Event: 23-25 August Selling Out – Dimensions of Disclosure With David Wilcock, Cory Goode, Bill Binney, Robert Steele, Sacha Stone, Jordan Sather and More


This is such a kick ass event that rock stars are showing up just to be in the audience.  There might even be a few insiders from the secret space program easily recognizable.  Robert Steele will be announcing his vision for a full disclosure government across  the board, and his estimate of when Donald Trump will do full disclosure including free energy.  Contractors without a clue are welcome. I am reminded of the 75 contractors that registered at the door for OSS ’92 to find out what “OSINT” meant. Yes, this event will blow your mind. See the individual speaker pages — including Steele and Binney — for a sense of the epic nature of this event.


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