Berto Jongman: Think Tank Communications Suck

IO Impotency
Berto Jongman

A new model for think-tank communications

Expert or academic carries out research. Generates rigorous 40-page report. Comms officer is asked to promote said report. Launch event, press release, tweets. Maybe a video. Maybe an infographic.The only problem is that this model doesn’t work.

Proposed new model:

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ROBERT STEELE: The proposed new model is as worthless as the old model for the simple reason that as much as a “narrative” might be worth doing, there is nothing in this new model about holistic analytics, true cost economics, or Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE). Decision-support (also known as intelligence, which is generally NOT done by the US secret “intelligence” community” needs to cover all threats, all policies, all costs, in all languages, all the time. Today we do 1% (processed ) of 1% (collected) of 1% (published) of 1% (written) of 1% (known).  Retarded. Unprofessional.

What we really need is the ability to VISUALIZE with DRILL DOWN while showing CROSS-CUTTING impacts.  Nobody does that.  Worse, as Ellen Seidman said in the 1990’s, CIA does not do domestic versus other compare and contrast (e.g. trade) and the Cabinet agencies don’t know how to do decision-support — they just do what the 1% tell them to. We can do better.


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