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13 American Gray Swans – Week 22 – Farm Apocalypse

Most Americans are not aware, and not paying attention to the Apocalypse happening to our farming industry. Unfortunately most will only get the wake-up call when there is no food. Understand, a perfect storm is not forming, it is already here.

It is not just one thing, but a multiple attack on our food production. But let us just review a few things before diving into the issues. The wealth of a country is measured in its Manufacturing, in its Natural Resources and Mining, and in its Agriculture and Farming.

Is it a coincidence that our Manufacturing has been off-shored, our Natural Resources and Mining has been shut down by government agencies, and our Agriculture & Farming have either been sold to foreign entities or bankrupted by government bureaucracy.

But let us just get one thing established first. Of the 3 areas of wealth, Agriculture and Farming are by far the most important. Why? Because you need food to do the other two. If there is no food, there is no manufacturing and no natural resource development.

Further, if there is a collapse and you are not working in farming, then it is almost guaranteed that you are expendable. Yes, you would qualify as one of Henry Kissinger’s “Useless Eaters”. If you like food, I would suggest you do what ever you can to support the American Farmer, especially your local farmers.  You need them far more then they need you.

And if there is a collapse of farming, then there will be a Revolution in the country. And the estimated first victims of the purge will be the politicians and the government. The people that became millionaires and billionaires off the backs of the American people. What flavor cake would you like to eat?

It is not just the trade wars that Trump is starting. It is not just the extreme weather pounding the mid west. There is a series of issues hitting the American farmer almost like an alien force is trying to destroy our food production.

We have a Perfect Storm – Farming Apocalypse . It is not coming, it is here.

1) Bankruptcies – even before the trade wars began, farm bankruptcies are at a high. It takes 5 years minimum to create a productive farm, and only a 5 hour bankruptcy auction to destroy it. What type of intelligent species destroys its own food production?

Well why don’t we bankrupt our farms and sell them to foreigners – how is your Mandarin, German,  and Russian?

Farmer Bankruptcies on the Rise

2) Suicide – In one report the rate was 90.5 in 100,000 for males in agriculture in 2016. This is twice that of veterans, which in itself is unacceptable. We do not take care of our farmers, and we do not take care of our veterans – then what do we need you for?

Their dad killed himself on the farm where he was born , – and this was last year before the Trade Wars.

3) Age – According to Billionaire Jim Rogers – the average age of an American Farmer is 63.  If that is accurate it looks like we will loose the majority of our farming expertise shortly and then what do we do? Google a farming app? When was the last time you saw a 16 year old put down his smart phone and cut the lawn, better yet work on a farm? The majority of 20 year olds can not even drive with a clutch – you know that 3rd pedal on a tractor.

2) Weather – The weather around the world is obviously changing and getting more extreme, and while the UN and Vatican are trying to get us to believe it is flatulating herbivores while ignoring the Sun, the weather events are destroying our food production and it looks like it is just beginning as we just entered the Solar Minimum.

It looks like the collapse of World Food Production and American Farming has begun.

If we don’t get real proactive and invest in local sustainable farming with a high concentration on hydroponics we will simply not have enough food.

3) Education – While we have some very good agricultural education facilities we are not seeing enrollment from our younger generation, and certainly not young workers on the farms. If we do not teach our youth how to grow food, then who grows the food when our old farmers are gone?

4) Chemical – Somehow we got lulled into using extensive amounts of chemicals to grow food. Is it any wonder why – there is a revolving door at the FDA and EPA and big Agra. We have the best agencies money can buy.

How Toxic is the World’s Most Popular Herbicide Roundup?

5) Environment – We already have the technology and knowledge to grow in harmony with the environment, and if we do not make a massive change to do so then we will not be here for long as a species.

Pollutants from agriculture a serious threat to world’s water

6) Economic – Government subsidies have distorted the true economics of food production. 10 corporations control 90% of all processed food.

10 companies control the food industry

Farm Economy In Crisis

Net Farm Income Expected to Drop 12%

6) JIT – When Trucks Stop, America Stops   Wake up, we are positioned for collapse, and in many ways.

Below is a listing of articles for only last week indicating potential Gray Swans. The purpose is a brief  summary to show what dangerous times we are in. Literally our world can change in an instant, and we are doing nothing to protect against it. If we do not take action, we will simply not be her

Gray Swan 4 – Cyber Attack

Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch?

Comment – How timely! Some proof, that the Internet can be turned off at anytime. That can be done by our government, an enemy government, or Mother Nature. And when it is fully done – all commerce stops. That means for those is the slow class (Nobody Left Behind) that the food will not be delivered. The ONLY solution is local Sustainable Farms.

Gray Swan 6 – World War III

Americas Nuclear Triad Has Never Been More Vulnerable To A Surprise Attack

Comment – What surprise? If we keep poking the Bear in the eye eventually he will lose his temper.

BTW – for those American News commentators – can you learn to correctly pronounce the Russian Prime Ministers name? Dmitry Medvedev – it is pronounced Med Vay’ Ev , not Med’ Vah’ Dev’. You look like and sound like total morons.  Find somebody around you that speaks some Russian that can teach you. Notice the Russians commentators did not call Obama – Oba Ma. That is what you look like. And just for the record Medvedev means Bear in Russian.

America’s highest-ranking military officer wary of anti-Iran false flag

Comment – General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs might be our saving grace. It sure would be nice if he initiated “Food Security” in this country. No Food = No Army – think about it. A very smart former military radio host in Missouri calls it – “Pre-positioned Logistics”. Get the private sector to massively invest in local Sustainable Farming. It is simply a tax issue.

China Vows Military Action if Taiwan, Sea Claims Opposed

Comment – Great! Just another potential ignition point for WW III. What is it about our species that wants to self destruct? Or do we have other puppet masters?

For the U.S. and China, it’s not a trade war anymore — it’s something worse

Comment – As pointed out last week – didn’t WW II start with Trade Wars?

Former US defense official: We know UFOs are real – here’s why that’s concerning

Comment – Humm, suspiciously coincidental timing with Trump wanting a Space Force by 2020. How do we build a more advanced plane in 2 years when the B-2 took 15 years to build, and when we are broke? Something they are not telling us? What are they preparing for anyway?

BTW – I think there would be a lot more patriotic support if the mythical TR-3B Astra was officially unveiled. I personally would love a ride in one as long as it is not to Gitmo, and I get returned to my farm the same day in the same condition. Kind of like the book of Enoch and Enoch flying around the planet. Just make sure it is first scheduled so it does not get shot out of the sky, I do live near the famed Grover’s Mill (War of the Worlds) and those Jersey farm boys can be a tad trigger happy.

For those that do not know, all you need is 3rd generation night vision and you can watch them in the night sky. (Thank you Ed Grimsley – RIP)

China Uses War Words; Tells USA “Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You”

Comment – Americans are quite slow to figure things out. You need to turn off Starbucks to get them to pay attention.

In U.S.-China trade war, rare earth elements (think smartphones) are latest flashpoint

Comment – Now it is going to get interesting – No Rare Earths = No New Tech Toys including military.

 New Satellite Imagery Reveals Chinese Navy Simulating An Invasion On Taiwan

Comment – What, there is no video game to do this? What ever happened to simple math – 1.4 billion to 24 million. Proximately 60 to 1.

 US Deploys THAAD System to Romania

Comment – A short video by x-CIA officer Steven Ben-Nun. He is Jewish and very anti-Zionist.

Putin has been very clear, any attack on Russia they will use Nukes on the attacker. Recently the Russians launched a submarine caring unstoppable nuclear torpedoes with a 5,000 mile range, specifically designed to take out coastal cities. Ever notice how many coastal cities the US and NATO members have, and how few Russia has? Some might call that an intelligence test.

Gray Swan 7 – Credit Collapse

The Dollar Underpins American Power. Rivals Are Building Workarounds.

Comment – So what happens when they do the Workarounds? Where do all those dollars (estimated at 50%) abroad go? Gee, wouldn’t that cause hyper inflation if they came home to roost? Wouldn’t foreigners come with truck loads of dollars just to exchange for something of value? Like our farmland – some of the most fertile on Earth – gee what a coincidence. How is your Mandarin?

Trade War CONTINUES To Cause SEVERE PAIN As Bankruptcies Surge

Comment – When the farms go down, the guns come up. If we have a credit collapse, they come up faster.

US Farms Flood and are in real trouble , Tariffs on Imported Food

Comment – We import 50% of our food, and we are watching a huge percentage of out crops get destroyed. So what are we going to eat? Just wait till the trucks stop and it really hits the fan.

China Puts U.S. Soybean Farmers On Alert, Bans Import Of U.S. Grown Soybeans

Comment – More bad news for American Farmers. But don’t worry WaWa and Circle K will always have burritos – well maybe not. I am not sure what you are going to eat if the farms go down , so I recommend investing in a local sustainable farm even if it does not make a nice ROI.

Invest in the safety of America.

Nearly 25% of Americans Are Using Debt To Pay For Necessities Like Food

Comment – I know this is high math for many Americans, but if we have a Credit Collapse then these people will not be able to borrow money to eat. And while the billionaires and millionaires might be able to buy food (if it is available), the people with the 320 million guns will not be able to.

Declares Trade War On India, Imposes New Tariffs

Comment – First China, now India. Did we just start trade wars with half the population of Earth?

I believe in America being treated fairly. I also believe to fight a battle from a position of strength, and right now we have no Food Security. That is about as weak as we can be. The whole point about the Gray Swans is to show the weakness in our Food Grid, and how to strengthen it.

With Food we can solve virtually any problem, without it we can solve none.

Why Venezuela’s Economy Is Worse Than That of a War-Torn Country

Comment – Here is a view from a man stuck in the financial collapse of Venezuela. I recommend you follow his writings. If you don’t think it could happen here, you are not reading history.

Gray Swan 8 – Pandemic

EBOLA CONCERNS in Texas after Illegals from Congo Cross Border into US

Comment – It only takes one! Ellis Island was a catch location for disease coming into this country. Why do we not have a containment at our Southern Border? Is somebody deliberately trying to wipe out America?

Congo Ebola response must be elevated to maximum level, UN told

Comment – No shit, the UN is showing incompetence. Look surprised!

US Is Dependent On China For Almost 80% Of Its Medicine

Comment – Oh good, that fills me with the warm and fuzzies – a large part of our medicine is produced by a country that has no respect for quality control or banned ingredients. Did we forget about all the lead paint in child’s toys, or the poison in dog food. Don’t look at what comes in the honey.

How about 100% of our seed corn, wheat, and soy is controlled by a foreign company.

Well why don’t we just give our currency over to a foreign private corporation and commit financial suicide! Oops, sorry, I didn’t know. Ignore that they have never been audited.

But what ever happened to National Security? It is a concept! 80% of our pharmaceuticals  is controlled by a country we are getting in a trade war with?

Dr. Drew says LA public health in ‘complete breakdown’: ‘No city on Earth tolerates this’

Comment – Not that Dr Drew is the end all authority, but he does make very valid points. “We have the three prongs of airborne disease, tuberculosis is exploding, (and) rodent-borne. Add in that China reportedly produces 80% of our medicine.

No medicine and theses diseases can not be contained.

Pictures from downtown LA capture the problem it faces with trash as it tries and rodents

Comments – Listen this is not proving Quantum Mechanics or Eisenstein’s Law on Relativity. If a City Administration can not figure out how to take out the trash, then they are the trash and need to be thrown out. The 2nd largest city in America does not have the money or intelligence that sanitation is a top priority? I claim BS.

Ebola drills held statewide including Mercy and Cox Hospitals

Comment – Not that our government has lied to us about virtually everything (yup – our Social Security will be there) (and this week they admit it on UFOs), but I get suspicious anytime they create a drill – and especially in the middle of nowhere. What do they know that we do not?

Congo – 26 militants killed in Ebola-zone shootout

Comment – war and pandemics are a really bad combination.

Gray Swan 10 – New Madrid Fault

FEMA – Shaken Fury 2019

Comment – So why is FEMA practicing a Massive Earth Quake at the New Madrid Fault? Do they not have something better to do, or do they know something you do not? You do know that virtually every major event that has occurred FEMA just by coincidence happen to be there practicing a drill – almost like they had a crystal ball –  including 911.

You do know that “if” we have a massive New Madrid Earthquake then the bridges and energy pipelines to the East coast get severed which means the energy and the trucks stop running. What is FEMA going to do, put up bridge closed signs? Don’t worry – just about 170 million people will be without food or energy.

As Slow Motion Disaster Unfolds In The Midwest

Comment – About now many Americans are waking up to that “somebody” is altering the weather.

Today’s Earthquakes in California, United States

Comment – Understand there is an exponential rise in earthquakes around the globe. This is just one example.

It may be a good way to get rid of Nancy and Diane, but a tad expensive. Better is term limits. I think a person should not be in Congress longer than 100 years and they both look like they are coming to that age.

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum

Alaska Experiences Record-Breaking Heat

Comment – as the Solar Minimum approaches so do our weather changes increase causing a massive disturbance in our growing seasons.

Another twister leaves destruction in Texas during record-breaking stretch of tornadoes

Comment – the record breaking has just begun.

Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates That A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us

Comment – No food = No humans, it is a very simple formula even for those politicians that failed 3rd grade math.

Dazzling moment Mount Etna erupts

Comments – oh look, another volcanic eruption. Unfortunately it will not be dazzling if we get a volcanic winter because we will not be able to see through the clouds. By coincidence, neither will the Sun, which is what cause the famine in Europe leading the the French Revolution. May I suggest a massive investment into hydroponics!

Food Crisis Grows from Dry Soils

Comments – Look at that, weather changes effect crop growth. Some places it now floods and destroys the crops, other places it does not rain and destroys the crops. And the UN and the White Penguin blame it on  flatulating cows. I am not sure they made it past 3rd grade math, better yet 3rd grade science. Although it does seem they got honorary degrees from Goldman Sachs on steeling.

Hail storms pound North Texas neighborhoods

Comments – every see what baseball size hail does to crops and livestock?

 India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit)

Comment – Plus water rationing! And their cows are holy so I assume they do not flatulate. Could it be the Sun? And this is just the beginning.

Large areas of the central US are under water — and the threat isn’t going away

Comment – Even CNN has figured it out. Crops do not grow under water, but I am sure they will blame it on the Russians.

Megafire grows to 568,000 acres in Alberta, Canada

Comment – Another effect when our weather patterns change.

Some 200 Residents Evacuated in Path of Florida Wildfire

Comment – an an excellent reason to have what those crazy preppers call a Bug Out Bag, although now it seems they are not so crazy. Maybe Hollywood created that stereotype for a reason?

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

Biden Declares War On Second Amendment Rights

Comment – I don’t know how more blatant you can be to starting a Civil War. A War on the 2nd Amendment.

1st – every war on an issue that the Government has started has failed miserably – War of Poverty (LBJ), War on Crime (LBJ, Nixon), War on Drugs (Nixon), War on Cancer (Nixon), War on Terror (Bush Jr) , War on Cash (Obama). It seems like a puppet show. I wonder which alphabet agency is the puppet master?

And now Creepy Joe wants a War on Guns. (it rings as a new oxymoron, proposed by a true moron)

But Creepy Joe, how are we going to protect our children from pedophilic law makers making laws to protect their sickness?

It seems to me, the majority of the anti-gun legislators are the pedophiles. Nancy, Chucky, Hillary, Creepy Joe, would any of you care to comment and open up your closets for investigation? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Hillary’s suggestion of the Chinese to hack the IRS, morphed into the hacking of pedophiles accounts and those politicians with Vatican Bank accounts! Now that is a reason to grab the guns.

Que the RIOTS . . . EBT System Going Down Nationwide

Comments – 15% of Americans are on EBT Cards (Food Stamps). Many think it is their entitlement. Some have been for 5 generations. One electronic glitch, or one switch turned off, and we have an instant Civil War.

Ultra-processed food and adverse health outcomes

Comment – Just one more domino. The American people are fed up with the government approving unhealthy food preparations, and not labeling GMO ingredients. They are getting as mad as hell.

Dire Warning Comes To America From Black Hole Of Rebellion, Recession And Revolution

Comment – United we stand – divided we fall. It seems many of the politicians are doing whatever possible to divide us.

Maine residents can no longer ‘opt-out’ of immunizations for religious or philosophical reasons

Comment – At some point when enough is taken away, people will snap. While this may sound like it is the best for society , our country was raised on religious freedom. Forced vaccinations is against the Geneva Convention – and of course straight out of the Nazi playbook.

The Unstoppable 3D Gun Revolution Continues to Heat Up

Comment – Gun control laws are only obeyed by the law abiding, and that is only until they are fed  up. History is full of examples of governments limiting weapons to the peasants (you and I) for the sole reason of staying in power.

Nunchucks (used to flail rice) did not become weapons because of their efficiency, nor because of Bruce Lee. They became weapons because they were part of the tools the peasants where allowed to have while swords, bow & arrow, and knives where outlawed.

I am amazed at how many Jews support Gun Confiscation and claim to know their history. Who brainwashed them? I suggest all Jews that believe in gun confiscation gather in a ghetto in Poland and wait to see what happens – again. ‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’ – George Santayana.  If you disagree, call up JPFO and argue with Rabbi Bendory.

J.C. Cole

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