J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week 29 – “Dunning – Kruger”

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American Gray Swans – Week 29 – “Dunning – Kruger”

A good friend that writes professionally gave the advice that today most people can only pay attention to 6 paragraphs.  And I agree. We have been so dumbed down that we can not read an in-depth article.

Even more is a psychological syndrome known as “Dunning – Kruger” . “In the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is. It is related to the cognitive bias of illusory superiority and comes from the inability of people to recognize their lack of ability”.

That is polite mumbo-gumbo for – they are ignorant on the subject, and arrogant in that they think they know the subject.

Does this not resemble a huge percentage of the American population?

Oh great! So as a culture we in general only pay attention to 6 paragraphs, and not only are we ignorant on many important subjects, we are arrogant that we believe that we know. What a wonderful combination for extinction.

I actually had a good friend argue with me what was happening during the Russian-Georgian War in August 2008. I was living on the Russian border at that time and very close with the US Embassy, and he was living in NYC had never been to Eastern Europe and got his news listening to CNN. He had no-clue what was going on, but insisted he did. He had no ties to the “boys” that really knew what was happening. A classic “American”. Hint – MSM lies! They are a controlled agenda!.

Oh crap – my 6 paragraphs are up. Well this is where we loose the majority of …. our well informed countrymen. (Oh, if we are in Berkly – (“Country-persons”)

Unfortunately the majority of Americans do not have the mental focus to get through a 10 page article that is a summary of “just” this weeks news articles showing we are positioned for collapse. You can lead a donkey to water, but you can not make it drink!

So, for those with a brain that made it this far, do you honestly have any true understanding with verification from a neutral 3rd party of what is happening :

1) in the Middle East?

2) on the Russian-European Border?

3) to the World Food supply?

4) with Global Weather Change?

5) in Space?

6) with Earth changes?

Why? Because these are all in play and we are being lied to about all of them! And they will all effect your family and quality of life – specifically in food.

The Gray Swans are predictable events that all lead to the collapse of the Just In Time (JIT) delivery system, and its collapse will effect your quality of life … like if you will be able to eat. The weekly summation of articles actually save a huge amount of time as it is hundreds of hours of articles all condensed into a few pages verifying the Gray Swans are approaching – but I am well past my 6 paragraphs for the Dunning-Kruger crowd. Oh well, somebody has to go, better that it is the morons!

Gray Swan – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology

Could Your Area Have the Next Summer Blackout?

Comment – No doubt about it – we live in a fragile world. We are far to dependent on electricity, and when it goes out so does our quality of life.

BTW – The Organic Prepper is a good website.

Doug MacKinnon: Will you survive the coming blackout?

Comment – So MacKinnion worked for the White House, and just happen to right a few articles on a Blackout. Do you think possibly he knows something?

What Caused the 2019 New York Blackout? Infrastructure

Comment – A lot of guessing going on, but for sure, our grid is unprotected from large attacks. How long do you think the grid has to be down in NYC before chaos breaks out?

There is an awful lot of suspicious events happening these days. Coincidence? It is the Gremlins!

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

A Bank With 49 Trillion Dollars In Exposure To Derivatives Is Melting Down Right In Front Of Our Eyes

Comment – The issue is not whether we will have a financial collapse, but whether we can endure and stay together as a country. There are very few issues critical to survival. Water, Food, and Security. If we have these then we have the potential to survive this.

Today food requires the JIT system to be delivered. It is quite obvious that a financial collapse will take the JIT system down, and then the clock starts ticking. We have 2 weeks to get it back up running before people start fighting for food.

The solution is obvious – remove our vulnerability to the JIT system collapse by having massive small sustainable farms.

Bank Run: Deutsche Bank Clients Are Pulling $1 Billion A Day

Comment – Have you ever been in a real Bank Run? I have – actually a few of them while I lived in Eastern Europe. One of the most emotionally sick experiences I have ever had. When the money goes, there is nothing you can do about it. It is Bernie Madoff on steroids.

And those that think FDIC will save you? Not if it is more than a few banks, they simply do not have the money. And if you think our government will save you, they are running a $22 trillion deficit , with estimate $240 trillion in liabilities. Good luck!

Jim Rogers Warning: Things are Going to be Horrible There is a Bubble in Everything and it is Worse Than 2008

Comment – This is one very smart Billionaire. When we have a massive amount of small sustainable farms – we still have food to eat.

$21 Trillion Missing Biggest Story on Planet – Rob Kirby

Comment – Well technically this is not true. It is the Biggest Story “Off Planet”. Just purchase some 3rd Generation Night Vision and look for yourself. But our Dunning-Kruger experts know all ….. not!

$3,355,970,000,000: Federal Spending Sets Record Through June;

Comment – Setting records is great in the Olympics, but really lousy in Government spending. It almost looks like they don’t care and to keep spending until an Event happens. What gibberish – that would be a conspiracy theory. Of course there is unlimited spending – it worked for Ancient Rome – why wouldn’t it work for us?

Hey – what a coincidence – Ancient Rome destroyed their farmers also! It looks like a Visigoth candy-gram is coming to the US Congress – could it be Epstein’s little black book and the Big Weiner’s laptop? It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of pedophiles.

60% Of Global Stocks Underperformed T-Bills, Study Shows

Comment – Just crank up the Fed to buy more, those numbers will than change!

Building Permits Plunge Most In 3 Years Despite Tumbling Rates

Comment – What! No more McMansions? But what are we going to do with all the methane trapped from AOC’s farting cows? We need McMansions to use the methane to heat. Besides, all illegal immigrants, oh sorry, “undocumented tourists” that are seeking political asylum have the right to a McMansion free and clear. Welcome to McAmerica!

Companies Literally Shutting Down All Over America as Wall St. Celebrates Rising Stock Prices

Comment – This is obviously the White Supremacists intensionally trying to take over the country by faking an economic collapse so Trump can win in 2022 and ruin the Democrats chances. And it is totally organized and paid for by the Russians.

Just ignore Seth Rich’s murder, Weiner’s lap-top, Epstein’s Black Book, Podesta’s art collection, the Arkancide List  of Clinton achievements, that indicate that the leaders of the Democratic party are not human.

Foreigners Dump US Treasurys, Liquidate A Record $216 Billion In US Stocks In 13 Consecutive Months

Comment – Straight out of Monty Python – “Runaway, runaway!”

Now why would anybody want to do that? Just because we are led by a bunch of lying pedophiles (so are they), we balance our budget by being $22 trillion in the red, we drone strike innocent wedding parties, a bunch of Khazarians that control our currency have never been audited, and we sell gold covered tungsten to the Chinese. What could possibly go wrong?

Insanity: Now Even Junk Bonds Have Negative Yields

Comment – I like Zero Hedge, but here I have to differ. “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! When in history did the debasement of the currency not end up in collapse? The Junk is simply indicating it.

Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2019 From Top Experts All Over The Globe

Comment – If all we have is an Economic Disaster we are lucky.

The financial debacle is a sideshow, but is a real and dangerous sideshow. And it is one that effects our daily living. Do you actually think the controllers would allow the financial collapse when they control numerous unlimited digital currencies?

Obviously something much bigger and more dangerous is happening. Did you notice the Earth is expanding, and quickly? We have about 10 groups all trying to get to space meanwhile there is not one country not deeply in the red – almost like it does not matter? So what is coming?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Warns The U.S. Government Could Run Out Of Cash Before Congress Returns

Comment – how can they run out of cash – they own the dam printing press and it is digital. Besides the FED has never been audited.

This is from a man that goes to Fort Knox and holds up 1 gold bar and says – “See, it is all here”. Now that is a true Goldman-Sachs audit! (Needless to say, Tungsten weighs and has the same specific weight as Gold so he wouldn’t be able to tell if it was real or fake. Like I said, a true Goldman-Sachs audit.)

U.S. Consumer Debt Surpasses Financial Crisis Levels

Comment – Any indications this is unsolvable?

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)

Congress tackles potential damage from foreign cyber attacks

Comment – I think we would get better results if we called the Marx Brothers. At least they aren’t being blackmailed with pedophilia.

 Electric out in Washington DC – Unknown Reason

Comment – A mysterious outage? Gremlins again! They must have taken the Amtrak from NYC to DC.

 Russia’s Spy Agency Hit In Massive Hack; 7.5 TB Of Data Stolen In ‘Largest Data Breach In History’

Comment – It was the Russians! (standard Democratic excuse). No Hillary – it was Seth Rich a patriot.

But who did hack Russia’s Spy Agency? I imagine some very interesting stuff on “who has been naughty and who has been nice” will come out.

I can’t wait till the Vatican Bank account names are released. That is an instant treason conviction for anybody in Congress. Better confess now! After all Apocalypse means “Unveiling”.

Gray Swan – Pandemic (Human & Animal)

A Bacterial Invasion? People All Over The East Coast Are Suddenly Being Attacked By Flesh-Eating Disease In 2019

Comment – Definitely not Gremlins – they don’t like water. So how is it that all of a sudden we have a flesh eating bacteria? Where was it for the last .. say… 10,000 years?

DARPA To Put Nuclear, Biological, And Chemical Detectors In Public Venues

Comment – Now why would they be doing that? Is there something they are not telling us? It is not like DARPA doesn’t have other things to spend money on – like indestructible humanoid attack robots speaking in a heavy Austrian accent muttering something about returning.

 Ebola-Stricken Man Takes Bus To DRC Travel Hub With 2 Million Residents

Comment – Glad to know there is high level security protecting us from an active world pandemic. Was the bus ticket free or did he have to pay to infect the world? They say he was a Pastor, I wonder if he was a Jehovah Witness preaching the end of the world is near?

Suggestion – talk with the guys at DARPA. I think they can lend a few 600 lbs robot hounds that don’t have to worry about catching Ebola, and can run down a man at 30 mph. Fido – fetch!

Now We Should Pay Attention: Ebola Virus Confirmed in City of Two Million Population

Comment – Pay attention? The majority of our population can not get through 6 paragraphs.

W.H.O. Declares Congo Ebola Outbreak A Global Emergency

Comment – Glad they told us.

More Ebola Preparations Underway As CDC, NYC Quietly Brace for Congo Migrant Surge

Comment – I would watch the DARPA people, when they start running I would follow real quick. Trusting the NYC administration – I think not. Besides taking away your gun, they would put in a new toll on leaving the city.

But honestly think about it. JFK Airport is a hub for the world, 1 pandemic patient lands and it spreads to every major hub in the country in one day. This will spread faster than a case of VD through the Democratic Party leadership returning from Epstein’s Orgy island.

Does anybody think if we get hit with a pandemic that food will still be delivered?

World at risk of Ebola ‘plane plague’ spreading on flights

Comment – What did I say, it just takes one.

New York needs a ratcatcher to get rid of huge hordes of giant rats

Comment – I think the article is talking about the 4 legged kind. The 2 legged kind will always be NYC’s bane.

But all that needs to happen is one Bubonic infected flea to land in NYC.

Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

Economic Collapse 2020: Cosmic “Perfect Storm” cause Rising Food Prices

Comment – a good short video from Christian at Ice Age Farmer.

Floods kill over 100 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, lakhs displaced

Comment – Extreme Global weather showing its effects.

Food Shortage Warnings Are Already Starting To Appear,

Comment – These guys have been right on – and this is just the beginning.

New Finnish Study Finds No Evidence For Man-Made Climate Change

Comment – They obviously have no government contracts. The Bankers say it is Man-Made, and man-Made it will be. They need this to put more taxes on us so please comply. The Science on this is closed, because they paid for it to be closed. Right Big Al!

But there is a new science in town. It is call Truth and the Electric Universe. Now interestingly enough, the theory of the Oak Tree and the Rope still works under the rules of the Electric Universe. Farting Cows does not – Choose wisely!


Comment – a good longer video on Grand Solar Minimum and magnetic pole shift

Rivers at highest levels since records began, 60 000 homes destroyed or damaged

Comments – this is what happens when you use 200 years of weather data and 1,000 year storms happen.

Mass die-off of pilot whales wash up along western Iceland

Comment – the wales are disoriented, could it be a change in Earths magnetism?

Sign of the times? The third consecutive time in 2019 (April, May and June) the past 12-month US precipitation record has hit an all-time high.

Comment – This is spelling great difficulty for our food production.

 Cosmic Ray Update: New Results from the Moon

Comment – It does seem we have a large increase of incoming Cosmic Rays, and they are changing our weather and maybe our DNA.

Gray Swan – Civil War

‘Flash mob’ of 60 teens loot, damage Philadelphia Walgreens and injure employees

Comment – Any Evidence of a breakdown of society moral values?

Banned in Boston — the Christian Flag

Comment – Its some local city administrations are making some poor choices – choose wisely!

California’s Homeless Crisis Has Reached “Epic Proportions”

Comment – This generally indicates that something is going to give and that often leads to civil unrest.

All Empires come to an end. Is this one indication of ours coming to an end? And history show the majority of the times Empires end painfully.

Denver Liberal Protesters Outside Ice Detention Center SCREAM “F*** The Troops”

Comment – This is a must see. Is this one deranged individual or an indication of a cultural clash forming?

Billion Opioid Pills: Bombshell Report Unmasks Who Is Responsible For Epidemic

Comment – Why are not the authorities protecting our children? Look, this is not rocket science – we know who makes the drugs. Where is the accountability? A few more casualties and the citizens will take matters into their own hands.

Does this not resemble the opium wars where the British got the Chinese addicted on opium? Look into the history of HSCB.

France Choking to Death on Migrants

Comment – Sometimes it is best to inspect the neighbors as it is clearer to see. Europe is about to explode in ethnic violence. This is clearly a forced mixing of different cultural values that clearly will lead to social unrest. What paradigm has to exist for the forced destruction of Europe?

Berkeley Calif to Ban Offensive “MANhole”

Comment – so it looks like we have a collapse of World Food Production and American Farming. We have a massive homeless issue, especially in Berkeley and California – but the town council spends their time on renaming manholes and other items so they are gender specific.

I wonder if A-holes is gender specific and acceptable? Can anyone see a benefit to population decrease?

Google Shares Slide As Trump Agrees Company Should Be Investigated For Treason

Comment – One of the largest and most influential companies in America is “possibly” treasonous! I would say that is a good indication of possible civil conflict.

MS-13 Committed L.A. Area-Killings With Machetes, Cutting Out Victim’s Heart: Officials

Comment – Any indication that this is a cancerous group? They are not particularly hard to identify as they tattoo it on their faces. So why are they here, and why are they not removed?

New York Times Goes Full Open Borders

Comment – Have Ice set up mini detention centers next to the owners house of NYT and AOC’s Bitch Squad. Accidents happen!

One Minute Before Midnight When Civil War Erupts into Extreme Violence

Comment – It seems there are others also noticing the potential for a Civil War is growing to dangerous levels. Personally I believe this is being done deliberately as it is a good way to destroy America.

San Diego City Council: Guns Must Be Locked or Disabled in Homes

Comment – Apparently the San Diego City Council can not read – they must have been Common Core students. “Shall not be infringed”

More evidence somebody is trying to start a Civil War. Since when does a city council have the right to define the Constitution?

The State of the Nation – Eye Opening Truth

Comment – “WHY are we not finding solutions for the HOMELESS PROBLEM in AMERICA?”

Thousands Of Puerto Rico Protesters Turn Streets Of San Juan Into ‘War Zone’ Over Corrupt Government

Comment – Civil War starts someplace – do you see any potential flash points?

Trump Declares “Ridiculous” Impeachment Push “Over” As Majority Of Democrats Vote Against

Comment – Are these specific Democrats interested in removal of Trump because they do not like him, or because they want to start a Civil War – either way the result will be the same.

What Was It All For: Veterans Have Finally Turned On America’s Endless Wars

Comment – So we are getting to the point – endless wars created by the Neocons for a New American Century. It looks like a century with the extinction of Khazarians. Bummer!

Gray Swan – WW III

Iran Seizes Two Tankers, One Belonging To UK For “Violating International Regulations”

Comment – So what do you say to Iran when the British did it first?

Margolis: Turkey Calls Trump’s Bluff

Comment – Great – Trump and Turkey are playing Russian Roulette. Why is it that this seems to be following exactly Biblical Prophecy?

NATO Affiliate ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Locations Of 150 US Nuclear Weapons In Europe

Comment – Surprise Surprise – We Americans have nukes in Europe. Who would have guessed it?

Please don’t destroy Belgium, I really like their french fries and beer.

BTW – I have a question. Who owns America’s nukes? I mean what specific organization? Is it the Federal Government? If the Federal Government owns the nukes, and it collapses or is dissolved, then the ownership of each nuke is up for grabs. I would guess “Possession” is 9/10ths of the law. If so, then each state that has nukes in it, now becomes the owner. Gee, this is just what happened in Ukraine when the Soviet Union (corporation) collapsed. Ukraine became the 3rd largest nuclear power in the world. Oops!

On The Brink Of World War 3: Here Are 5 Major Developments Within The Last 48 Hours…

Comment – When it happens, it will happen fast. I do suggest you prepare. When the lights go out is a really bad time to go shopping for 1 year of supplies.

Peace Is About To Be Taken From The Earth, And World War 3 Could Literally Start At Any Moment

Comment – Peace? What Peace? We have been at consistent war for over 100 years. This is just bringing it to our shores!

Pentagon Fears Turkey To Retaliate Against US Troops In Syria Over New Sanctions

Comment – So tell me one more time why we are in Syria? To overthrow a ruthless dictator that has 90% approval rating of his people. So we – the US – have killed millions of people and our own troops to remove a guy our puppet masters do not like? All in the name of Democracy?

Why is it that a group of Bankers in the EU has sanctioned Syria – because of a dictator? Is anyone sanctioning Zimbabwe? No! Why is that? Because they have jack-sewage to steal!

The Golan Heights of Syria has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. And guess what – a small NJ company named Genie Oil has been given the rights by Israel to develop it (except Israel doesn’t have that right under international law).

And who owns Genie Oil – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genie_Energy . The very people that sent us to war in the Middle East. Surprise surprise! And if you criticize this you are an anti-Semite.

An Oak Tree and a Rope for the Oil traitors, only once the Hanging Judge agrees.

Pentagon Sends 2,100 More Troops To Southern Border

Comment – Good idea, stop the invasion.

Pentagon To Send 500 Troops To Saudi Arabia

Comment – now why would they want to do that? Hopefully to remove the dictators – oops I meant Royal Family!  And BTW – how come the Royal Family where the only plane allowed to leave after 911?

Pirate Nation: Why Britain Hijacked Iranian Ship On Behalf Of Washington

Comment – The Queen and the Rothschilds proclaim Assad is a Dictator so they can steal the Golan Heights oil and give it to the puppet state of Israel ( Balfour Declaration ). They need to start a war with Iran so Israel gets all of the Middle East. So the Brits steal an Iranian oil ship and blame it on Iran violating sanctions against the bad bad Syrian Dictator. It is that simple. It is the 21st Century version of laying siege to a city, just using made-up laws. To the victor goes the soils!

Did you not play the game of Risk when a child?

Plans to ‘hack Earth’s weather’ could start World War 3

Comment – How ridiculous is that? We all know (according to Democratic leadership) weather is caused by farting cows! To think anybody could control the weather is absurd and a Conspiracy Theory. And we all know those do not exist because the CIA told us so just after JFK was taken out. Coincidence?

And our beloved President LBJ (who coincidentally followed JFK) who lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident leading to the deaths of 55,000 Americans tells us clearly in 1962 “he who controls the weather will control the world”

Do you think the Military Industrial Complex has been playing Tiddlywinks the last 80 years?

You know, these guys that Eisenhower warned about. Ike

“Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.”

Oh crap, my 6 paragraphs where up pages ago – so much for “an alert and knowledgeable citizenry”!

This String Of Current Events Prove We Are Living In Truly Perilous Times

Comment – This is the Dunning-Kruger article of the week. It is a must read. The events we are seeing fit the Soviet military doctrine of “Gray Terror”. (Most Americans can not differentiate between Soviet and Russian – see the definition of Dunning-Kruger why)

Let us be clear – all major countries have a doctrine of Grey Terror. If you think we are innocent just review South America during the 70’s and 80’s.

While we have to be on guard with reference to Russian and Chinese activities, let us be aware of a possible 5th column. Who started the Bolshevik Revolution, WW I, WW II? And it is pretty evident that neither the Russians nor Chinese did 911, so who did?

If you think it was 19 Muslim hijackers with box-cutters who took down the worlds most powerful military then you truly are a Dunning-Kruger idiot.

Philippine President Invokes US Mutual Defense Treaty; Demands Naval War with China over Spratly Islands

Comment – With respect for the Philippine President, we do not want to cause the extinction of the human race over a few islands.

US “Nuke-Sniffer” Plane over Persian Gulf

Comment – Not a good sign when the bring in the nuke hound dogs!

But while the “Nuke Sniffer” is there:

1) could it sniff out over Syria because a couple of those “explosions” around Aleppo looked a little suspiciously like tactical nukes, but that would have been our side.

2) Could that nuke dog run over Israel and Dimona. The Israelis never signed the International Nuclear Treaty. Technically if they have nukes and did not sign the treaty then it is illegal for the US to give them money. That would mean that the estimated $60 billion a year they receive for free, would have to be returned (plus interest).

Or maybe America could put a lean on their lands. I am sure God would understand, while it may be he said these are Israel’s land, Moses also had these commandments from God that you can not steal no matter how clever you are Bibi.

3) If this nuke dog has a great nose, can it run over the Mesopotamia region and see if a nuke war was detected about 14,000 years ago. If yes, that would clear up a “Lot” in history (no pun intended).

Gray Swan – Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)

Another Three Russian Nuclear Reactors Offline After Short-circuit Malfunction at Power Plant

Comment – Always the warm & fuzzies when a nuke reactor shuts down, better yet 3. Oh wait, this was the 2nd time this week! Tell me again why we need to boil water with nuclear energy!

You have to love the Russians! The 3 reactors where un-plugged! I could see it now – “Sergi, reactors overheat, pull plug quick!”

And now the Gremlins can read Russian! Just dandy, polyglot electrical deviants!

So once upon a time there was this species known as the Humans. They either accidentally or deliberately irradiated themselves into extinction. Rumors were it was to make coffee and tea. The End.

State of emergency declared in Wisconsin today after electrical fires

Comment – It looks also like the Gremlins that enjoy aged Wisconsin cheddar!

A “State of Emergency” for only a couple of substation fires? What do you think will happen when an EMP takes out half or all of the country? The Governor better have a lot of cheddar on hand because it does not need refrigeration.

Major Gas Pipeline In Syria Knocked Offline In Mysterious ‘Sabotage Attack’

Comment – Mysterious? The Gremlins are jet-setters traveling the globe.

Gray Swan – Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)

EU’s GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage

Comment – Another mysterious outage? Must be space Gremlins! So now we know the GPS system can go down, and even better, we don’t know why! How long would it have to be down to create chaos in the JIT system?

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

The Quake To Make Los Angeles A Radioactive Dead Zone

Comment – And what happens to food production in that region. Not many know that when Chernobyl happened local farmers tried to unload the polluted produce on other countries. Can you tell if your vegetables have been exposed to radioactivity?

BTW –  Chernobyl means Wormwood in Russian.

 Magnitude 4.3 earthquake widely felt around San Francisco Bay Area

Comment – The following are a list of articles of tectonic activity around the world. Do you see the exponential increase? Notice nobody is telling us about this.

Seattle major earthquake fault threats

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal

Bali earthquake: Tourists are evacuated from their hotels in Seminyak

Cold lahar damages villages at Sinabung volcano, Indonesia in videos

Large earthquakes rock Indonesia, Western Australia

Pacific Ring continues to fire: A magnitude 6.4 rocks Papua New Guinea

The flurry of powerful earthquakes continue, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 rocks Indonesia

Italy′s Etna volcano erupts on Sicily, disrupting flights

Violent eruption of Ubinas volcano in Peru pictures and videos

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

Crisis Expands As Millions Of Americans In 43 States Are Exposed To Toxic Chemicals

Comment – What part of our food and water supply is polluted?

“Due To A Poor Harvest Season, We’re Experiencing Shortages On Many Canned Vegetable Items”

Comment – The early signs are showing up.

US Beekeepers Lost 40% Of Honeybee Colonies Last Year

Comment – We are loosing our pollinators, and this is a catastrophe.

 50 percent of early Okanagan cherry crops damaged by rain

Comment – We are loosing World and American food production as death from 1,000 cuts.

Cosmic “Perfect Storm” cause Rising Food Prices

Comment – This was also listed under Credit Collapse, but it is also World Food Production Collapse.

Marshall Islands have higher levels of radiation than Chernobyl

Comment – Another location of radiation pouring into our oceans and effecting our food supply.

Gray Swan – Trucking Industry Collapse

 Noel Perry Warns of More Shutdowns After LME Padlocks Doors

Comment – Don’t worry, the Dunning-Kruger clan will figure it out when there Amazon packages stop arriving.

Trucking BLOODBATH: 2,500 Truckers Have Lost Their Jobs So Far In 2019

Comment – Let us see – farming is collapsing, trucking is collapsing, and veterans are being ignored. So what do we need you for?

J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms

Just in Time (JIT)  Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

DOC (12 Pages):  American Gray Swans – Week 29 – “Dunning – Kruger”

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