Stephen E. Arnold: Amazon Reviews – Fake? Robert Steele: Banned, Deleted, Dishonest, & Worthless

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Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon Reviews: Factual or Fakey?

Here’s a handy set of tips for the online shopper—LifeHacker tells us “How to Spot Fake Reviews on Amazon.” Writer Brendan Hesse grants there are innocent reasons for incorrect reviews at Amazon, like a user accidentally posting their review in the wrong place, or a software snafu inserting the wrong reviews into a product’s description. However, he writes:

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ROBERT STEELE:  Why I removed all 2500 of my reviews from Amazon:

01 verified purchase was burying quality reviews from top reviewers like me who got books at airport bookstores as well as directly from publishers, not only from Amazon.

02 one liner five star reviews were burying serious reviews

03 quality reviews from earlier editions were deleted rather than being carried forward, to “open way” for more one line shit reviews from verified purchases — no respect for the value of aggregated top ranked reviews from the past

04 reviews violating Amazon's capricious standards (e.g. nothing nice can be said about Julian Assange, nothing negative about the zionist genocidal criminal state of Israel) were blocked

05 selected books, reviewers, and reviews were being routinely banned

Amazon, in brief, lacks integrity.  I believe that the lack of integrity in books reviews is carried over in how Amazon treats customer data (as its own) and how Amazon calculates everything (without ethical foundation).  Like Microsoft and Google before it, Amazon must eventually be put down. Amazon is part of #GoogleGestapo, the other major elements, all demanding a RICO investigation, class action lawsuit, and displacement by Web 3.0, being Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, YouTube, and lesser elements such as Reddit, Wikipedia, and WordPress, all of whom manipulate information and digitally assassinate conservative voices, with impunity.

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