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4 Star, Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)
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Michael E. Salla

5 Stars – Useful Speculative Insights

This book is more like a summary of claims made by others — notably Corey Goode and William Tomkins (RIP) and there are three particular contradictions that trouble me, outlined below, but on balance I have to give the author credit for being one of the top experts in this domain who is clearly committed to the public interest.

01 At one point in the book the author cites credible testimony that we ware warned off the Moon and told not to come back; and later in the book there is reference to a Lunar Operations Command and even to the possibility of President Putin having been on the moon for an extraterrestrial meeting. I have received an email from the author that explains this as being two different Earth groups — one not welcome, the other (Reich related) welcome.

02 Despite claiming to have access to all of William Tomkins' papers — so many they required a separate storage facility near his home in San Diego — the few drawings and documents that are included in this book border on pedestrian and simply do not make the cut for serious discovery.  I have received two emails from others that suggest that the book does not do justice to the actual testimony of Tompkins, and that while he was alive Tompkins provided compelling stories that support this book's narrative.

03 There is an awful lot of speculative dot connecting that I take seriously — the possibilities are certainly there — but I do not find the narrative compelling. Some  examples:

a. Submarines, designed for deep water pressure operations, are allegedly the design foundation for US Navy extraterrestrial graft using anti-gravity instead of nuclear.  There is not a word about how the craft were modified for space operations.

b. Coincidences abound and much is made of specific aspects of William Tomkins' life, but the meat is just not there. The author is drawing technical conclusions from social contacts.  As original as these documents and findings may be, I do not find  them compelling in relation to documenting the breadth and depth of the US Navy's deep space operational capability today.

c. There is no mention of worm holes, which I understand were the primary means for moving very large constructs to Mars and Saturn — and perhaps to the Moon.

On balance, and with a tip of the hat to the author for his earlier books that are linked below, I found this book worthy of reading as background. A few of my notes:

Some excellent quotes from very serious people are sprinkled throughout the book, sufficient to warrant this book receiving every possible courtesy

I learn that NASA is a military organization — this I did not know.

Tesla and Marconi were gifted by extra-terrestials with knowledge

Mind-controlled human slaves — initially girls for sex — emerged from the Reptilian deals with the Nazis

There are an extraordinary number of stellar civilizations and an extraordinary number of their members walking among us, penetrating CIA in particular.

Hollywood — Star Trek in particular — is directly connected to US secret space program managers desiring “soft disclosure.” For myself I particularly value the History Channel's super series on Ancient Aliens.

There is discussion of “Artificial Intelligence” humanoids and the threat of extraterrestrial artificial intelligence ultiimately destroying what we have on Earth

The book asserts that the US Navy secret space program is constitution.  I know of no means for any program to be constitutional that is not authorized and funds appropriated by Congress, consent by one or two “read in” Senators does not count.  In my view, every penny spent on the secret space program has been a penny not spent on public health and happiness — but the book is yet to be written on the actual threat to Earth from non-Earth sources.

On page 195 I take careful note of the author's citation of Corey Goode's claim — which I believe — to wit that human trafficking has always been a huge element of trade with the more malignant stellar civilizations, and that the government and corporate entities managing the program have constantly allowed t he trade of millions of humans over time as slave labor and for other uses.

QUOTE (238): Full disclosure, in particular, would not only dramatically reinvigorate the US manufacturing industry in building advanced technologies for mass public consumption, but lead to revolutionary global changes.

Well, maybe. As I observe DoD spending billions to try to do natural disaster assessments from outer space, I cannot restrain my scorn and disdain for those that would rather spend billions on technology instead of a few million on 12-120 human experts put on location and communicating back in real time. The DoD and space budget and the deep underground base budgets are a crime against humanity  and long overdue for full disclosure and most likely also being but by 50% if not more.

Steve Bannon appears on page 243, in my view grossly over-inflated in relevance and importance.

Page 252 contains absolute crap — utter bullshit — on the FBI and Russia collaborating to put Donald Trump into the Presidency.  This was a factor in my down-grading this book to 4 stars.

I do agree with the author's speculative assertion that the US and Russia — Trump and Putin — will partner toward full disclosure in our President's second term.

I share the author's concern that our President might be getting the full briefing on both deep underground and off-Earth activities — I have been told by a retired NASA PhD that we have had a base on Mars for fifteen years that has 10,000 people on it who are never coming home, and  two bases within the Saturn configuration, and I believe this. The question must be asked: what does a President have  to do — put the chiefs of Lockheed, Raytheon, Northrump Grumman, and Boeing into Guantanamo until they disclose it all?

On page 281 there is a useful discussion of being able to move through matter, I have been told by retired folk with useful histories that K Band is a frequency that allows you to throw a fork through a window without effect on the window. This is certainly knowledge I would like to see fully disclosed. Mindful that Einstein said everything is energy (matter is simply slow-moving energy) I believe we are on the verge of a massive break-out of human consciousness and can no longer be held down and back.

The concluding pages of the book are alone worth the price of the book. Relying heavily on Goode two ideas are put forward:

01 That the Nordics belong to a Super Federation of between 40-60 human-looking extraterrestrials that have been intervening on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years in 22 long-term genetic experiments

02 Full human consciousness can lead to unrestricted brain capacity and unpolluted bodies such that we could in theory live for hundreds of years.

The author concludes by recommending the Seth Books (1963-1984) as well as the Ra Law of One books, and ends with what I found to be a valuable observation: human apathy and dispair leads to human surrender and human loss of its place in the natural ecology. It is our role to be joyful and free, sovereign individuals.

For me, at the end of the day, it is all about free energy being kept from the public in order to allow the 1% to profit from fossil fuels and massive dams mis-configuring the earth, and it is all about human consciousness being repressed — our governments became “trustees” in a massive Earth concentration camp designed to repress human consciousness. I sense — without evidentiary foundation — that everything changed for the better in 2012, and the forces of good, both terrestial and extra-terrestial, began the final leg of a very long journey that could and should liberate humanity to create a prosperous world at peace in which human intelligence, human integrity and human imagination — free will — astonish and delight.

I am going to order and read the first of the other books listed below, and I list all the other books by this author below to honor his work and suggest that others consider his contributions as part of a larger mosaic of what may become, in Donald Trump's second term, “full disclosure.”


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