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Sunday, 7 Jul 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. John Kasich is gaining traction with the possibility of a primary challenge to Donald Trump, and somewhat correctly pointing out that the GOP is stumbling around without a holistic strategy (or any strategy) for creating peace and prosperity for all. Al Jazeera is calling it for Trump, pointing out that Harris is now sleeping with the people she used to prosecute (Wells Fargo, among others). Scaramucci is predicting a 40 state landslide, we are not so sure.  The President has not fulfilled key promises including arrests and 9/11 disclosure and withdrawal from foreign wars  BUT the President has the power to get it all done in  time, and on top of his phenemenal — PHENOMENAL — economic initiatives, we will agree with Scaramucci IF IF IF the President pivots back to a politics of love at home. AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, waitress-actress selected for the role of Congresswoman) is rapidly becoming the Democratic Clown Princess.  Her lies about the border situation, including her fake photo op where she wailed and cried while looking at an empty parking lot, are now placing everything she says in question.  This is not a serious person — welcome to the post-Pelosi Democratic Party. Marianne Williamson lurks in the wings and has been brought to the attention of the First Lady and Kellyanne Conway as a potential transpartisan transformative figure, along with Tomi Lahren and George Will.

Budget Busters.

Candidates. The President has three things going for him: the economy, the Democratic clown show (less Marianne Williamson), and money. We want more. We want him to fulfill all of his promises, particularly on leaving the Middle East and 9/11 disclosure and we want him to pay attention to George Will, appoint two more very conservative activist judges who will strike down laws such as those making it a felony to call for a boycott on Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel (which is now rejected by most Jews). We want to see more of the First Lady and we want the President to embrace the politics of love as well as the politics of sass represented by Marianne Williamson and Tomo Lahren. Florida and Texas are both at risk. 

Kamela Harris, the wealthest Democratic candidate not counting Joe Biden and his crooked son, is clearly emerging as the Deep State favorite. Throw in a gay vice president who supports the transgenderization of children and this will be the end of the Democratic Party.

Marianne Williamson makes the next debate.  IN MEMORY: Barbara Marx Hubbard, the other woman nominated to be VP when Geraldine Ferraro was noticed — Hubbard was the better of the two.

Demographics. The Democrats are desperately mobilizing, and since 17% of the eligible voters are Democratic, only 13% Republican, this matters. If the President does NOT send his First Daughter out as a surrogate to the Democrats (she is one), and ignores the swing vote, he risks the accidental election of the liberal dream ticket: a black open borders prosecutor who has now sold out to the Deep State, and a gay man that does not believe in family values. Black voters can still be won by the President, but he needs to do much much more — Democrats are NOT testing well.  The free ride on the shoulders of blacks taken for granted is over.

The census question on citizenship is a MUST HAVE and we anticipate the Supreme Court will agree once it is properly presented. California will lose four House seats once we stop counting illegal immigrants and foreigners as part of how we allocate Congressional Districts.  This matters greatly. The ACLU is full of shit on this one — citizenship is at the heart of the Republic, and to not count and define citizens (and sexuality) is at the heart of restoring America the Beautiful.

Latinos for Trump were worried in June, they are worried now.  The President is not paying attention to core demographics beyond the base.

Down-Ticket Impact. State elections matter. The President should be leading the charge against every governor and state legislator that signed into law — 27 states — the end of free speech in relation to Zionist genocidal apartheid Israel. Whether the President likes it or not, 2020 is going to be about 9/11, Zionist control of Congress and state legislatures, and the Constitution. If he fails to lead, he  risks the emergency of a centrist Constitutionalist contender who can qualify for the Republican primaries and field a split ticket and coalition cabinet with 12 promises to America. Put another way, the President has to restore integrity to the GOP at both the national and state levels. Veterans could help, we have 22 million of them ready to roll IF IF IF the President will honor his promises to extract us from all of our elective foreign wars and put a lid on the craven Zionists he has empowered in DC.

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Fake News/Election Interference. Facebook along with Google and Twitter are the big dogs in election interference, with the Zionists (the Anti-Defamation League) as the chief enforcer of censorship, poll and search manipulation, and digital assassination of conservatives. Trump has no alternative but to take down Big Tech before the election, and put the Zionists on notice that they will no longer control the US economy, government, or society.


Issues. The President can and should play to his base, but the rest of America does not want the election to be about him, but rather about Making America Great Again.  Can the Narcissist-in-Chief let performance speak for itself?

On immigration President is clearly winning, Mexico has deported 33% more migrants after deal to avoid Trump tariffs, he has clearly figured out out to get other countries to pay attention after their being able to ignore prior presidents.

The economy is very strong at the macro level, but not at the micro level.

Technology. Higher Ground Labs planned undeclared illegal contributions to election manipulation by mobiling millenial mobile phone software. Trump will spend heavily on both mainstream and social media advertising — reaching beyond his base.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. There is no more critical question in relation to voter fraud than the counting of illegal aliens and visiting foreigners as if they were eligible voters.  The President is moving forward with the census question, California will lose four House seats in 2024 as a result.

Zionist Influence on USA.

A Zionist Minister has the temerity to brag in NYC that the Zionists control 27 US states in outlawing freedom of speech with respect to Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel, and they appear to be the controlling element at the national level as well.  Time for a purge. Zionism is not Judaism. Most Jews are now repudiating Israel's genocide and apartheid status, its war-mongering based on lies against Iran, and its constant interference in US national policy.


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Down-Ticket Impact.

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Election Reform/Electoral College.

Fake News/Election Interference.

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