Mongoose: Theresa May FIRED for Act of War Against USA? — Queen Next?

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Why Theresa May Really Resigned

We’ve touched on the topic of our Very British Coup d’État in the past but not often enough.

As the DECLAS unfolds, we’ll be hearing more about how the American Nightmare we’ve been living is actually the product of fevered British imaginations consumed with the Great Game.

Before the dodgy work-product commissioned by Hillary Clinton’s campaign became known as the “Pee-Pee Dossier” or as the “Steel Dossier”, it was referred to within the FBI as the “Crown material”. Why, one might ask?

Vincent Vendetta tells us, “Maybe it’s because Operation Crossfire hurricane, which is what they named the operation to take down a duly elected American president mostly occurred on UK soil…I think it’s important to understand that Operation Crossfire Hurricane was a UK state project, a cross-party project, meaning they were all involved [and] Theresa May is guilty of committing an Act of War against the United States, by order of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her Privy Council…The declassification of these documents will show how the UK Corporation risked all our lives in order to cover up their crimes.

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Phi Beta Iota: There is no question about the British culpability for interfering in the US election.  May might have survived it without Brexit, but Brexit sealed her fate. In France Le Pen has put Macron down.  Merkel, traitor to her people, is next.

It is clear that Hillary Clinton — reported to the FBI by Robert Steele for treason, pedophilia, charity fraud, and electoral fraud — co-conspired with the British crown (making Clinton an agent of a foreign power — an undeclared unregistered agent of a foreign power) as did John Brennan, James Comey, and from the ethical sidelines, James Clapper.  Mike Hayden gets a special cell at Guantanamo for enabling mass warrantless surveillance at NSA and then rendition, torture, and drone assassination at CIA.\

The Crown would be well-served by skipping Prince Charles — an alleged pedophile of epic stature among the pedophile elite in Europe — and going directly to Prince William.  There should no longer be a “special relationship” between the UK and the US, and at the same time people like Mike Pompeo that were all too eager to betray the President and join the “liars club” that is led by the UK, should be put down.  We need to reboot.

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