Mongoose: 5G Genocide – Ecocide Law Suit Gains Traction

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This legal case against the FCC offers us an unparalleled chance of stopping 5G in its tracks.

The Irregulators, a team of senior telecom experts, are exposing in court the illegal accounting scheme to replace wired networks with wireless and make us pay for it!
EON overview:

The Background
  1. Verizon, AT&T and other companies have illegally been using the construction budgets of the copper wireline-based (landlines) state telecommunications utilities to build out their wireless networks.
  2. Local phone customers have been charged inflated rates that have paid to help telecom companies build their networks — so that rate payers have been unknowingly subsidizing wireless services at the detriment of wired networks.  Landlines offer better sound quality and more reliability in emergencies such as fires and storms and are essential service for elders.  Landlines do not have the health and cyber risks of wireless communications.

  3. If these “cross subsidies” were removed — or repaid –“ then 5G would not be profitable.

  4. This shell game has given wireless companies enormous profits and has shown artificial losses for wired services. This has allowedtelecoms to classify wired networks as unprofitable, to justify eliminating the superior copper-wired service and to force us into entirely wireless service!

  5. The telecoms have already charged rate payers (at thousands of dollars/line over two decades), to develop a fiber optic service, but didn't deliver it to us as promised. Now they are attempting to charge us again for it but only giving us wireless service.
  6. Almost all these inaccurate and misleading financial practices were enabled by the FCC accounting rules.
  7. Exposing these “cross subsidies” and requiring the FCC to demand that telecom carriers fix them to accurately reflect the actual costs associated with each respective technology, could be a game changer.
  8. To add insult to injury, the companies have dumped billions per state of their “corporate operations expenses” that should never have been charged. This is the executive pay, lobbyists, lawyers, golf tournaments and the corporate jets — and worse, these are the lawyers, lobbyists that are working to force 5G on us — we're paying them extra to harm us!
The IrregulatorsAn independent consortium of highly regarded senior telecom experts, analysts, forensic auditors, and lawyers was formed to make the public aware of these manipulative accounting practices and take the FCC to task for allowing them at our expense.

The group's goal is to stop the practice of these subsidies and make wireless companies pay for the true cost of wireless, including the WIRED fiber optic networks which they rely on and have already been charging customers for, for two decades.

On June 3rd, 2019, the IRREGULATORS had a major victory when the FCC had the opportunity to but did not challenge their right to take this case and present it in the DC court, starting July 22nd, 2019. With this huge “win” behind them, now the group urgently needs financial support to take the case to trial and hold the FCC accountable for oversight

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