J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans 14 May 2019

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13 American Gray Swans – Week 19

Using classic engineering logic ask the question “what could cause the collapse of the JIT delivery system”? The answer created the 13 American Gray Swans.  I am sure there are more, but these cover the highest probabilities.

Calling out the Gray Swans may be misinterpreted by some as “Crying Wolf” or fear mongering by pointing out how America is positioned to collapse. Just the opposite, it is pointing out our weaknesses and how to make us stronger so we won’t collapse.

In the story, “The Boy that Cried Wolf” the wolf did come at the end and at the detriment of the towns people. The wolf ate their food supply.

By consistently crying wolf the boy sounded false alarms, and the towns people eventually became untrusting to the warnings and complacent. Is this not what has happened to us now. What information can we trust today?

This leaves us to fall back on our own common sense. 50% of our food is imported. 80% of of food produced in America is done by Large Farms in the mid-west and California, and transported by a “Just in Time” (JIT) delivery system. The average unit of food in America travels 1,500 miles. This means that if anything happens to the JIT delivery system then there is an almost instantaneous 80% shortage of food.

The Gray Swans are pointing out our vulnerabilities that are either guaranteed to happen or have a high probability to happen, and then the wolf comes. And you can guarantee that our enemies, both foreign and domestic, know them.

Using classic engineering logic ask the question “what could cause the collapse of the JIT delivery system”? The answer created the 13 American Gray Swans.  I am sure there are more, but these cover the highest probabilities.

We are guaranteed to get an EMP from the Sun. We simply do not know when, but in our present positioning it would be a Kill Shot to our electric grid. The “cause and effects” stop food from being delivered.

We are guaranteed to have a New Madrid Earthquake. We simply do not know when, but in our present positioning it would be devastating by physically stopping food and energy being delivered across the Mississippi River.

We are guaranteed to have a Financial Collapse. We simply do not know when. No Fiat money system has ever survived in the history of man. In our present positioning we would have no way to exchange for food that is 1,500 miles away.

We are guaranteed to have a Pandemic. It would shut down the JIT delivery system, and in our present positioning we have no regional food production.

We are guaranteed to have a Solar Minimum. We do know when, and it is beginning. It’s effects are being argued, but best to err on the side of caution. The evidence that I looked at and believe causes a collapse of World Food Production. i.e. a world wide famine.

These are the “Guaranteed to happen” Gray Swans. The other Gray Swans all have a high probability of happening. Do your own research.

Notice – these are not Conspiracy Theories. They are based on natural laws. And also notice – the government rarely if at all discusses them.

Here is a list of articles that appeared only this week, Week 19 – 2019, that support and verify the concern of a Gray Swan happening. People are writing about them, and people with credentials, but somehow the majority are not making into MSM. Surprise surprise.

Gray Swan 1 thru 3 – EMP

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse: Countermeasures Urgently Needed

Comment – It looks like President Trump is taking action. Note – it may take many years to harden the grid. Until that time keep this in mind – “The EMP Commission tried, but could not figure out a way to keep 328 million Americans alive for a year without food and water.” i.e. –  YOYO

Gray Swan 4 –  Electric Grid Attack

Deep Cover Source Reveals 8,000 Russian Spetsnaz Troops Poised to Attack American Infrastructure

Comment – When at war you had better listen to and check rumors. There is a stunning amount of verification from credible sources that we have a significant amount of Spetsnaz on US soil. If you can’t believe that, simply read Obama’s official invitation. The FBI reported it only took 3 people to bring the Metcalf transformer station to the point of collapse with 1 AK-47. America has 9 key substations. That means 27 people can take America’s grid down. No Electricity = No Food. We can solve both problems but it takes the White House and the Pentagon to get off their butts.

National Grid Failures Plunge Nigeria into Darkness

Comment – Don’t worry, this was Nigeria – a 3rd world country. It could never happen here. Oh wait, the official Presidents advisors say we are wide open for a Grid Collapse. We are totally unprotected. Has anybody explained it to Washington, that if the grid goes down they won’t be able to have their daily Starbucks? Has anybody explained it to the Pentagon, that if the grid goes down they won’t be able to misallocate anymore trillions? Has anybody explained it to the Democrats, that if the grid goes down they won’t be able to blame their corruption on Russian hacking? I mean this is serious. If the grid goes down the entire US Government is out of a job (besides being held responsible). And somehow I don’t think unemployment will be working.

Crazy! Ball of Fire Moving Down Electric Lines In Venezuela

Comment – Yup, that is normal – not! Now why would anybody want to attack Venezuela’s power grid? Hint – Kissinger – “Control oil and you control nations”

Gray Swan 6 – World War III

Russia-China Alignment Challenge U.S. Hegemony

Comment – The Chinese and the Russians are working together for the “One Belt One Road”, so if this happens is the US going to be able to continue to afford 600 military bases?

US builds nuclear shield to deliver surprise nuclear strike on Russia

Comment – If this is the opinion in Russia, do you think they will be a little concerned? It is a good thing they don’t have superior nuclear weapons. Oh wait, they have that new unstoppable coastal city busting nuke torpedo. Well that is one way to drain the swamp.

Kim Jong Un calls for ‘full combat posture’, East Asia News & Top Stories

Comment – While much of the press write off Kim Jong Un as a crazy man, I look at him more as a piece of the Global Chess board, and a chess board we are not privy to all the moves on.

U.S. Blind-Sided by Surprise North Korea Missile Launch

Comment – If this type of surprise happens for a test, then what could happen for real? Remember we are protected by a bunch of guys that publicly admit they got their asses kicked by 19 illiterate Muslims that could not pilot a Cessna. That is the official story, isn’t it?

China stole NSA hacking tools and used them against US

Comment – Boy that is embarrassing. Not only is the NSA breaking the laws of the United States (as they admitted) but they are incompetent to boot. BTW – that is no relation to Viktor Bout. That is a totally different case of incompetence.


Comment – a very large amount of saber rattling going on, from all sides. One mistake and we will be throwing stones in the next war.

On The Brink Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran, And Most Americans Don’t Seem To Care

Comment – What does it take to wake up Americans to realize the dangerous position we are in? We are the most vulnerable country in the world relative to electric supply and food delivery. And we can easily solve both issues.

“Billion-Dollar Fleet Destroyed With One Missile” – Iran Cleric Threatens To Sink US Carrier

Comment – Does anybody remember that one Exocet Missile that sank the HMS Sheffield during the 1982 Falklands War?  A $50 million dollar ship sunk by a $200,000 missile. It looks like a potential replay.

Aircraft carrier sent to Middle East after indications Iran planned attack on US forces

Trump sending Navy strike group to Middle East to send ‘message’ to Iran

US B-52 bombers ordered by the White House to the Persian Gulf land in Qatar over Iran threat

Comment – Did anybody read the Bible? Oh, that is right, the Zionists did. And it seems to be going as planned.

US doubles down on taking Venezuela after Guaido coup flop

Comment – We know Russia has bombers there, and maybe nukes, so why are we aggravating the issue?

Analysts: Images show construction on China’s third

Comment – It sure looks like the world is preparing for war to me. What is it about humans that use “hope” as a strategy to prepare for conflict? 99% of humans are not preppared when war happens.

Gray Swan 7 – Credit Collapse

Amid Food Shortages, Severe Rationing Has Been Mandated In Communist/Socialist-Run Countries

Comment – This is an article on how quickly things can fall apart, and how bad it can get. At some point, something has to break. It can’t happen here said the pedophile Roman Senate.

The dollar that didn’t bark

Comment – Speaking about breaking, our currency is also the Worlds Reserve Currency, of which it is evident that many countries do not want to use anymore. Besides, could somebody please show me a full audit of the FED? And also one for Fort Knox … excluding the tungsten. If you need to know how to do that call Jim Sinclair.

Recession Alert: Credit Card Delinquencies Reach 8-Year Highs

Comment – Recession? Why is it that nobody discusses if the US Credit system collapses than our food deliveries stop?

Dealers Scramble To Deal With 4.2 Million UNSOLD CARS

Comment – Has anybody figured out what allows 4.2 million cars to be sitting on car lots? Try credit! And I am afraid to discuss that a very large amount of the merchandise sitting in stores such as Home Depot and Lowes, along with on dealers parking lots, is by factory credit. It is just an Accounts Payable on the manufacturers balance sheet and not in the financial debt reports.

S&P Futures Tumble, Chinese Stocks Plunge As Tariffs Loom

Comment – Anything that triggers a Credit Collapse and our trucks stop running. While the dollar is strong we need investment into locally owned sustainable farms.

After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown

Comment – Dominoes falling. When the farms go down, expect the guns to come up.

New Technology for a Cashless Society Is Marching Right in Step

Comment – Whether this is your religious belief or not, the facts are a cashless society endangers its people. It requires electricity and telecommunications to function, and we already know these will always be vulnerable to collapse. Further is the issue of Trust in government. We already see the IRS, FDA, BLM, and EPA (to name a few) making administrative decisions without due process. Imagine if they had control over your banking switch.

Gray Swan 8 – Pandemic

The Global Elite Have Had A Plan To Kill Off A Significant Portion Of The Worlds Population

Comments – While this is a conspiracy theory, the evidence does show that the CDC patented Ebola. Exactly why does a government agency need to patent a deadly disease? The US Government has admitted and apologized (sometimes) for biowarfare experiments on the American public. Read Clouds of Secrecy: The Army’s Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas  by Leonard Cole.

Gray Swan 11 – Satellite Shut Down

Securing The Space Cloud: It’s Really Hard

Comment – Our Achilles Heal in Space. If our satellite GPS systems shut down our Snow Flakes won’t be able to find the nearest Starbucks location, besides most of shipping and payments shut down freezing commerce nationwide. That is a dam good reason for a Space Fleet!

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum

Zharkova Warns: PREPARE for Grand Solar Minimum

Comment – Again we have a PhD warning us, this time in Astrophysics. Take a look at the map of the US wetness and no planting of our crops. This is an important 10 minutes from the Ice Age Farmer describing our condition. Compare this to our neophyte Congresswoman with a BA in International Relations and Economics from BU supporting the concept of farting cows causing Global Warming. We are in such deep trouble!

US FLOODING isn’t over: Louisiana declares STATEWIDE EMERGENCY as Mississippi River Rises

Comment – If you know any Civil Engineers, they will tell you the majority of our infrastructure was designed using 200 year weather data. Now that we are seeing monthly occurrences of 1,000 year storms what do you think will happen? Yes, the collapse of our infrastructure because the design criteria was dramatically exceeded. And with the effects of the Solar Minimum increasing, what do you think will happen?

A Food Crisis Is HERE: Trouble For Farmers In The Corn Belt

Comment – As extreme weather increases we will have more and larger failures of our infrastructure, and a greater destruction of our food production. Maybe we need to tell Washington and the Pentagon to grow their own food. I understand that may have been the message the Visigoths delivered to the corrupt Roman Senate. Coincidence?

It Is No Longer a Matter of IF, but When the Oroville Dam Will Fail

Comment – This is Hodges’ opinion, but it looks like he has a good amount of evidence to support it. Not only do we have extreme weather increasing exceeding design criteria, our national infrastructure is crumbling from lack of maintenance. The Oroville Dam is just 1 example. Wait till the Hoover Dam goes and southern California is out of water.

Crazy hailstorms slam cars and houses in Louisiana (USA), Leningrad (Russia), Monterrey (Mexico)

Comment – Do you know what baseball size hail does to crops and livestock? It destroys them. Does anybody see an increase of devastating hail around the world?

A Food Crisis Is HERE: Trouble For Farmers In The Corn Belt

Comment – Just more evidence of the collapse of our food production.

Mildura dust storm turns day into night

Comment – It is not just America but world wide. The entire World Food Production is dieing from 1,000 cuts. And somehow I don’t think cows can produce that much methane, but maybe the politicians and UN can! We should put AOC devices on them to capture the escaping gases, but I am afraid many would enjoy the experience.

WEATHER ANOMALY: Over 10 inches of snow in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and a foot in Colorado.

Comment – Anomaly? How about the new normal! The Gulf Stream stopped a few years ago and since the weather patterns have change dramatically and we will not have normal until equilibrium settles in. Somehow that looks decades away.

Deadly heat wave to worsen this week as recovery from Cyclone Fani continues

Comment – What historically happens when countries can no longer feed their populations and famine begins? Wars and civil war. Just ask the French and Chinese. And what do we see – nations around the globe preparing for war.

12 Evacuations ordered following levee breaches along Mississippi River north of St. Louis

Comment – The reason I am highlighting so many weather events is to point out these are not one off events – it is a pattern. And it is a pattern clearly describe in Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell  by John Casey. Coincidence? Note – Casey is politically non-correct and does not include AOC or the Popes farting cows.

 Indonesian volcano Mount Sinabung erupts again

Comment – Has anybody noticed that volcanism is exponentially rising, along with earthquakes and sinkholes? And surprise surprise – that is what Casey pointed out would happen in a Solar Minimum.

Now I know this would be a tough question to answer for our Wet T-Shirt Congressional Princess – but how many cows does it take to cause a volcanic eruption? Especially considering educated geologists state that 1 massive volcanic eruption dwarfs all the pollution humans have created in history.

 North Korea faces food crisis after “worst harvest in a decade”

Comment – Besides everything else that is going on – could there be a possibility that Weather Wars are exacerbating the situation. Where are the missing Tesla files anyway?

The FDA Will Be the Death of Us All

EPA Proposes Re-Approving Glyphosate, Blatantly Ignoring Proven Cancer Risk

Comment – Just to make sure if the Solar Minimum does not kill us, our government has to get in on the action. Maybe we need to serve Congress only GMO crops laced with Glyphosate and see what it does to their brains. Oh, my mistake – it seems the experiment was already done. You really need to listen to MIT PhD Professor – Stephanie Seneff . She only has 3 degrees from MIT – (BS) in biophysics, (MS) in electrical engineering, and a (PhD) in computer science.

Tornadoes have hit 6 states with unusual frequency in 2019

Comment – see any weather pattern changes that are extremely damaging?

What Is In The Water? New UN Study Demonizes Humans For Future Extinctions While Ignoring Fukushima, Techno-Poisons And The Geoengineering Of The Weather

Comment – It is our fault – but ignore Fukushima and Geoenginnnering like good Zionist minions should.

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

New data indicates America on the verge of civil war, and neither side will back off

Comment – Is it possible that we have a 5th column trying to instigate a civil war? The only group that wins in a US Civil War are the Globalists.

A ‘Constitutional Crisis’ – WSJ

Comment – Who is creating the crisis and why? As stated before, there are groups trying to start a Civil War. How does someone become a multi-millionaire in Congress when on a salary of $175,000 per year. She needs to talk to Nancy, who is a billionaire.

Booker backs legislation that would result in Americans being ‘thrown in jail’ if they won’t give up their guns

Cory Booker’s Gun-Control Plan Is Dangerous

Comments – Not only does Sen. Booker want to take away an “Unalienable Right”, the foundation of law in America, he wants to put you in jail for exercising it. I do not get it. Democrats are fearful Trump will be a dictator and take over the country, but our Founders being clever guys put in the 2nd Amendment just so an armed citizenry would prevent such a thing. So why are the Democrats leading the way to confiscate guns which is the #1 world historical way to takeover a country? To save childrens lives? Sen. Booker was Mayor of Newark NJ, the 3rd neediest city in the country (ie – a black hole of government money). Surely he learned that criminals do not abide by the law.

Drug overdoses kill over 70,000 Americans per year, over 3,000 in NJ alone. These numbers dwarf gun related homicides, of which the vast majority are done by handguns not battle rifles, and by criminals. It seems Booker would save thousands more Americans if he took on the opioid epidemic, but apparently he does not want to bite the hand that feeds him.

Sen. Booker apparently can read as he is a Rhodes scholar (which may indicate who his puppet masters may be). Then he should know the Constitution has included in it the ways to change the Constitution, and administrative changes are illegal no matter what BS he uses to justify it. Maybe the neophyte Senator needs to move to Venezuela and see how good Gun Confiscation worked out for the people there?

Unfortunately nowhere in human history has weapon confiscation been valuable for the common man, but it has been used by certain bloodlines and their minions to create totalitarian control. The fact of the matter is Booker’s suggested legislation along with Red Flag laws are violations of the Constitution, and a catalyst for a Civil War.

J.C. Cole

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