Sean Hannity: Deep State Clinton Network –Treason Most Foul Thousands and Thousands of Instances….

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ROBERT STEELE: The opening summary monologue for a one hour show. A tour de force, other than the douchbag oversize pins includiing a CIA pin he may have earned as a paid media asset for the CIA, but not cool at all to be wearing it on the air. I started the Deep State False Flag meme in modern media, building on the work of many others, and I am glad to see Hannity catching up. Bill Binney my colleague confirms what he has said openly previously: NSA has all 33,000 of the emails and could release them at any time (it is very likely that Barr and others have already taken possession of a complete copy of all those emails). Hannity is correct, Hillary Clinton is indictable for willful disclosure of national security classified information to foreign power, to which I would add, as I did in my letter to Comey, treason, pedophilia, charity fraud, and electoral fraud.

Let me further add, after discussion with Bill who has been around the national security legal network much more deeply than have I, that Clinton told her staff to remove classification markings and send emails to her private unsecure servers that some believe to have been monitored by China and other foreign powers — this is beyond gross negligence, this is an outright crime repeated thousands of times, a crime for which the rest of us would go to jail for years just for one instance.  Clinton has been an agent of a foreign power at two levels: selling influence for outcomes via the Clinton Foundation, and willfully exposing all top secret sensitive compartment information offered to the Secretary of State — second only to the Secretary of Defense and the President in terms of access — to foreign powers.

Clinton Order to Violate Law

As we now know, it was Great Britain — GCHQ and MI-6 — and Israel that actively interfered in the US election, not Russia or China or Iran.

There are TWO issues here worthy of the President. The first is obvious: taking down the Deep State and the Shadow Government. The second is not so obvious because Mike Pompeo has betrayed the President twice over, at CIA and now at State: intelligence and counterintelligence reform. It is not just that CIA and FBI broke every possible law in seeking to carry out a soft coup against Donald  Trump, it is that they are INCOMPETENT. As presently constituted, the US intelligence community is unable to answer 96% of the key questions the President and any other key leader has; and the US counterintelligence community is unable to identity and neutralize 96% of the traitors (including all those who have pledged to place Israel First not America First), elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals engaged in the smuggling of drugs, guns, gold, cash, and small children — indeed CIA, FBI, and DEA are themselves top smugglers and money launders.  So the question remains: apart from taking down the Deep State, does the President desire to be fully informed about all threats, all policies, all costs, all opportunities, or not? Bill and I know how to do that. One call, visible results within 24 hours.

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