J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans — 19 June 2020

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American Gray Swans – Week 24 – When Technology Fails!

When Technology Fails! An excellent book written by Matt Stein. It is a very simple concept. Our world today is totally controlled by technology. And we all know that technology can fail, does fail, and will fail. When we analyze the technological systems in the US, we find that virtually our entire food chain is control by Technology.

The whole concept of the American Gray Swans is to prove to anyone with a brain that our Food Distribution system is controlled by many forms of Technology. And those forms of Technology can fail, and can fail in many ways, and can fail big. Worse yet, some are guaranteed to fail in our present positioning, it is just a matter of time. It is our Achilles Heel, and will be our bane if we ignore it.

If and when they fail big our Food Delivery system shuts down, and we have about 2 to 3 weeks to fix it before the fight begins for Food and society breaks down. Basically an artificially created famine happens and we have no failsafe. We have no balance of Food Production in the country. This means No Food Security.

At writing, the electrical power grid in both Argentina and Uruguay have gone down. When Technology Fails! It looks possibly to be a cyber attack, but we will find out more in the coming weeks. So not only can it happen, it is happening. And there is no way to protect 100% against a cyber attack.

There is a solution. We remove our vulnerability to the JIT shipping collapse by creating a minimum critical mass of food production within a 30 miles radius of population centers. Probably the 80-20 rule. 20% of our food production must be within the 30 mile radius. In such a case, if the JIT system collapses we have enough food locally produced that allows us to survive until the JIT system is repaired. I consider this a matter of National Security.

There is only one solution. Massive investment into locally owned sustainable farms. And there is only one way to inspire that amount of investment – Tax Change.

Here is another example of When Technology Fails. We were all told that nuclear plants will never fail! Oops, what about Chernobyl and Fukushima? That is only 2. And notice, any MSM reporting of Fukushima somehow never happens. Could it be that the entire Pacific Ocean is being continuously polluted with radioactivity? Originally denied, now proven and admitted, there have been 3 China syndrome meltdowns. One of the largest food stores on the planet is being polluted. Doubt that, just feed the fish coming out of the Pacific to your family. Here is a short listing of Nuclear Accidents – Nuke Accidents

Just a bit on the book When Technology Fails and its author Matt Stein. Matt received a “download” of the entire book one time while meditating. How that happens I do not know. It then took him 3 years to research and put it together. The book is an extensive reference on our technology, how it can fail, and what to do if it fails. It is a must for your library, especially in these Uncharted Times we are in.

Matt was educated at MIT in Mechanical Engineering so really knew his stuff. We were friends and communicated almost daily, often debating technology and its strengths, weaknesses, and fail-safes. The American Gray Swans grew out of our discussions. He was an avid supporter of a healthy earth and protecting humanity, and taught Sustainable Farming & Living with his seminar business partner Dr. Richard Alan Miller. Unfortunately Matt passed away unexpectedly this year at the young age of 62. His books are his legacy to protect us. I highly suggest you buy them and educate yourself.

The following is a listing of articles from only last week verifying certain Gray Swans.

Gray Swan 1 –  EMP – Solar

A ‘Solar Superflare’ Could Impact The Grid Sooner Than We Think

Comment – We simply do not know when, but we are certain that if it happens before our Grid is hardened (estimated 10 years from whenever we start) then we revert back to the 1850’s and without the machinery of that day. The estimations are valid – a 90% loss of life in America.

Gee, do you think it is an important issue? BTW, a CME “Kill Shot” fired off from the Sun in 2013 but fortunately missed Earth otherwise this would be sent to you by smoke signals.

Gray Swan 4 – EMP – Tesla Technology

Futuristic rifle with ‘Google Maps for drones’ software

Comment – So we now have Tesla Technology down to the size of a rifle to turn off electronics. Both the US and the Russians have openly demonstrated they have the Tesla technology to turn off cities, buildings, and ships. Rumors are a F-16 was taken out of the sky over Arizona a few years ago. The Chinese have not admitted they have the technology, but suspiciously a few US war ships shut down and got hit.

So if we have the technology to create an EMP, where is the Tesla technology to harness free electricity? It couldn’t be being suppressed, could it? No, that would ruin all those wonderful petroleum cash flows.

Gray Swan 5 – Cyber Attack

Electrical failure cuts power to all of Argentina and Uruguay,

Comment – As already noted, it looks like a cyber attack took down Argentina’s electric grid. That should fill you with the warm and fuzzies. Glad to know we are not vulnerable – oops! Information will follow next week, but we can never be totally protected from a cyber attack.

Hackers Stole Facial Recognition Data of US Airport Travelers

Comment – nothing like the US government protecting us! Everything can be hacked. And do not be surprised if you come up as a terrorist in a future event, as most of the alleged 19 hijackers of 911 said their passports had been stolen. Yes many are still alive. And where did the FBI get the faulty information on the 19, from the Mossad. Look surprised!

Instagram is down AGAIN: Social media app crashes for users around the world for second time in days

Comment – Couldn’t be a Beta test, could it? If the Internet goes down for a few weeks you are seriously screwed. I say you, because I have a farm and back-up energy. BTW – you are not invited – so do not come.

Digital Ocean Will Shut You Down Without Warning

Comment – Anything in the cloud can be shut down instantly. It seems a really dumb place to store anything important.

The Coming Software Apocalypse

Comment – It seems like a lot of apocalypses are forming in the near future. Do you think we should get proactive and plan for them, or just get bitch slapped when they happen?

Gray Swan 6 – WW III

Oil tankers are targeted with explosions’ in the Gulf of Oman

Comment – 2 more oil tankers targeted. Do we have a 5th column trying to start WW III? Despite that it makes absolutely no strategic sense for the Iranians to do it, the US war mongers blame Iran. Remember the Maine! Yes remember that the Maine had an explosion that was blamed on the Spanish, and it was later proven false.

Arab Diplomats Accuse Israel of Conducting Attacks on Oil Tankers in Sea of Oman

Comment – Oh heart be still – peaceful humanity loving Israel do something sinister for their own agenda? Like the attack on the USS Liberty 52 years ago this week! Killing 34 Americans and wounding 174.

 Iranian vessel removes unexploded mine from stricken oil tanker

Comment – I am not sure what this video shows besides a big boat and a little boat, and the film being cut many times. It does look like the small boat is Iranian, and that they are removing something. Could it possibly be the magnet that holds ships ladders in place after they unloaded the crew? Oh, that the film has been cut we would not know that.

And why would anybody put a mine that high up on the ship?

All this proves is that the US has very powerful cameras. But the video will be used to bring us into WW III.

So why do you not show us the US troops in Afghanistan protecting the poppy fields if you have that strong of cameras?

And stop expecting us to believe what you said because you lied about every war there was in the last 100 years. And you lied about Pat Tillman and got caught with your pants down. You lied about Pearl Harbor, you lied about Gulf of Tonkin, you lied about 911.

Senators Switched Key Votes On Gulf Arms Ban Hours After Tanker Attacks

Comment – Oh look at that, a direct motive for certain parties to create a false flag. Surprise surprise!

Money and military arms! – “Thursday’s tanker attack incident in the Gulf of Oman which the United States promptly blamed on Iran has directly impacted bills placed before the Senate which would ban US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar”  Surprise surprise!

The Generals Won’t Save Us From the Next War

Comment – It is clear that a very complex multi-dimensional chess game is going on for the resources of Earth, and we are not privy to know the players, the rules, how many dimensions, nor what the moves mean. One wrong move and humanity goes the way of the Dodo bird.

The Joint Chiefs are the captains of our Teams. They have their strings pulled by the Owners – whoever they are (probably the Bloodlines or even their controllers). As the fans, we can only influence the game to a degree, but only if we are united – hence the United States. We see much effort being put into dividing us, and dividing humanity throughout the world by somebody.

One thing the Joint Chiefs can do to protect America – they can demand the administration facilitate massive private sector investment into locally owned Sustainable Farming. In “Jar Head” language that would be known as Pre-Positioned Logistics. Can somebody please inform them!

If they do not, and the Just In Time (JIT) Delivery System goes down then the Military is screwed. No supplies delivered to their Military Industrial Complex Contractors, no food delivered to 320 million people with more than 320 million guns, and no Starbucks delivered to our Snow Flakes and Smart Phone Zombies. A true Cluster F..k.

There would be some good news – there would be no delivery of Pizza and Hot dogs to our pedophiles in Congress and our patriots would be unleashed to do gravity experiments from the street lights with the traitors and their families. No JIT System = No Financial System = No Money = No Security Service.  Better put on your Nikes if it happens.

Dire Warning Issued By Putin: “Something Catastrophic Is Coming…”

Comment – What President Putin warned of was a “Global Catastrophe from the Fiery Serpent of Nuclear War”! Putin has already said many times they will annihilate anybody who attacks Russia.

Putin says U.S.-Russia relations are getting ‘worse and worse’

Comment – Really! – how much more clear can this guy be?

RAF Typhoon fighters scrambled to intercept Russian planes approaching Estonia as sabre-rattling Putin tests Nato alliance

Comment –  “that was flying in international airspace close to Estonia from the south”. That does not sound like “Sabre-rattling” to me , it sounds like a transport plane in international airspace. But good fear porn by the British!

But – just one mistake and it can be game on. And for those that do not know – Russia has NATO out gunned and out manned 6 to 1 if Eastern Europe ignites. NATO, how is your Russian?

Gray Swan 7 – Credit Collapse

Are we heading into a recession? Some CFOs think it could happen soon

Comment – Everybody knows the world is at an all-time high debt level. When the financial dominoes start falling the credit system will collapse and all of shipping stops. As a great nation, we can withstand a financial collapse as long as we have food to eat. But if it stops being delivered, you have 2 to 3 weeks to fix it. This from a government that can not build a simple wall?

Understand it is beneficial for some people in the government who are controlled (blackmailed) by the Globalists for the United States to fail. The number 1 way to prevent this is to create Food Security, and that can only be done by creating massive locally owned small farms.

Cuba Implements Food Rationing as Its Economy Enters Crisis Mode

Comment – we are now seeing agricultural countries going into Food Rationing. Yes, they have different economic systems, but if you can not get the tools and resources to grow food it will not happen anywhere.

Just over 1% of Americans are on the farms today. This is down from 30% 70 years ago. If the JIT system goes down, 1) the farms do not have the resources to grow much food, 2) they will not be able to deliver what they are able to grow.

America needs to wake up!

 Dollar Collapse Alert: U.S. Deficit BALLOONS In May To $208 Billion

Comment – It is just a matter of time! Do we shift a large amount of assets into farming before the collapse while the dollar is still strong and the JIT system works? Or do we wait, and see who is still standing after the smoke settles?

 Fed Chair Powell’s Plan To Pickle The Economy

Comment – with respect to the brethren at Zero Hedge, why do I already feel pickled?

Iran Calls For ‘Elimination’ Of Dollar To Stop US ‘Economic Terrorism’

Comment – “America’s power rests on the dollar; a great part of America’s economic power will go away if countries eliminate the dollar from their economic systems”. He does have a point. When the dollar goes, so does the ability to pay for our whoppingly expensive military.

And it is only a matter of time! All fiat currencies in history have collapsed.

Don’t be surprised if you are standing in a soup line in DC and you turn around to see the Joint Chiefs standing in line behind you (with most of the Pentagon). Apparently they skipped the class on the Fall of Rome where the pedophilic Senate destroyed all the farms with taxation. Coincidence?

Jobless Claims Up To A 5-Week High, California & Pennsylvania Hit HARD

Comment – ignore the indicators!

JPMorgan: “Significant Risk” Is Coming Next Week… And Nobody Is Prepared

Comment – When the fox is saying we are running out of chickens then we are in deep trouble. Time to break out the 12 ga and get rid of the predators.

Los Angeles Homeless Crisis Worsens, 16,000 Living in Cars

Comment – Don’t worry LA, just offer to feed them cake and see what happens.

Morgan Stanley’s Business Conditions Index Just Suffered The Biggest One Month Decline In History

Comment – Surprise surprise!


Comment – This is just fancy words for the Monopoly Game will start again, all peasants lose your assets and return to “Go” broke. And the Bankers & Politicians will be re-financed to start the game again.

But hold your horses! This time will be the Apocalypse. Literally translated the “Unveiling”. We are going to be shown how bankers and politicians cheated. How the bloodlines camouflage themselves. And where the money is hidden.

Diane – exactly how did you become a billionaire on only $175 k a year?

Now that is a great reason to get the guns. Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns!

Well almost – maybe more like Mr. and Mrs. America “Lock and Load”.

The Crash Is Coming: “It’s Not ‘Doom & Gloom’; It’s REALITY”

Comment – We better invest in farming before we crash.

The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived

Comment – We are running out of stages.

The Trade War Is About To Become An Economic World War III

Comment – Trade Wars lead to Economic Wars lead to real Wars. And in a real war all that is needed to do is collapse our JIT system and we are finished.

Top US Regulator Warns Financial System Is At Risk Due To… Climate Change

Comment – It is not which domino starts to fall. It is our entire system is unsustainable. And at the end of the day we need food! And we need Food Security!

If the Solar Minimum is accurate, then we will have a collapse of World Food Production and American Farming – and Surprise Surprise – that is what we are seeing.

IRAs , 401k’s, Stock Portfolios, Bank Accounts, Gold, Silver, ect – will not matter if there is no food.

If the JIF system goes down then No Food will be delivered, and shortly after that No Food will be produced.

Gray Swan 8 – Pandemic

Massive Ebola outbreak spreads across DRC border, infected 5-year-old in Uganda

Comment – Ebola is spreading.

African Migrant Fleeing Ebola Details 11-Country Journey To The U.S.

Comment – So how exactly are Africans getting here? Because they are here and coming across the Southern Border.  It only takes one case of Ebola and then Sewage Hits the Fan.

What is your plan if a Pandemic breaks out?

Are you going to an airport to escape the country, even though airports will most likely be the location of pandemic spreading first.

Are you really going to a food store in an pandemic?

Are truckers going to deliver food through an infected region?

Are you going to accept food from an infected region?

Dengue Fever May Threaten More Than 6 Billion by 2080 as Climate Warms, Study Says

Comment – what we are seeing is a resurgence of past diseases. If the JIT system collapses, so does the distribution of medicine.

Ebola Ridden Immigrants Is the Cover Story for a Devastating Bioterror Attack

Comment – While there is a lot of opinion in this article, it can be a real scenario. Simply pay infected immigrants to come to America. This is just an advanced form of warfare. In the olden days the attacking army would catapult infected dead bodies over the city walls of the city under siege.

Today, before they die, just pay them to walk across our southern border. Hell, a nuclear missile must be a few million dollars, but paying an infected Jose or Jeheem is a few hundred.

Primed for a wipeout: Pentagon admits biological attack against America has no real defense

Comment – “The United States government (Pentagon) can’t keep up with that level of technology (of bio agents),” he added. “Those technologies, they’re diffused across the world. Everybody has them, including our adversaries.”

So about the only thing you can do is quarantine yourself and family on a farm. Oh look, another reason for massive sustainable farms.

You would think someone in the Pentagon was smart enough to realize that a substantial amount of small farms would be a wise defense.

“The Biggest Animal Disease Outbreak We’ve Ever Had On The Planet”

Comment – “To put that into perspective, that 30% loss in production is equivalent to Europe’s entire annual pork supply, and almost 30% larger than U.S. annual pork production.” – Oh look, in addition to human pandemics, we have animal pandemics wiping out our food supply.

And golly gee – part of the solution is many small sustainable farms. Surprise surprise!

WHO Expected To Declare Ebola Outbreak “International Emergency” As It Jumps Borders

Comment – Great, we need the WHO to state we have an emergency.

Gray Swan 9 – El Hierro Tsunami

Pico Viejo – Teide earthquake swarm on Tenerife, Canary Islands

Comment – People just do not understand how vulnerable we are. If El Hierro collapses into the Atlantic Ocean it sends a tsunami that wipes out the east coast.

Gray Swan 10 – New Madrid Earthquake

West Coast Is Becoming Very Unstable As “Unusual” Earthquake Activity Causes Concern For Experts

Comment – If the big one in California went off, it sends the markets into a crash and could trigger the Credit Collapse besides shutting down 20% of Americas food production.

Navy Hovercraft Storm Beaches In Oregon And Washington In Preparation For “The Big One”

Comment – While not the New Madrid, a massive earthquake on the west coast would certainly cause a lot of problems. It shows that the government is preparing for tectonic activity.

A volcano awakens | DW Documentary

Comment – This is an excellent documentary showing the awakening off an Icelandic Volcano, and if it had a large eruption could shut down food production in Europe.

Melbourne and Auckland ready to blow! Volcano alert in Australia and New Zealand

Comment – Again showing volcanism is on the rise.

Gray Swan 11 – Satellite Shut Down

Hundreds Of U.S. Flights Canceled As GPS-Based Aircraft Navigation System Fails

Comment – If our GPS system goes down, so does our financial transfer system, and our distribution system. And that shuts down the JIT system and Food Delivery. A domino effect of When Technology Fails.

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum

Worst of flooding is over for the central US, but still some hurdles to overcome into July

Comment – Complete weather chaos is a sign of a Solar Minimum, and a collapse of World Food production.

 Because of historic rains, less than half the normal amount of corn has been planted in Illinois.

Comment – “next weeks are make or break for farmers” – understand – this is just the beginning of a Solar Minimum.

US farming disaster 2019: Some Ohio farmers won’t plant crops at all

Comment – when you miss the planting period, you miss that season. It happens from shipping also. If the JIT system shuts down and seeds are not delivered then the farmer misses the planting period.

Midwest Flooding Will Cause Shortages of THESE FOODS

Comment – This is a luxury “Shortage of “These” Foods”. It is showing how vulnerable our food supply is to weather change. When the headlines read “Shortage of All Food”, is about when most Americans will wake up.

Tornado Touched Down in Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Comment – see any evidence of extreme weather changes? Possibly a tornado in NJ and Eastern PA?

Gulf of Mexico’s ‘dead zone’ could hit near-record 8,000 square miles this year

Comment – another large food stock being taken off line.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, June 15, 2019, #201

Comment – if you do not think somebody is screwing with the weather – you need to read this website.

Germany’s Billion-Euro Hailstorms Highlight Loss Potential in Central Europe

Comment – Oh, now we are talking serious money. Hailstorms are exponentially increasing.

Heavy toll for French farms and vineyards after brutal hailstorm

Comment – it only takes 1 hailstorm to destroy the seasons crop.

‘This is not a “what if” story’: Tokyo braces for the earthquake of a century

Comment – A Solar Minimum brings exponential increases in Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Extreme Weather. As the world is financially linked, expect other locations to have effects on the US economy.


Comment – Again showing tectonic activity is increasing.

From chicken to tomatoes, here’s why American food is hurting you

Comment – Really! Do you think it could be our food? Come on, our government agencies protect us. We have the best government money could buy!

Scientist Says Don’t Eat Fish From Lake Okeechobee

Comment – Do they glow in the dark? Can we hook up a flashlight to them and have it work, or is that against EPA administrative rules?

190,000 pounds of Tyson chicken fritter products recalled for foreign material

Comment – while not a Gray Swan – our present industrialize food production system shows vulnerability such as this. Death from 1,000 cuts on World Food Production. Also this is a good example – 1 case of bird flu in the chickens, or one case of Ebola and this factory immediately goes off line.

Dicamba Weed Killer Drift Damage Popping up Once Again Across America

Comment – also not a direct Gray Swan – but indirectly we are destroying our crops and farm land with chemicals.

2 dozen dead as downpours strike southern China

Comment – Extreme weather world wide – caused by the Sun or AOC’s farting cows?  – you be the judge.

China flood death toll hits 61, 350,000 evacuated

Comment – The globe is entering Climate Turmoil. And of course, Americans are watching Dancing with the Stars.

Cyclone Vayu: 300,000 people evacuated in India as tropical cyclone approaches

Comment – We are in the hundreds of thousands being evacuated. Wait till it gets to be in the millions.

Agung volcano (Bali, Indonesia): strong explosion this morning, ash to 30,000 ft

Comment – when these volcanoes have true major eruptions we can expect a regional volcanic winter and collapse of food production down wind.

Mount Sinabung erupts in western Indonesia, no casualties reported

Comment – another volcano erupts.

Scientists warn Russian Bolshaya Udina volcano could cause destruction on scale of Pompeii

Comments – another volcano, this one with the potential of Pompeii. But remember, the UN and Vatican want you to believe it is your fault – Man Made Global Weather Change. That is so they can control water and energy.

Volcano alert in AUSTRALIA as expert warns Melbourne could be hit by massive underground eruption

Comment – That has to be a lot of cows, to start erupting volcanoes on basically every continent.

Reuters today claim at least 60 dead seals have washed off the shores of Alaska where a dead gray whale was shown to have a very high reading of radiation

Comment – you don’t suppose it could be Fukushima do you?  Would 3 China syndrome meltdowns do that? When Technology Fails!

What is killing the grey whales? Dead gray whale radiation levels were higher than many of the salmon and halibut

Comment – What a coincidence, dead mammals in the Pacific Ocean and a nuclear plant meltdown. I am sure AOC will blame it on farting cows. And have you noticed not one politician discusses this?

More Than 100 Million People in India Could Run Out of Water by 2020

Comment – Day Zero possibly for 100 million people. That is equivalent to 1/3rd the population of America possibly without water.

India Heat Wave, Soaring Up to 123 Degrees, Has Killed at Least 36

Comment – At 123 degrees humans can hardly function, and with severe shortage of water.

 Lithuania temperatures hit record highs amid Baltic heatwave

Comment – 96 degrees in June, the Baltic people must have thought there was a pole shift.

Locusts destroy crops in ‘worst invasion in Sardinia for 60 years’

Comment – 1,000 cuts to the World Food Production.

 The moment a giant landslide buried a road in China has been caught on camera

Comment – this is how fast a landslide can move. With extreme weather happening around the globe, all equilibriums will be knocked off balance, and therefor adjust – like this land slide.

UK floods: Homes evacuated in state of emergency and travel disrupted

Comment – We can not leave out the Queen.

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food

Comment – I am tired of our government allowing us to be poisoned. These GMOs have not been tested by neutral 3rd parties. Some scientists believe they alter our DNA, and I like my DNA just the way it is.  The fact that Vermont voters passed a law to have all GMO products labeled, and the Federal Government overruled it is a clear indication of corruption and at the top.

Let us be clear and speak real slow because most of the Politicians and Federal Government need that. The peasants are fueling up the torches, tying the nooses, and sharpening the pitch forks. You are not allowed to screw children, you are not allowed to interpret the Constitution, and you are not allowed to poison us.

Background Checks on Ammo after July 1st!!!

Comment – Are we going to follow the Constitutional Laws of the United States or are we not? What part of “Shall not be infringed” can’t be understood? For those that do not agree with the Constitution then legally change it.

The vast amount of gun owners (both Republicans and Democrats) in America support the Constitution. Those that violate the Constitution are provoking a Civil War.

Has anybody noticed that a large majority of convicted pedophiles, and those accused of pedophilia, and those closely associated with them, are also anti-2nd Amendment. Coincidence? It is almost like they are a different species.

How brilliant of our Founding Fathers to have written a document 200 years ago that defends the very fights we are having now. It is almost like they had a visitor from the future like a time traveler describing the future battle, but that is impossible.

 Mexico Freezes Assets of 26 Entities Tied to the Migrant Caravan

Comment – You mean there are companies funding the breaking of US immigration laws?

 Christian School Hit with SWAT-Style Raid

Comment – as I have said before, there are elements trying to create a Civil War in this country.


Comment – Nobody is going to win a Civil War except the Globalists. Although there will be one side still standing after the smoke settles – guess who that will be.

Family sue Phoenix police for $10MILLION after terrifying moment officers pointed guns at them

Comment –  Students copy and employ the attitudes and tactics of the Instructor. And who instructs our Police Forces? The Israeli Army.

What ever happened to Protect and Serve ?  Or Keepers of the Peace. When did it change to Officers of the Law – i.e. policing and enforcing the laws set up by corporate entities?

Doubt that! Just get a doctor friend to say some of the FDA regulations are unhealthy and dangerous. See how fast a SWAT team shows up and arrests him.

Just to prove the point – here is a video of a SWAT team with guns drawn showing up for the sale of Unpasteurized Milk legally being sold at a Food Club. Food Club – Armed SWAT Team  And for those who think Raw Milk is dangerous – listen to this farmer. It explains what is wrong with our entire industrial food processing. Raw Milk

42 prosecutors refuse to enforce state laws restricting abortion

Comments – Civil War starts when sides refuse to enforce the law.

Nevada Sheriffs refuse to violate residents rights

Comments – and when laws are made in conflict with the Constitution – the foundation of all laws in America.

Yellow Wave Grabs Its 8th & 9th Second Amendment Resolution Sanctuary Towns

Comments – Towns are now refusing to obey unconstitutional laws on the 2nd Amendment.

1/3 Of Americans Need A “Side Hustle” To Make Ends Meet

Comments – at some point they are going to say F… it.  LA is so corrupt they can not seem to take out the garbage.

Rioting grips Memphis after police officers ‘killed a local man

Comment – we have a perfect storm forming. Our inner cities are primed to erupt, they are just waiting for the right spark. Will it be a financial collapse, a glitch in the EBT cards, or an EMP, or another Police shooting?

Is it any surprise our Police have been turned into Storm Troopers? Who trained them? The Israeli Military

Special Snowflake Activists Want George Washington Mural Removed

Comment – more evidence that somebody is trying to start a Civil War, people seriously can not be this dumb. Well – maybe!

99 percent of Canadian honey analyzed contaminated with herbicide Glyphosate

Comment – so we have poison in a good amount of our food. And poison that Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT links directly to Autism. And that the FDA approved.

The border is lost.There is no Border Control

Comment – maybe a bit of an overstatement , but certainly relevant.

U.S. Teen Flees To Avoid Student Loan Repayment: “I Had To Escape This Debtors’ Prison!”

Comment – visions of the Vietnam era – our youth escaping so as not to support the bankers agendas. We have allowed the entrapping of our heritage, and will have them in banker bondage for the rest of their lives. What species does this? This is not human.

I met a young veterinarian that had $400,000 of student debt. This is the person protecting our food production against disease. Guess which side I am going to take when the battle comes.

US “Deaths Of Despair” Hit Record High – How Bad Will Things Get When Society Starts To Really Collapse?

Comment – Do you not see the set up? 1/3rd of our people are barely making ends meet. Our students are saddled with debt for life. Our food is being poisoned. Our national liabilities are about $240 trillion. Our currency has never been audited. Our electric grid is totally unprotected. 1/3rd of the world hates us because our military indiscriminately kills them. Our JIT system can be switched off at any second. Politicians are openly creating felonies and not going to jail. Tens of thousands of disease ridden immigrants are being organized to invade our southern border. And a bunch of our politicians are consistently violating the Constitution.

Sounds like all we need is a catalyst and it is game on!

Time for mandatory DNA test on all politicians to check their humanity. After all what do they have to hide by refusing?

Venezuelans Now Regret Letting Government Take Their Guns Away

Comment – Guess what is not going to happen here!

J.C. Cole

13 American Gray Swans

List Only:

1) EMP – Solar.
2) EMP – Nuclear.
3) EMP – Tesla Technology.
4) Electric Grid Attack
5) Cyber Attack
6) WW III.
7) Credit Collapse.
8) Pandemic.
9) El Hierro.
10) New Madrid Earthquake.
11) Satellite Shut Down.
12) Solar Minimum.
13) Civil War.

Some guaranteed to happen, the others have an extremely high probability to happen. All shut down our Food Delivery.

DOC (15 Pages): American Gray Swans – Week 24 – When Technology Fails

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