence on USA.


Big Picture.

Dem voters care more about beating Trump than any one policy issue

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Budget Busters.



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Down-Ticket Impact.

Election Reform/Electoral College.

What and Who Gave Us Trump?

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Fake News.


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Kushner Liability.


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Zionist Influence on USA.

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