Daniel Pinchbeck: The Occult Control System – extraterrestrials, UFOs, Other Energy Dimensions, and Future Timelines….

Extraterrestial Intelligence
Daniel Pinchbeck

Announcing a New Little Book!

All of a sudden, the mainstream media has turned its focus on the subject of UFOs, a global phenomenon they have derided and dismissed until now. The tone has shifted drastically in recent articles in The New York Times (“‘Wow, What Is That?’ Navy Pilots Report Unexplained Flying Objects”) and Washington Post (“UFOs Exist and Everyone Needs to Adjust to that Fact”), partly due to ‘Unidentified’, a new series on the History Channel. The series exhaustively chronicles military encounters with what appear to be diverse alien craft.

The Times reports on myriad anomalies encountered by pilots as recently as 2015, including an object akin to a “spinning top moving against the wind” and another “like a sphere encasing a cube.” These objects accelerate to hypersonic speeds, make sudden stops and instantaneous turns with no visible engine or exhaust plumes. For some conspiracy theorists, the new spate of articles suggests we are approaching a threshold of disclosure – the long-awaited release of withheld information on UFOs and ETs. Others suspect that this partial disclosure is orchestrated by intelligence agencies whose motives remain opaque and unclear.

The alien question fascinates me. In 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, I wrote at length about alien abductions and crop circles, another complex subject that the mainstream media routinely dismisses and ridicules. I have taken the new spate of media attention as an opportunity to advance my thinking on this edgy area. The result is a 50-page essay that explores the phenomena through a multi-dimensional lens, integrating ideas from thinkers as diverse as Richard Dolan, Patrick Harpur, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Carl Jung, Lisa Renee, Rudolf Steiner, and many more.

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The Occult Control System: UFOs, aliens, other dimensions, and future timelines is also a thrilling departure for me because it is an entirely self-published work, available through Amazon on Kindle, and soon as a print-on-demand paperback. I really hope that you will snag a copy and give it a read, then let me know what you think. I am eager to contribute to the cultural discussion around this subject, because I believe we need to develop a conceptual and philosophical approach as well as a narrative to make sense of it. Before I published my first book, Breaking Open the Head (2002), psychedelics were similarly a taboo topic in mainstream society. Now they are being integrated in extraordinary new ways. When something is unfathomable, people lack the capacity to see it or think about it. I hope this essay begins to create a new framework for conceiving of this global phenomenon, which seems to be coming closer to us with time.

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