J.C. Cole: American Gray Swans – 12 June 2019

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13 American Gray Swans – Week 23 – Boiling the Frog

I think by now most Americans know the metaphor of Boiling the Frog. It goes, if you throw a frog into a pan of boiling water it immediately jumps out to save its life, but if you put the frog in normal water and slowly turn up the heat until boiling then the frog does not realize it until it is too late.

Are we not all frogs in some way? 30 years ago I was a rock hard 175 lbs. Now it seems that a pound or two per year relocated around my waste. It slowly increased until all of a sudden it is boiling 50 lbs overweight. Some might call that food storage for an emergency.

But isn’t this what is happening virtually across the board on our morals, on our businesses, on our security? We are getting boiled alive and not noticing.

If I came to you 30 years ago and said:

1 – the largest car manufacturer will go bankrupt and the government would bail them out – would you have believed me?

2 – or one of the largest insurance companies would almost go bankrupt and bring down the entire western economy, but the government would bail them out – would you have believed me?

3 – or that $8 trillion a year for 6 years would be stolen by 6 banks manipulating the LIBOR rate, and nobody would go to jail – would you have believed me?

4 – or that 3 steel span buildings would collapsed in 10 seconds from only 2 airplanes, would lead us to 18 years of war, and destruction of 6 countries (with #7 next) – would you have believed me?

5 – or that with the newly independent Russia fresh from under the 90 year control of the Soviet Khazarian Communists that we would put a fleet of B-52s, 4 divisions of troops, and 2 missile shields on their border and call them the aggressor?

We are being boiled alive. If we had a thermometer, a way to register how the situation was changing, then those of us that are intelligent would have recognized it and jumped out. But most of us are so busy on our daily hamster wheels we do not have time to look.

That is what the 13 American Gray Swans is. It is a weekly thermometer to gage the increase of our exposure to very real, very dangerous, events that have either a guarantee to happen, or an extremely high probability to happen that will cause the collapse of our food delivery system.

Nicholas Taleb showed us that a Black Swan is an unpredictable event that can happen and will be devastating. The Gray Swans are predictable events that will or can happen which will cause devastation.

So a few simple questions. Do you have production of food in your control? If not, do you have transportation of food in your control? If you have neither, then you have a 100% hedge with all your assets that a Gray Swan will not land. That means you are betting that an EMP, Electric Grid Attack, Cyber Attack, WW III, Credit Collapse, Pandemic, El Hierro tsunami, New Madrid Earthquake, Satellite Shut Down, Solar Minimum, or Civil War will not happen. And they say we are an intelligent species.

Gray Swan 3 – EMP – Tesla Technology

China, Russia Preparing For “Blackout Warfare” With “Super-EMP” Bombs

Comment – Why destroy the planet with a nuclear Holocaust that lasts for tens of thousands of years when they simply can hit us with the Tesla Ray Gun? Americans don’t seem to understand, turn off NYC and our entire national financial system shuts down. We retaliate and turn off Moscow or Beijing, and the rest of their country hardly notices.

Gray Swan 5 – Cyber Attack

DIGITAL ARMAGEDDON – Source Code for Top 3 US Anti-Virus Makers Reportedly Stolen. ALL Critical Infrastructure Now Vulnerable

Comment – Embarrassing! Not only can we get our asses kicked, it can be done with our own technology! Nice work McFly!

It is clear, we can never fully protect against a Cyber Attack shutting down our systems. Only one solution, have sustainable farming that has Off-Grid capabilities.

Instagram crashes for users around the world, leaving them unable to log in or refresh their feed

Comment – Just wait until the “Just In Time” delivery system is crashed, and you won’t be able to refresh your “feed” either. It is quite simple to do, just take down the Internet or GPS and everything stops.

Gray Swan 6 – World War III

Americas Nuclear Triad Has Never Been More Vulnerable To A Surprise Attack

Comment – If it happens, when it happens, it will be so fast that you won’t be able to finish your Amazon daily purchase, better yet be able to run to the food store and buy 1 year of food.

China-operated ports raise security fears for US, NATO

Comment – They just noticed! Wow, these guys are sharp! Oh look, we have 350,000 main land Chinese in our universities – any chance a few are Chinese ROTC?

I wonder what the Chinese think about our university “Safe Rooms” and “Gender Neutral” policies. OK, you can take over the country but just do not insult our snow flakes, gays, lesbians, and the totally confused what they are.

Taiwan prepares for over-the-horizon attacks

Comment – 60 to 1, not good odds. Maybe diplomacy would be a better way? You certainly can find a common language.

China vows military action if Taiwan, sea claims opposed

Comment – This is going to be interesting – Chinese using Chinese negotiating on Chinese. How about we all wait till the next century or two.

Chinese warships docked in Sydney Harbour near the Opera House

Comment – So what are the Silicon Valley billionaires escaping to neighboring New Zealand going to do. Run in hide in the only food stock just south of 1.6 billion hungry people that have a lot more aircraft carriers than you?

Iran ‘is six months away from having NUCLEAR WEAPONS'

Comment – so I guess that means the timeline is October, only 4 months away. Are they going to get Colin Powell out of retirement to explain this to the UN again, or go straight in for the kill?

With respect, this reminds me of Alison’s Restaurant with the “twenty-seven 8-by-10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was, to be used as evidence” with Officer Obie disappointed by a literal “case of American blind justice“.

Mexican Senator Threatens Takeover of U.S. States

Comment – Has he not been reading the Gray Swans? Does he really want a generation of Snow Flakes and Smart Phone Zombies? Also, getting the millions of existing illegal immigrants (sorry – undocumented visitors) that then would became “legal”. Trying to get them to pay taxes and health care will be a bitch after they had a free ride for a decade or two.

Somehow – I don’t think it will happen.

Putin tests ‘world’s fastest missile capable of reaching 9,000mph’ to stop Western attacks

Comment – Why does it seem President Putin is playing Chess while our guys are playing Checkers? Do you think we could ask him just to target the Neocons, Zionists, and Pedophiles? Or am I being redundant?

Russian and US warships narrowly avoid colliding in the East China Sea

Comment – It only takes 1 mistake. Look guys, playing chicken when you are 18 years old is your suicide. Playing chicken with 2 warships and the fate of the world is possibly our extinction.

US-Beijing tensions ERUPT over defence weapons

Comment – I am kind of missing something here. The US is complaining that China is defending itself? They are putting in more defensive weapons than the US believes is needed? Isn’t this exactly what the the US did to Russia by putting 2 missile shields in Europe, 1 in Poland and 1 in Romania, both on Russia's doorstep? Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?

And who is the US Military complaining too anyway?  Certainly not the American people. The military does not listen to the public, and lies consistently to them. Vietnam, 911, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya – just to name a few. Is there some secret council that they are taking a grievance too?

Top U.S. general in the Middle East says Iran is an IMMINENT threat to his troops

Comment – A suggestion to the general – move our troops home to the US and the threat will go away. Let Israel fight her own battles. After all we give them $60 billion a year.

U.S. says Russian fighter conducted unsafe intercept of Navy…

Comment – Our fly boys are some of the best, and these antics have gone on from both sides for decades, but it seems the Pentagon has Hillary writing their press reports – Its the Russians! Mommy – the Russians aren't playing fair! Grow up. You sound like a bunch of Snow Flakes needing a safe room.

All we need is 1 mistake and the world will change instantly. For the Joint Chiefs, maybe they should pause between a round of golf and read the 13 Gray Swans. If one happens, there will not be any Indians left to follow your holy band of anointed Chiefs. And surprisingly enough they have the potential solution and they either do not realize it, or do not have the loyalty the implement it.

Why Sweden is encouraging citizens to become preppers

Comment – Isn't that interesting, the Swedish Government is recommending its people prep and be prepared, while our government says basically nothing.

And most Americans have been successfully programmed by Hollywood and MSM that preparing is stupid and ridiculed therefor the jokes about food storage and bunkers.

Isn't it interesting that the “Groups” (Hollywood and MSM) that programmed America in this are leading the way in pedophilia arrests. Coincidence?

The Swedes seem to be prepping mainly if the Russians attack, while NATO and the US are constantly poking the Bear. And Putin has clearly said they will annihilate anybody who attacks Russia. And they now launched a submarine that has torpedoes that are unstoppable and take out coastal cities.

Gray Swan 7 – Credit Collapse

After a $354 Billion U.S. Bailout, Germany’s Deutsche Bank Still Has $49 Trillion in Derivatives

Comment – It is estimated that there is $1.4 Quadrillion in ONLY derivatives out there. As it is unregulated, nobody knows. That is for 7 Billion people. Do the math! No, I mean literally do the math. A small wager – the vast amount of Americans can not divide $1.4 quadrillion by 7 billion. They do not have the skill set.

You try! Even if you have to use paper and pencil (if you can remember how). The answer is 200,000. Yes, that is $200,000 of derivatives for every person on the Earth. Which of course, is impossible to have that amount of value (and in only 1 asset class) for every person on Earth. It makes Bernie Madoff look like a kindergartener.

You understand the entire Western Financial system is a house of cards, and it only takes one and it all falls down. When the Credit System stops, so does the shipping of food.

Air Cargo Demand Continues To Plunge As World Trade Sinks

Comment – indications that a global economic shut down are here.

American Soil Is Being Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of US Farmland Now Owned By Foreigners

Comment – They say humans are an intelligent species. I am not sure about Americans. Who sells their prime farmland and expects to eat? If you want to compete with 7.5 billion people for food, please do – but I think you will loose.

Brace for Impact: Italy Poised to Launch Euro Parallel Currency

Comment – When the Euro goes, the experts I listen to say the dollar will be closely behind. We are on a world wide fiat money system. In America, our big problem is when the system collapses or changes the Credit Market will most likely collapse and we will not have food delivered during the reboot.

California Demands Restaurants Charge Customers 1% ‘Climate Change' Fee

Comment – And here is a microcosm of Government issues plaguing America. A tax is placed “voluntarily” without voting as an administrative decision. And the money collected is governed by the California Air Resource Board that has no oversight.

I remind everybody, that income tax started at 1% and was to be temporary. Similar to Nixon taking us off the Gold Standard temporarily on Aug 15, 1971 almost 50 years ago. If that is the definition of “temporarily” please suspend tax payments to the IRS temporarily. We will start paying again in 2070.

China, Russia urged to continue efforts to defang US-dollar sanctions weapon

Comment – If you have not figured it out by now, the world is rejecting the “forced” use of the dollar. 50% of all dollars created (which is unknown) are outside the country. Experts expect these to return when not usable overseas, thus causing hyper inflation here in America.


Comment – This is just one analysis, and many brokers have been wrong in the past. The issue is in the title. We have no defense. To protect ourselves we need Food Security. That is when food is both produced and readily available locally. If our financial system collapses than food is not available because it is 1,500 miles away and can not be delivered.

Democrats Want The Post Office To Handle All Your Banking Needs

Comment – This is just one of the most amazing statements made this year. I am stunned. Give banking to one of the most inefficient ineffective and disliked divisions of Government. How can they continually run a deficit of $5 Billion when they have a monopoly?

I guess it could be worse, we could outsource the mail and banking to Zimbabwe.  Nancy, Diane, and Chucky – you have a new posting!

Postal Service in Crisis

Comment – My suggestion is to make all Congress salaries be controlled and paid through the USPS, along with opening a Financial Advisory service and require all Congressional members to have their private portfolio managed by the USPS. I think then all problems would be solved quickly.

In fact I bet we could improve this country a lot if we subjected Congress to the laws they pass. Let us make it mandatory that Congress must eat GMO foods, must give the full spectrum of vaccines recommended by the CDC and FDA to their children and grandchildren, must use only Obama Care for their health insurance. Further, let Congress give the Vatican Bank a “hold harmless” to release the names of all Americans that have an account. That would be a glorious day!

Domino #2: Chinese Bank With $105 BN In Assets On Verge Of Collapse

Comment – Dominoes, a great game, a lousy financial structure. Now some might think it is China’s problem, but don’t you think the Chinese would sell our debt to protect themselves?

Economic Chaos Erupts! – Global Manufacturing Plunges, The Trade War Expands

Comment – Just more indicators. Right now, we have no food security and that is a very very bad position to be in.

Heavy Duty Truck Orders Collapse To Worst Numbers Since July 2016, Down 70% In May

Comment – Who needs trucks? Oh, we do because all our food is delivered by them and Just in Time. No trucks = no truckers = no Food. I apologize to Congress members for the complicated long equation.

Gold Surges Near Breakout

Comment – We have been arguing over Gold and its value since before FDR. My personal opinion is to have some. Point of fact – it will not save you if we have a shipping shutdown and there is no food delivered. You can not buy what is not there.

The Next Stage Of The Engineered Global Economic Reset Has Arrived

Comment – There are a lot of opinions out there, and many quite qualified. The fact is if the Credit Market collapses food stops being delivered. Personally I think this is a matter of National Security and the White House and the Joint Chiefs are they only groups that can solve this, and therefor the ones that will be held responsible.

Gray Swan 8 – Pandemic

‘Large Groups' of African Migrants Illegally Crossed Texas Border, Say Feds

Comment – So we can bomb the crap out of 6 Middle Eastern countries with a 7th on the way, but we can not stop a herd of Africans walking across our southern border. I call BS. Did they just happen to cross the Atlantic on a raft?

Let us make all of Congress responsible to take in and personally house 10 “refugees” each. Nancy, Diane, Chucky – your 30 are waiting at the border. This is also good advice for the White Penguin.

Alarm as Ebola outbreak reaches 2,000 cases, picks up speed

Comment – and that is what is only officially reported. Oh, about the time a pandemic lands at your local airport is about the time you figure out you have no Food Security.


Comment – What ever happened to the concept of Ellis Island? It is just a matter of time before a pandemic breaks out in our country, and then we are seriously screwed. Nobody is going to deliver food to a contaminated region, and no food will be accepted from a contaminated region.

America's cattle threatened by tick-borne ‘yellow fever' epidemic

Comment – and just in case we are not taken out by a pandemic, our food supply will be.

Dr. Drew: Bubonic plague is likely already in Los Angeles

Comment – Genius , sheer genius. The administration in the 2nd largest city in America can not figure out how to take out the trash and keep sanitary conditions. And so America goes the way of the Dodo. And now, the only group protecting them from crime, the Police, are catching diseases. I guess it could get worse, LA’s budget and bank account could be controlled by the USPS.

Rats and typhoid at the police station, filth on L.A. streets

Comment – Great, subject the group keeping the 2 legged rats away from you to Typhoid and other nasty diseases. Wait till they take early retirement and there are no new recruits.

Gray Swan 9 – El Hierro

North Korea's 2017 nuclear test that caused a M6.3 earthquake was 10 times larger

Comment – If you don’t think a nuke can trigger an earthquake – here is your wake up call. 1 nuke at El Hierro and a 100 ft to 300 ft tsunami is released that will hit the entire American east coast, and the perpetrator will have plausible deniability. Gee, could that be what happened at Fukushima?

Gray Swan 10 –  New Madrid Earthquake

Extinct Russian Volcano Has Woken up and Could Unleash ‘Pompeii-size' Eruption

Comment – The Earth is tectonically awakening and evidence indicates it is expanding. If the New Madrid fault zone releases the majority of bridges and energy pipes lines across the Mississippi will be severed. For the East Coast – the food is on the other side. I am sure FEMA will set up the appropriate detour signs over the Great Lakes and through Canada.

First 240 Quakes in 24 Hours, Now Back-to-Back 4.3 Quakes off San Diego

Comment – If California goes first it is also a disaster. Recall, just last week FEMA did an emergency earthquake drill at the New Madrid.

Gray Swan 12 – Solar Minimum

Do We Face A Global Food Disaster?

Comment – There is a stunning amount of evidence that Yes – we face a Global Food Disaster. Now do we wait until there are food shortages and riots, maybe a famine, or do we get proactive and prepare to handle it?

Let us be clear – Congress is compromised by pedophilia blackmail and basically neutered. The White House is a bureaucratic nightmare, unreachable,  and constantly under attack. And the Joint Chiefs is the definition of a Cluster F_ _ k.

So who is going to solve this?

Nasa: Sun has ‘reached solar minimum' and its surface is ominously calm

Comment – NASA clearly states – After our Sun passes the current Solar Minimum, solar activity like eruptive prominences are expected to become more common over the next few years. ie – get ready for Solar Blasts.

I am waiting for AOC, Senator Bonkers Booker, and the White Penguin to come out and say the lack of Sun spots is caused by farting cows on Earth. Either that or Nancy, Diane, and Hillary blame it on the Russians. It certainly can not be the Sun!

And they say we are an intelligent species!

Have we reached solar minimum? The sun has been without spots for 16 consecutive days

Comment – No, we have not reached the Solar Minimum, it is just beginning and will last for decades.

Biden unveils $5 trillion climate plan

Comment – Sorry, I was speaking about an intelligent species – my mistake. Creepy Joe – you can not stop a Solar Minimum. You should have learned from your colleague Obama, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. You can blame climate change on man, but it is the Sun.

And BTW, isn’t your son on the Ukraine Natural Gas company board? Isn’t that a Hat Trick conflict of interest?

1 –  You are against man’s use of carbon energy and your son is promoting and profiting from it.

2 – Your past administration funded the $5 billion to overthrow the Ukraine Government and by coincidence your son got placed on the Gas Company board.

3 – Ukraine is in dispute with Russia and your son would personally gain if there was American involvement.

CEI Releases New Video Explaining How a Carbon Tax would Punish American Families

Comment – a classic example of government overreach. Coming up with another reason to add tax.

Congress Passes $19.1 Billion Disaster Aid Bill

Comment – While greatly needed at this time, it does not solve the issue. We have a very clear collapse of world and American Food Production. The solution is to create true sustainable farming throughout the country. To create true Food Security. And do it while we have the money.

David DuByne (ADAPT 2030) – Mini Ice Age Reset Thriving

Comment – here is a good video describing what could happen in the Solar Minimum.

 It's Always Wildfire Season Now, Says Forest Service Chief

Comment – It is obvious – we are receiving 1,000 cuts to our food production. The only way to battle this is to get massive investment into local sustainable farms. ie – diversify and regionalize our food production.

It's the wettest planting season American farmers can remember

Comments – This is just the beginning of a Solar Minimum.

Italy's Mount Etna spews lava in new phase of eruptions

Comment – more evidence of a Solar Minimum. Most people do not know that in 1900 about 3 active volcanoes was the norm, today we are at about 35.

Largest eruption in years of Popocatepetl volcano

Comment – 25 million Mexicans living near the volcano. What do you think will happen if/when this monster blows? It gives a new meaning to the phase Coming to America. Mr. Trump, make that wall tall.

The Power of Volcanos Pt. 1: Years without Summer

Comment – Here is a good video on volcanoes and there effect on humanity and food production.

Monster Underwater Volcano Off Oregon Coast

Comment – 60% of the Earths volcanoes are under the oceans. We can not see them when they erupt.

National Geographic 1967 – Sunspots Control Earth’s Climate, Not CO2

Comment – I guess this was printed before the political agenda was set. Oops! Nat Geo’s bad. Cows, it is Cows! Don’t you realize how much political funding is available to lie? How can the Rothschilds and the UN control the Earth if you tell the truth?

Radiation levels 6,000 times higher in giant clams than in open ocean near Runit Dome, Marshall Islands

Comment – notice how the politicians always discuss how bad carbon fuel is, but never touch the subject of nuclear pollution. Yup, my SUV is destroying the environment but not a word of Fukushima destroying the Pacific Ocean.

Rapidly growing wildfire forces evacuations, burns thousands of acres in Washington state

Comment – More evidence of a Solar Minimum.

Leaked FDA Study: Toxic “Forever Chemicals” Contaminate Many Foods

Comment – Now why didn’t the FDA tell us directly? Could they be compromised? Aren’t they always claiming “To Protect the Children” ?

US Farms Are Facing Their Worst Crisis In A Generation…And Now Here Comes Another Monster Storm

Comments – And it is just beginning. One Generation is nothing in a 400 year cycle.

The Wettest, Wildest Planting Season U.S. Farmers Can Remember

Comments – That is because we are getting 1,000 year storms and our records only go back 200 years.

The wildfires in Alberta, Canada are so huge that their smoke has reached Europe

Comment – Some places have historic floods, other historic droughts. This is what happens when the Gulf Stream stops and the equilibrium of the climate is massively disturbed.

Unseasonal hailstorm buries Puglia, southern Italy in 6 inches of ice

Comment – again, multiple attacks on the world food production.

Water Scarcity in India Puts Millions at Risk of Day Zero

Comment – Zero Day, when there is no water. The rule of 3s. 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without proper shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. Learn it.

Russia extends free land giveaway program beyond Far East

Comment – You have to love this! Putin gives away free land to anybody who will commit to farm it (thus creating Food Security), and our Senators like Harry Reid use government agencies to steal farm land from American Farmers and sell it to foreign entities through his son.

Nope, I see no reason for a Civil War nor the hanging of traitors.

Gray Swan 13 – Civil War

Alex Jones Warns Trump: 1776 Will Commence Again If You Take Our Guns

Comment – while I personally have difficulty with Jone’s reporting style, I believe he is correct here. As I said before, there are groups trying to provoke a Civil War. Massive violation of the Constitution should do it.

Creepy Joe – Gun ownership is not an “entitlement” it is an “inalienable right”. Senator Bonkers Booker –  owning a gun is not like getting a drivers license. One is an “inalienable right” the other is an “entitlement”. You should know this, you are a Rhodes Scholar.

FDA confirms PFAS chemicals are in the US food supply

Comment – also the constant poisoning of the people should help start a civil war. Especially when government agencies allow it and help cover it up. So why is it that GMO ingredients are not labeled on our food containers?

Glyphosate and autism: scientist explains the indisputable link and foods that reverse autism symptoms

Comment – Didn’t Obama’s food Czar come from Monsanto? Didn't the head of the FDA leave and go work for Monsanto as an upper level VP? Dam, that is right out of the Nazi play book. Hey, who bought Monsanto?

GMOs are killing us: Facts you probably don’t know

Comment – No, No, No, – Big Agra and Big Pharma would never do anything that greatly increased their cash flows that was detrimental to humans. Ok, Goldman Sachs did come out and say that cures do not make money and are bad for business – but that was an exception so ignore that almost the entire medical system is set up that way.

New Study: United States Uses 85 Pesticides Outlawed in Other Countries

Comment – now why would that be? Could possible greed, corruption, and conflict of interest be involved? How could the FDA and EPA be right, and the rest of the world be wrong?

Goodbye Middle Class: The Percentage Of Wealth Owned By The Top 10%

Comment – No, I think it is goodbye 1%ers. If we go to a Civil War they will be the second casualty. BTW – I do not support violence. I just see that a lot of people are being programmed that the collapse is because of the rich. Of course the rich seem to be doing jack to solve the issues. Oh well, what flavor cake would you like to be fed?

Martial Law is Coming | Civil War is Coming to America

Comment – While the title is a little provocative and the author has some strong opinions, he does point out some real issues and facts in the change of legislation.

Mayor Bill de Blasio's Mandatory Measles Vaccination Order Faces Legal Challenges

Comment – mandatory vaccination is walking down a very slippery slope. Overriding someone’s religious beliefs is a good way to start a holy war. And I do think the Geneva Convention said something about forced medical injections Herr de Blasio! Maybe you should read history.

More Than Half Colorado Counties Say WE WILL NOT COMPLY To Red Flag Law Should It Pass

Comment – The Red Flag Laws clearly violate the Constitution. That Law Makers are passing them, and Law Enforcers are refusing to enforce the (unconstitutional) law indicates a massive conflict. It is an excellent catalyst to start a Civil War. And if it starts , the Law Makers who violated the Constitution will probably be the first to test gravity from a lamp post. It is a good thing nobody knows your names.

J.C. Cole

13 American Gray Swans

List Only:

1) EMP – Solar.
2) EMP – Nuclear.
3) EMP – Tesla Technology.
4) Electric Grid Attack
5) Cyber Attack
6) WW III.
7) Credit Collapse.
8) Pandemic.
9) El Hierro.
10) New Madrid Earthquake.
11) Satellite Shut Down.
12) Solar Minimum.
13) Civil War.

Some guaranteed to happen, the others have an extremely high probability to happen.

DOC (12 Pages): American Gray Swans – Week 23 – Boiling the Frog

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