Majestic 12: Message of Disclosure [extraterrestrial & Pedophilia]

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence

A Majestic Message of Disclosure Florida's Broward County and Palm Beach County play a critical role in one of the CIA's MAJESTIC operations that included the following aspects all intermingled into one operation (to maintain secrecy):

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Bill Binney and I will be speakers at the 23-25 August 2019 event, Dimensions of Disclosure. While extraterrestrial is not part of my primary streams which are Open Source Everything, #UNRIG Election Reform, and Pedophilia Eradication (inclusive of Satanic Ritual Abuse and murderous pedophilia), this stream tracks with which I believe.  My larger list of items to be covered in my plenary speech, “What would a Full Disclosure Government Look LIke?” can be seen below.  I believe that Donald Trump will be re-elected IF IF IF he stops ignoring that portion of his base angry over unfilled promises including 9/11 disclosure and extraction from all foreign wars AND AND AND he pays more respect to Blacks, Latinos, Women, and Veterans. We veterans to not want mealy mouthed “thank you for your service” because many of us are ashamed of having served the Empire is genocidal wars based on lies that are nothing more than a profit center for banks and the military-industrial complex, and in service to Zionist genocidal apartheid criminal Israel, which is bragging that they own 27 states and most of Congress.  I do have confidence in the President.  ET/UFO disclosure's most important aspect will be the revelation of free energy, anti-gravity propulsion, and life-extending technologies; hopefully it will also include a plan to eradicate all toxins we have allowed into our air, land, sea, and food under the mantle of Deep State fascist capitalism. If he were to add a debt jubillee, #UNRIG election reform in time for 2022, and a national jobs retraining program as well as opening up (giving back) two thirds of the land stolen from states by the Federal “park” authority, it would be game over — greatest President ever, America the Beautiful reinstated.

If you have an open mind, please do try to attend Dimension of Disclosure.

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