J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week to 17 Jul 2019

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American Gray Swans – Week 28 – Lights Out NYC

What incredible timing. I have been writing about how a cyber attack can easily take out America’s electric grid, and I guess a guardian angel provided an example. Parts of Manhattan went down a few days ago. My sources tell me this may have been a cyber attack. Could it have been a Beta Test, or a warning? Coincidence that just last month the NYT reported the US was attacking Russia’s electric grid?

Of course the authorities can not tell you it was a cyber attack, as that would raise far too many questions which would lead to the realization that – “Our Grid is Totally Unprotected”. And most Americans are simply oblivious that the new 21st century warfare is electronic.  Unless of course it is the evil Russians – who a few years ago turned off Ukraine. Or the Israelis who turned off Yemen. Not to mention someone turned off Venezuela in March (hint – who is mad at them). Oh, and I forgot Argentina in June. But as long as Starbucks works, we are ok. What! Starbucks in Manhattan stopped working – where is my safe room?

This reminds me of the ending of “Atlas Shrugged” – the electricity went out in NYC and the whole country shut down with a transportation collapse. Coincidence? Is that what John Todd said. And isn’t it a little suspicious that the statue of Atlas Shrugging is right at Rockefeller Plaza? Who is John Galt anyway?

Just a little Gray Swan review as it is gaining in readership. Nicholas Taleb’s famous concept that a Black Swan is an unpredictable event that is catastrophic when it shows up. So a Gray Swan is a predictable event that is catastrophic. As example – we will get an Event  that will shut down our electric grid – it is simply a matter of time. That will create a “Cause and Effect” that shuts down our Just in Time (JIT) Delivery system which therefore stops food delivery, and that is a catastrophe. This is not rocket science. If food delivery stops for approximately 2 weeks then the majority of America runs out of food. Try it sometime and see what you will do around the 2 week mark without food! What do you think NYC would be like after 2 weeks with no electricity, water, food, nor sanitation, and of course – No Starbucks?

There are at least 13 ways that our JIT system can be shut down. These are all predictable – ie Gray Swans. Some are guaranteed. Some can happen from our enemies. Some can happen from Mother Nature. Some can happen by accident. This weekly article shows just a few of the news articles from only this week that support each Gray Swan. Just 1 week!

So do we create the solutions before the Gray Swans arrive? Or wait for the catastrophe and chaos?

Art – give me “Gray Swan Solutions” for $100. Double Jeopardy! Question – What must we do before the Gray Swans Arrive? Answer – What is “Create Massive amounts of Sustainable Farms so we can eat! Don Pardo – what do we have for our winner. Well Art – we have survival! Yes, food so his family can eat while the rest of Americans stand in line!

Gray Swan – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology

Nasa – Massive Solar Flare CME , EMP will hit the earth

Comment – here is a nice short video on EMPs and effects.

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

30% Of The Companies In The Russell Are Unprofitable

Comment – at what percentage of companies not creating a profit does the system collapse?

 A Third Of All European IG Bonds Have Negative Yields

Comment – at what percentage of Bonds creating negative yields does the system collapse?

China (Officially) Buys Gold For 7th Straight Month As Treasury Holdings Tumble

Comment – so the Chinese are dumping our treasuries and buying Gold. Gee, I wonder why!

Dexia & Deutsche Bank – A Tale Of Two “Bad” Banks

Comment – Let us ignore that the largest European bank is on life support.

“The Deutsche Bank As You Know It Is No More”: DB Exits Global Equities In $8.4 Billion Overhaul, To Fire Thousands

Comment – or maybe died and is being resurrected like Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Dollar Will Be Sliced in Half – Bill Holter & Jim Sinclair

Comment – these are some very smart guys. Jim Sinclair is “Mr. Gold”. We can endure a currency revaluation, but it will be painful. We can not endure a collapse of the Credit System. Presently our entire commercial system runs on Credit. It would be painful and damaging if the stock market collapses, or if auto sales collapse, or if housing collapse – but if food production and distribution collapses – it is civil war.

Epstein Case Could Shake Global Confidence – Martin Armstrong

Comment – Armstrong is another really smart guy. The Fiat Monetary system is held together with “Confidence”, not to mention lies, distortion, and illegal accounting. The Epstein case is shaking the credibility of all Western Governments and the Royal Houses. I think I see the torches being lit.

Michael Hudson: De-Dollarizing The American Financial Empire

Comment – we are getting a lot of smart guys this week.

Peak Scarcity: Top Supply Shocks That Humanity Isn’t Prepared For

Comment – Heart be still! Humanity not prepared? Come on, be serious, Starbucks has unlimited coffee! I know because my Alexa told me. That was right after she said “I’ll Be Back” in a heavy Austrian accent!

Poland joins Hungary with Huge Gold Purchase and Repatriation

Comment – So the Poles and Hungarians buy more gold and repatriate what they have, and we Americans can not seem to audit what we have, better yet buy more? Let us totally ignore the rumors that Fort Knox was emptied during the Clinton/Rubin administration. After all we should trust Rubin – the x-CEO of Goldman, and Bill – the winner of the most frequent flyer miles on the Lolita Express. What is not to trust?

Retail Apocalypse: 12,000 Stores Are Forecasted To Close This Year

Comment – don’t worry, there won’t be any goods anyway because the JIT system will collapse. Until then, Amazon will deliver to your door for free.

Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Sales Collapse In 2019, No Bottom Until 1Q20?

Comment – could semiconductor sales be related to computer and smart phone sales?

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)


Comment – Bingo! Now what happens if somebody is able to take Manhattan and the Financial Center down for a month or two or twelve? The classic opinion of the American armchair captains of the Titanic – That will never happen!  Did you think Hunger Games was just a movie? How about Escape from New York?

Manhattan Goes Dark: Major Power Outage Hits NYC On Anniversary Of 1977 Great Blackout

Comment – so what are the odds that a black out happens exactly 42 years to the day? Still believe in the Tooth Fairy? Of course 2 airplanes can collapse 3 steel span buildings.

Senate passes cybersecurity bill

Comment – Convenient timing. At least the Senate is taking action. But the 600 lb Gorilla is – we can never be 100% safe from a cyber attack, nor electricity failure. There is one and only one solution going into the 21st Century – and that is Food Security created by a diverse system of locally owned Sustainable Farms.

Gray Swan – Pandemic (Human & Animal)

Cholera Rips Through War-Torn Yemen: Nears 500,000 Cases In 2019

Comment – Los Angeles has some competition.  Of course it does not help that Israel turned off the electricity.

A deadly brain-eating amoeba in Louisiana’s drinking water

Comment – although yet to be confirmed, I am pretty sure the leaders of the Democratic Party drank the amoeba tainted kool-aid also. It is the only explanation! Of course that assumes they had a brain to begin with. Yup – farting cows are causing Global Warming! Definitely brain dead.

Three more health workers infected in Ebola outbreak

Comment – That is a big Red Flag. Nobody is coming to help if they die also.

Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

 Australian government pays Al Gore $320k to conduct climate training as rare snowfall hits

Comment – What was that famous saying? Oh right – Follow the Money! And whose money was that? The Taxpayers! And how will they get more to pay Big Al next time – create new taxes. And what do the Globalists want to do? Put in a Global Carbon Tax! What a coincidence. I think we need to send Big Al to an iceberg with starving polar bears. It would solve 2 problems.

Bombshell Claim: Scientists Find “Man-made Climate Change Doesn’t Exist In Practice”

Comment – I am shocked! And the scientists also said that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, it is vise-versa. The Vatican quickly condemned the heretic scientists to death by burning them at the cross for ruining their tax plan. Some things never change. Meanwhile Al Gore has been suggested for Sainthood – although he is short some of the necessary donation funds as Tipper got half. Follow the money, and all roads lead to Rome!

 Calgary was hit by a huge hailstorm last night

Comment – we better change our Food Production paradigm or we will be eating ice balls … or maybe manna (see above).

Mississippi River Hold Back “Hurricane Barry” Emergency: Martial Law To Be Declared

Comment – Infrastructure designed to handle 200 year storms does not work when there are 1,000 year storms. It must be the brain eating amoeba!

Cortez & Sanders propose a bill to declare climate a national emergency

Comment – I was right on 2 accounts. 1) Man-made Climate change is about taxation and control! Honestly, if the weather is changing what can money do to solve it? And notice, nobody discusses the Sun – that big fireball in the sky! 2) The brain eating amoebas have gotten to the Democratic leaders.

Flash flood emergency for DC as wall of storms causes widespread flooding

Comment – that is one way to drain the swamp – flood it. Although it may take a storm of Biblical proportions to get rid of these swamp creatures and I am not sure we want the 40 days and 40 nights. A rope and an oak tree works just fine, as long as the hanging Judge agrees.

Nearly a month’s worth of rain in 1 hour triggers travel nightmare in DC area

Comment – these are what we call 1,000 year storms. For some reason the drainage system was not designed for 1 month of rain in 1 hour.

 Food Shortage Warnings Begin As Tropical Storm Barry Rips Through America’s Heartland

Comment – Food shortages caused by weather events – what a novel concept! Wait till the volcanoes start erupting in mass.

France plans ‘eco-tax’ for air fares

Comment – see any evidence it is about control and taxation? Do you actually think 180 million Euros will do anything? Especially when Big Al gets 1/3rd of a million just for speaking. Just a tad of hypocrisy! And did the voters agree to the tax? Notice there is no Eco Tax on the hundreds of private jets that fly to Davos to discuss “man-made climate change”. It is all BS. The Elite should worry, there is going to be a Rope Usage Tax.

Torrential flooding in Spain’s Navarre leaves one dead and towns under water

Comment – If it was farting cows, wouldn’t the running of the bulls cause local rainstorms? World weather is changing, and so is food production, and it is linked to the Sun.

Parts of New Orleans Face Voluntary Evacuations

Comment – I like that phrase “Voluntary Evacuation”. You mean smart enough to leave and survive! It does seem like we have a massive shortage of common sense in America. Now as a geologist, I just want to point out that these people chose to live in the delta of the largest river in America. Some of us call that a “Flood Zone”.

Putin travels to Siberia as floods turn deadly

Comment – It was the Russians! Oh wait, it is happening in Russia too! And they don’t have a lot of cows. Could it be the Sun?

FYI – And Putin gives away land for free to anybody that will farm it. What a concept! Our congress uses the alphabet agencies to steal land from American farmers and sell it to foreigners – can you say Harry Reid and Hillary? No wonder they made hemp illegal to grow because it makes good rope! I just have one word – Perlon!

Record cold in Brazil

Comment – record cold and snow! Now they do have a lot of cows, so where is the methane?

Greece storm: Seven killed in Halkidiki area popular with tourists

Comment – does anybody else see death & destruction around the world caused by weather?

Deadly Flash Floods Hit Pennsylvania

Comment – This will continue to happen, so if you are in a low zone by rivers that have never flooded – possibly consider moving to higher ground.

Wandan mud volcano erupts again on Pingtung County farmland

Comment – “Farmers expressed the hope that the government would set up a system of subsidies for farmers affected by the eruptions.” There is not enough money in the world to solve what is coming.

What’s Coming Will Shake Us to the Core!

Comment – And here is what is coming! Highly recommend reading DeByne’s book “Climate Revolution” – that is if you care about eating.

What Causes A Volcanic Winter?

Comment – A better question – what are the “Effects” of a Volcanic Winter? Sun blocking, crop failure, then famine – and Civil War. Read French History. Does anybody see an exponential rise in world volcanic activity?

China’s Flood Season: Total Losses Exceed $7.7 Billion — 20 Million People Affected

Comment – 20 million people affected. Do you think there will be a fight for food? Gee – why are we selling our prime farmland to China?

Gray Swan – Civil War

Deranged Leftists prove they hate America by claiming Betsy Ross flag is same as Nazi symbol

Comment – more evidence of brain eating amoebas. As I have said, there are groups trying to start a Civil War.


Comment – see any signs of society collapse?

Diversity And Multiculturalism Are The Weapons Being Used To Destroy Freedom And America

Comment – and even the Dalai Llama is saying it!

Home to Be Confiscated Over Unmown Lawn

Comment – Jefferson said – “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”. I wonder if we need Town Council Approval to grow the tree, and what the application fee would be?

The Next American Revolution – Freedom from Zionist Genocidal Apartheid Criminal Israel

Comment – here is an interesting opinion. Doesn’t Jack know it is illegal to criticize Israel?

Long Island police warn MS-13 is moving out of wooded areas

Comment – you would think it easy to spot these guys. Their faces look like the tattoo artist was high on meth. I pointed out a few Gray Swans ago, it takes less that 30 semi-trained people to take down our electric grid and we have an estimated 15,000 of these guys in the States. MS-13

And what political party protects these guys? I would guess they all claimed political asylum!

Minnesota City Meeting Erupts in ‘USA’ Chants After Pledge of Allegiance Canceled

Comment – Oak tree and some rope. I am sure this would help them have a paradigm shift in their thinking.

Ship Seized In Record $1.3 Billion Cocaine Bust Belongs To JPMorgan

Comment – Oh my god, who would have thought! But they do have to keep their NYC brokers working hard.

Of course most Americans do not know where HSCB got its start! Surprise surprise!

The Western World Is Finished: Over and Done With

Comment – As long as we are still floating this ship is salvageable.  Somebody famous said “I have just begun to fight” – but I am not sure who said it because it is not taught in Common Core. Press 2 for English!

This Extensive List Of Bill And Hillary Clinton Connected And Democrat-Tied Sex Scandals And Sex Traffickers Including Mysterious Deaths

Comment – so why is it that any Americans should obey any laws when it is clear our leaders are exempt? Why do you think throughout history there were Peasant Revolts? Do you see any evidence of an Elite group extorting the system?

 VIDEO: Teens Allegedly Loot Walgreens in Downtown Philly

Comment – and guess what we see – a younger generation not obeying laws.

Gray Swan – World War III

“Playing With Fire”: China’s Military Warns US Over Taiwan Arms Sales

Comment – What could possibly go wrong! Didn’t somebody say something about “People that live in Glass Houses”?  Our JIT delivery system is a “Glass House” , and somehow I think the Chinese know that. All they have to do is collapse the JIT and our American Fat Lady starts singing. And she will not be fat for long.

Deep Underground Military Bases

Comment – Now why would they need these? Do they know something we do not? A better question – do you have a ticket? Better figure it out real quick.

Five armed Iranian boats attempt to storm British oil tanker in the Gulf

Comment – Not a very good idea, but understandable. It looks like the Brits are trying to start WW III. Give the Iranian boat back. It eerily reminds me of the song by The Clash – Londons Calling. Read the lyrics. War is declared, the ice age is coming, the Sun zooming in, meltdown expected, the wheat growing thin. Not bad for some punk rockers from 1979.

Gordon Duff: A Letter to President Trump about Satanic Zionist Influence — A Runaway Train

Comment – Uncle Gordy pens an accurate letter to Trump. Read it!

Could it be that the JIT system was set up to take America down? Whether it was, or was not, it is certainly positioned to do so.

Russia delivers missile system to Turkey in challenge to NATO

Comment – And the Chess Game plays out almost like it was written down … oh it was!

Russian Sailors “Averted Planetary Catastrophe” During Nuclear Submarine Accident

Comment – Is there something they are not telling us? A mini spy sub catches on fire off Alaska killing 14 Russian sailors – 7 of whom are Admirals and “Averted a Planetary Catastrophe”.

Somehow I don’t think they are talking about a sub nuke reactor at the bottom of the ocean as we have 3 China syndrome meltdowns at Fukushima that dwarf this that nobody discusses. And 7 Admirals on one tiny sub – what is that about?

U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin Officially Introduce Directed Energy Weapons Into Warfare

Comment – right on time to announce to us peasants 20 years or so after development. Looks like they need us to know now. I wonder why? Hey, what happened to Paradise?

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

3,000 earthquakes since July 4, and more big ones likely coming

Comments – there is no doubt the Big One is coming – so why are we not diversifying our food production?

The New Madrid Fault may take out 150 miles of the Midwest

Comment – if it takes out the bridges and pipelines the East Coast is in trouble.

6.9-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Indonesia, Tsunami Warning Issued

Comment – Anybody ever calculate what would happen if our East Coast was hit with a Tsunami?

California’s nuclear power plants built in close proximity to the San Andreas fault

Comment – so why exactly do we build Nuclear Power plants close to fault zones, down stream from dams, on the shore? Actually, why do we build them at all? That is easy to answer, it is not for the power – that is a cover story. It is for the bi-product – we need that for nuclear bombs.

Giant cracks in the ground fissure Mojave Desert after two major California earthquakes

Comment – more evidence of tectonic activity

Highly Unusual 9 Simultaneous Meteor Event*New Madrid Alert*Will The Levee’s Break?

Comment – understand that besides the damage caused by flooding – simply a huge amount of weight is placed over the New Madrid Fault during the flood period – ie a potential trigger event. The New Madrid will happen – we simply do not know when. If and when it goes, the transportation system across the Mississippi River will be severed. For the East Coast – the food production is on the other side.

Over 20 Years Ago, The Secretary Of Defense Warned Of Earthquake Weapons

Comment – Oh look – Secretary of Defense Cohen warned us 20 years ago about Earthquake Weapons. Gee, what would happen if the El Hierro volcano cone was set off by an enemy? Only the loss of the entire East Coast.

A mag 6.0 quake rocks Papua New Guinea: Southern Cal “swarmageddon” passes 10,000 quakes

Comment – more rocking & rolling

A mag 6.1 Japan, is the 38th straight major quake to rock the Pacific Ring Of Fire

Comment – does anybody see an exponential increase in Earthquakes?

July’s incredible uptick in volcano activity continues: The Mexican colossus, Popocatépetl Volcano spews ash plume 24,000 ft

Comment – If that volcano explodes expect about 10 to 15 million people coming north – all of course requesting political asylum. Now that is a reason for a wall! It is almost like somebody has a Looking Glass.

The Large Earthquakes That We Just Witnessed Should Be Taken As A Warning By Everyone Still Living In California

Comment – forget the people in California. I have been warning my friends out there for years. They knew what risk they are taking. But for the rest of us we may loose 20 to 40% of our food production.

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

Wall Street banks are bailing on troubled American farmers amid US-China trade war

Comment – No Farmers = No Food. On the other hand,  No Wall Street Bankers = Peace, a drop in corruption, and a drop in Cocaine sales.

Food betrayal — don’t swallow the lies

Comment – a Great short Ted Talk. Henry Kissinger – “Control oil and you control Nations, control food and you control the People”. Hey, what a coincidence – our food is completely controlled!

Inside the Great Insect Die-Off

Comment – If we loose our insects (as annoying as some are) we loose a majority of pollinated food production.

Eighth dead whale washes up on B.C. coast

Comment – Could it be Fukushima? No, they would tell us if it was because they never lie!

Gray Swan – Trucking Industry Collapse

RS Truckers’ Fears Are At Recession-Level Highs As They Warn Of “Bloodbath” & Bankruptcy

Comment – just buy a pair of Nikes so you can jog to Wyoming for dinner. Make sure they are not the Betsy Ross Flag edition because you will be suspected as a White Supremacist no matter what color you are, and shot running through the “Gun Free Zone” known as Chicago.

Regional Truck Carrier LME “Suddenly & Abruptly” Shuts Doors, Ceases Operations

Comment – what trucking Armageddon? I see nothing!

J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms

Just in Time (JIT)  Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

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