Anthony Judge: Tank Warfare and its Challenges for Global Governance

Collective Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Tank Warfare and its Challenges for Global Governance

Extending the “think tank” metaphor to include other cognitive modalities

Linked Table of Contents Below the Fold

Varieties of cognitive “tank” beyond the conventional “think tank”
Thinking “inside-the-box” as reinforced by think tanks
Cognitive boundaries of cognitive process containers
Recognizing the ecosystem of cognitive tanks
Information warfare as predominant feature of future civilization
Memetic tank warfare “under the radar” of think tanks?
Clustering and interrelating strategic insights
Indicative simulations of memetic “tank warfare” in psychosocial systems?
Systemic configuration of highly disparate cognitive modalities — in the light of 5-ring strategy?
In quest of new questions of strategic relevance

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