Robert Steele: True Cost of War a Hot Topic Within Pentagon? Plus 5 Steps to Peace with Iran and More Politico Idiocy on North Korea

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As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West Coast oligarchs sue for peace

ROBERT STEELE: Benjamin Fulford's weekly report, a $11/month subscription, is absolutely recommended to one and all. This week's report sets the stage for multiple announcements by the President between now and the 4th of July, when he will start campaigning in earnest.

Below the fold, for the record, is a paragraph Ben drew from our conversation about my personal view that General Milley might be the first miltary leader since Dwight D. Eisenhower, to focus on creating peace and avoiding war.  That is precisely the kind of military leader our President needs. Ben chose not to include the proffered links in his report, they are provided after the paragraph quote below.

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“The true cost of war is being discussed among Pentagon insiders, perhaps including Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley, already designated to become the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,” comments Robert David Steele, former Marine and CIA officer. “Both the President and the best of the senior leaders understand that being the Zionist tool for the Middle East has cost the USA not just seven trillion dollars, but 75,000 amputees, 250,000 or more confirmed PTSD cases, tens of thousands of rapes (male as well as female), and a virtual [multi-] trillion-dollar crime wave as contractors have leveraged ‘easy money’ to cheat the military and the taxpayer,” he says.

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After the above was written I came across the below article by Trita Parsi, who teaches at Georgetown University and is the author of Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran, and the Triumph of Diplomacy. I agree with all five suggestions, starting with firing the two assholes that are schlonging the President every single day with their lies and war-mongers bullshit.  Pompeo and Bolton (and Abrams) must be FIRED.

If Trump really wants to talk to Iran, here's what he should do

Step 1.  Fire Pompeo and Bolton
Step 2.  Respect the deal — do not wage economic war
Step 3.  Drop all preconditions
Step 4.  Respect can go a long way — and needs to be extended
Step 5.  Stop listening to Israel, the USE, and Saudi Arabia

Of course it would help if the President could develop a serious strategy for the Middle East in partnership with China and Russia (this is why Jon Huntsman is perfect as the next Secretary of State) that also respects and engages the presidents of Turkey and Syria as well as Iran.  My own eight point plan is at the below link — any strategy not having all eight points is dead on arrival.

Steele, Robert. “Peace in the Middle East: Denuclearizing Israel, Restoring Palestine, and More,” Russian International Affairs Council, 18 May 2018.  PBI Back-Up


I rarely read Politico, but when I do I never fail to be stunned by their ignorance (or corruption, or both). I have blasted them before:

Steele, Robert. “CIA and the Deep State: Mike Pompeo is Totally Wrong – and Politico Totally Worthless,” American Herald Tribune, 2 June 2018. PBI BackUp

Anita Kumar, evidently a high school graduate with seven years experience as a low-rent journalist, has authored the below hit piece:

Trump finds himself increasingly alone on North Korea

A real journalist would know that the unification and denuclearization of North Korea is Xi Jinping's initiative in which Donald Trump plays the closer, and it is a done deal. Abe in Japan is criminally compromised and will not be around much longer. Pompeo and Bolton are both idiologues with zero ethics who appear to have been bribed or blackmailed by the Zionists to the point that they cannot tell black from white, night from day, evil from good. Both need to be fired.

Unlike this “scribe” that Politico‘s editors have assigned the White House beat in a clear case of contempt — I know there are least two journalists at Politico with  a brain — Trump actually understands the real world, Trump has actually discussed North Korea with Xi and Vladimir Putin and others; Trump has actually met Kim Jong Un; and Trump knows what this child journalist never will understand: that this is all theater and the Global Currency Reset deals that are closing out in coming weeks will change everything.

No, Donald Trump is not alone on North Korea (or Iran). He has the other two most powerful men on the planet on speed-dial, he is listening to vastly more ethical and seasoned advisors than the chimps he put in place to buy time, and the majority in the USA want no more war, and more focus on making America great again here at home.

High school graduate covering the White House?  Seriously?  That is Politico‘s death rattle and epitaph.

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