Berto Jongman: FBI Crisis — Playing Catch-Up on Cyber

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Berto Jongman

Identity crisis: FBI plays catch-up as cyberthreats escalate

Now “every field office has a cyber squad” modeled after lessons learned fighting terrorism, said Ugoretz, speaking earlier this year at a conference in Sea Island, Ga. Some field offices are being assigned as leads for specific attacks or threat actors, she said. There is also a rapid response team that can be deployed out of headquarters in Washington at a moment’s notice.

Yet even as the FBI’s need for cyber experts is increasing, its ability to retain agents and employees with the needed technical expertise is under threat. According to interviews with over a dozen former FBI cyber employees as well as other national security experts, a cyber “brain drain” is taking place at the bureau that could hamper its ability to stem the constant flow of digital threats,

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ROBERT STEELE:  “I told you so” in 1994. Instead of doing the right thing and getting serious at the national level, the White House let NSA hijack all existing US communications and computing capabilities, putting in infantile backdoors that spawned the Chinese and Russian hacking industries (the Zionists already had their backdoors, we make it easy for them by hiring them to pour the founations for any cyber-structure we create).

Cyber  should be included in the President demolition and reconstruction of US intelligence and counterintelligence.  The US cyber command continues to disappoint  and not play well with others.  Just as NSA does not provide SIGINT support as a matter of routine to all CIA and FBI endeavors abroad and at home, so also is Cyber Command totally out of control and largely worthless.  See the review below for a sense of who knows what.

As Bill Binney and I have discussed and as I have published our consensus, the President needs to take a wrecking ball to the entire IC, reducing each agency including CIA and FBI by up to 70%, and then reconstituting the salvagable parts into a new consolidated CIA with new directorates for Signals, Imagery, Geospacial, and now Cyber. Match this with an independent Open Source Agency whose mission is to tell the truth to the President and the public about everything, and you have a solid foundation for the rebirth of US intelligence with ingrity and imagination.

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Robert Steele with Javad Heirannia, “Counterintelligence Failure by CIA and NSA in Venezuela: An Opportunity for President Donald Trump to Reform US Intelligence,” American Herald Tribune, 10 May 2019.  PBI BackUp also in Tehran Times (13 May 2019).

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