Event: Ron Paul in DC Anti-War Conference 24 August Dulles Marriott


Breaking Washington's Addiction to War

August 24th, 2019

Dulles Airport Marriott, Dulles, VA

Confirmed speakers below the fold; additional high-profile speakers to be added.

Daniel McAdams – (Ron Paul Institute Director) – Non-interventionism…or “sometimes-interventionism?”

Fmr. US Rep. John Duncan, Jr. – An Antiwar Conservative.

Nathan Goodman (George Mason University) – The economic costs of US empire.

Rick Sanchez – (RT America news anchor, former CNN) – Lies: The dismal state of mainstream media in the US.

Larry C. Johnson (former CIA officer) – The myth of Russian interference.

Col. Douglas Macgregor – (Retired highly-decorated combat officer and frequent guest on Tucker Carlson show) – The insanity of neocon Iran war plans.

David Stockman – (Former US Congressman and Reagan Administration Director of Management and Budget). NATO? No!

Lew Rockwell, Founder of the Mises Institute and LewRockwell.com

Ron Paul – Keynote.

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ROBERT STEELE: Our President, while achieving some enormous gains against all resistance, has lost perhaps 20% of his base — and most especially his base in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas — for failing to fulfil his promise to get us out of the Middle East and disclose 9/11.  If I were not myself across the country speaking for Dimensions of Disclosure on the same day, I would be at this event — I attended the last one, the venue is great with excellent parking — and recommend it to one and all. Our addition to war is rooted in Zionist bribery and blackmail of most of our Members of Congress, most broadcast media personalities, and many — not all — of our senior executives, 10% of whom hold dual US-Israeli citizenship and should be considered undeclared agents of a foreign power. Epstein is the pimple on the ass  of the Zionist donkey. I believe our President has no alternative but to make Zionist control of our economy, government, and society — and #UNRIG Unity through Integrity election reform act — the twin pillars of his re-election run. If he fails to do this, he opens the way for an authentic Democratic to put together a coalition with Libertarians and Independents that will limit him to one turn.  I want our President to be re-elected but I am very concerned about the degree to which he continues to appear to be a puppet of the invented genocidal, apartheid, criminal state of Zionist Israel.

NON-NEGOTIABLE DEMAND #1:  America First, not Israel First.

NON-NEGOTIABLE DEMAND #2: Commit to #UNRIG in time for 2022.

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