J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week to 9 Jul 2019

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American Gray Swans – Week 27 – Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

I guess by now everybody has heard about the 2 large earthquakes (6.4 and 7.1) that happened this week in southern California. What is it about our species that ignores very real and tangible threats thinking they won’t happen?

As reported earlier in the Gray Swans we have an exponential rise worldwide in Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Sinkholes. We have a rift in Africa forming that looks to separate the continent in two. We have ocean areas where the sea simply disappeared for a few days and then returned. UV-A and UV-B are being measured at extreme levels. UV-C has been recorded for the first time reaching the Earth’s surface, and Cosmic Rays have increased by 13%. We have an increase in extreme weather and 1,000 year storms hitting almost weekly. The Earths wobble has increased as reported by the Inuit to Congress. These all indicate that something very big, dangerous, and damaging is happening. Do you think any of this will effect World Food Production?

And some of our politicians want us to believe it is man-made, farting cows, and their solution is to increase taxes and stop using energy. Also the UN and the Pope want to control all energy and water on Earth. Dam, that sounds like the ultimate control model being created by the Holy Roman Emperor. Coincidence? It couldn’t be the Sun, could it? How stupid are we?

Let us understand something – the Big One (as it is called) will happen. We simply do not know when. It is overdue.

A Solar EMP will happen. We simply do not know when. It is long overdue.

The new Madrid Earthquake will happen. We simply do not know when. It is also overdue.

The collapse of the Fiat Currency based world financial system will happen. We simply do not know when but many anticipate it shortly.

How do I know all this? Simple – it is called history. Doubting Thomases should read some sometime.

And when one happens, we are royally screwed. Our country is positioned for collapse and in many ways. Our politicians do nothing about it. Even worse, our politicians threaten to arrest us if we insult them or make fun of them. The Governor of Oregon even sent the State Police to arrest members of the state senate to fulfill her political “fake” Carbon Tax agenda. Many believe we are just 1 mistake away from a Civil War, and it looks like the political morons are trying as hard as possible to start it. And if Florida Congresswoman Wilson thinks “being made fun of” is a prosecutable offense, what is she going to think about standing in an unemployment line or in front of a Federal Judge herself? Any Pizza or Hot Dogs in Florida? Ask Debbie, I think she knows. I would ask you to ask Seth Rich, but he is dead. Good thing he passed all the emails to Wikileaks so all your names are known.

All of these Gray Swan events create “cause & effect” dominoes that quickly collapse our “Just in Time” (JIT) Delivery System. Food stops being delivered. We are the only country in the world that gets it’s food delivered (on average) 1,500 miles. When food stops being delivered to 320 million people who have more than 320 million guns then the Sewage Hits the Fan! In our country’s present positioning – this is guaranteed to happen. We simply do not know when.

Doubt that? Read history – the Soviet Union collapsed in 5 days leaving 300 million people without a currency, a government, and a delivery system. While devastating, they were extremely fortunate because they had a very diversified Food Production system giving them strong Food Security. All regional population centers where sustainable. Our situation is just the opposite. Our population centers are not sustainable. The vast majority of our country is “unsustainable” in food production. We do not have Food Security!

And for the moronic, bozo, imbecile, Democrats that blame everything on Russia, do you possibly think that President Putin is smart enough to realize this? One switch, just one switch and the microphones (along with our entire electric grid) are turned off for our yapping pompous parasitic politicians – both Republican and Democrat. And then it really may be the Russians. But let us not jump to conclusions, we still have the Chinese, North Koreans, Iranians, and those that did 911 that our Joint Chiefs and Politicians do not have the eggs (as the Russians say) to name and arrest them.

Instead of standing Butt Naked out in a field with our pants down around our feet just waiting for the inevitable bitch slap collapse of our world, maybe we need to get proactive and solve the issues. Some call that a solution – massive investment into locally controlled Sustainable Small Farms.

Gray Swan – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology

Next Generation Warfare: From EMP To CHAMP

Comment – The Tesla Technology exists. “Our heavy reliance on technology and it’s interconnectedness is unprecedented causing even just one major failure to have a cascading effect on the rest of our infrastructure. It is estimated millions would die and we would be back in the dark ages almost instantly.”

EMP Executive Order & Self-Funding Resilient Microgrids

Comment – “The new policy of the U.S. government is to “coordinate whole-of-government activities and encourage private sector engagement” to “protect against” the “effects of EMPs” that include space weather effects.”  You mean like signing a Presidential Executive Order that gives a competitive ROI for any investment into an EMP Sustainable Farm? Gee, that would be brilliant! To make sure we have food.

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

Blain: “Nothing Was Solved In Osaka – The US And China Remain On Collision Course”

Comment – I know, let us sell more of our prime farm land and food production to the Chinese, and continue not to prosecute acts of treason like Harry Reed and Hillary have committed – that way we are Royally Screwed! And they said the Dodo bird was stupid.

Carmageddon Continues: New Vehicle Sales Plunge To “Horribly Mature” 1999 Levels

Comment – When the Credit Market collapses so does the JIT system.

In “Radical Overhaul” 20,000 Deutsche Bankers Will Be Fired As “Bad Bank” Soars To €80BN, 5x DB’s Market Cap

Comment – But they said it wouldn’t happen and everything was fine!

Most Americans Can’t Afford to Pay Rent, Eat Food, Buy Stuff, or Get Sick

Comment – Maybe we don’t have to wait for the collapse, people can’t eat now. Want to take a bet how many of those people have guns and are pissed off!

Of Two Minds – America’s Concealed Crisis: Fifty Years of Economic Decline, 1969 to 2019

Comment – Economic Decline is one thing, no food and a famine is another.

America’s Record-Long “Expansion” Was Just The Rich Getting Richer As The Middle Class Died

Comment – No shit! Don’t worry – Let Them Eat Cake!

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)

The Biggest Cybersecurity Crises of 2019 So Far

Comment – Nothing can ever be 100% safe in the Cyber world, so let us not base our very existence on it. When the Internet goes down, the dominoes start falling, and Food stops being delivered. This is suicidal!

“Half The Internet Was Down”: Cloudflare Tanks Resulting in Millions of Websites Being Shut Down

Comment – I sure am glad it was just 50% of the Internet. Gee, do you think 100% is possible?

U.S. Government Makes Surprise Move To Secure Power Grid From Cyberattacks

Comment – Good, the Government is doing something! But this is for only Cyber Attacks, not EMPs. We have no protection installed for those.

Why a power grid attack is a nightmare scenario

Comment – At least someone is paying attention. Here is a short read on what to expect.

Gray Swan – Pandemic (Human & Animal)

Federal Government Quietly Started EBOLA Preparations Before Congo Migrant Invasion

Comment – Doesn’t this just fill you with the warm and fuzzies! The Government was preparing and not telling us. Kind of like the Deep Underground Military Bunkers (DUMBs) they have been preparing for years, but we are not invited.

Hepatitis A Statewide Community Outbreak

Comment – That is ok, we have 49 others. Besides there is a good supply of human livers coming from China.

Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

How the climate crisis will change your plate in 2050

Comment – Somehow I do not think we will get to 2050. Some estimates are that we will have a 70% drop in World Food Production by 2030. Do you think we need to start preparing now?

Freak hail storm strikes Mexican city of Guadalajara

Comment – Yup – farting cows causes this. If this is the beginning, what will the definition of freak storm be in 5 years?

India monsoon: Six dead and 18 missing after dam breached

Comment – When Technology Fails. Understand that society infrastructure is designed using 200 years of weather data. We are now seeing 1,000 year storms weekly around the world. In other words, the design criteria used by the engineers is being exceeded, and this will be for all of society.

The “controllers” knew this would happen, and that is quite easy to prove. The UN and Vatican are trying to blame the weather change on “man” so they can justify new laws. The Laws will control the use of water and energy, ie food production. So it does not matter if Tesla Technology comes out, they can say you exceeded your quota.

In other words, the Monopoly of “Oil” energy is breaking, so they are trying to create a new monopoly on all energy use, and water.

Kissinger – “Control Oil and you control Nations, control Food and you control the People”. It will now become, “Control Energy & Water and you control Nations, control Food and you Control the People”.

Is there any wonder why 10 Corporations control 90% of Food Processing? And they are creating poisonous processing systems (like artificial sweeteners). Are using GMOs? Are spraying virtually all crops with Glyphosate calling it safe? And the local farmer is not allowed to sell his produce to the Super Markets.

Monster tornado rips through city in China, killing 6 and injuring 190

Comment – Intelligence Test – Do you think it is the Sun, or AOC’s and the Pope’s farting cows?

Mumbai struck by worst rains in 14 years, at least 27 people killed

Comment – As the Solar Minimum progresses this will be the norm.

Photos show devastating damage to Victoria home after cold season tornado rips through town

Comment – It is happening all over the world.

Prolonged heat wave to bake Alaska, keep fire danger high into early next week

Comment – The weather equilibrium has been knocked off for the whole planet and it is not because of SUVs or cows.

Record rains hit Japan, 1.2 million under evacuation advisory

Comment – I think I mentioned a few Gray Swans ago, wait to evacuations get into the millions. What do you think will happen when design criteria is exceeded for something like the Hoover Dam or Three Gorges Dam? It will be a human diaspora. Keep an eye on the Oroville Dam, it is only 10 ft from full.

Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over The Globe

Comment – The beginning of World Food Production collapse.

Unexpected Events – Happening Worldwide! (2019-2020)

Comment – Here is an excellent video on weather events around the world.

USDA Fraud: Masking Crop Losses in Grand Solar Minimum

Comment – No, this can’t be true. The US Government never has and never will lie to the People. Don’t worry, your Social Security will be there! Your check is in the mail! It is only a fever sore!

World’s biggest seaweed bloom has been spotted from SPACE

Comment –  again it looks like a consequence of weather change is massively effecting one of the worlds largest food stores. Somehow I don’t think this is caused by farting cows.

More importantly, are we going to take action and create a sustainable food production or not?

Gray Swan – Civil War , Extreme Social Unrest

Democrats And Globalists Continue To Push This Tower Of Lies Carbo Lies

Comment – Looks like 1984 to me.

Bill To Put Men In Women’s Prisons If They Say They’re Transgender

Comment – So a man going to prison claiming to be a Transgender gets to go to the womans prison. Any part of societal breakdown that you see? Is someone in administration really that stupid?

Florida Democrat: We Should PROSECUTE ANYONE Who “Makes Fun” Of Members Of Congress

Comment – Well that is one way to start a Civil War. This is one stupid woman. Oh sorry, one stupid he-she-it. The only thing I can say is “Lock and Load”.

LA To Form “Climate Emergency Mobilization Office” Or Something

Comment – So LA City can not find the money to deal with the homeless, nor remove the garbage, and is starting a breeding factory for plagues, but they can find money for a Climate Emergency Mobilization Office. Sounds like BS to me, another way to get taxes!

Moment mob of shoplifters overrun Wisconsin outlet store and steal $30,000 worth of clothes

Comment – Just more evidence that our systems are collapsing. What do you think these entrepreneurial young men are going to do when the Food stops being delivered? And now we know why the Democrats are trying to take the guns.

NSA Caught Illegally Collecting Americans’ Phone Data…Again
Comment – No Shit – There is a technicality called the Constitution. Why is it that nobody from Government or their friends go to jail? Meanwhile an inner city black teenager gets caught with a joint and gets 5 years.

Sen. Wiener Announces Bill to Allow Illegal Immigrants Run for Official Democratic Party Seats in California

Comment – I am Speechless! As I said before there are groups trying to create a civil war. So why should I become a citizen?

Actually it is becoming more beneficial for me to become an illegal immigrant – oh sorry – an “Undocumented Visitor” (Did I get that correct Bernie?).  Better for me to go to Mexico, illegally cross the big river back, get a drivers license with no insurance, and live for free off the government dole. Just call me Juan!

This is vaguely familiar – did the Roman Senate tax it’s farmers so much that they just left?

State Of Indiana Argues In Supreme Court For Right To Seize Any Car For Speeding

Comment – Did anybody read Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn? Oh that is right, our lawmakers can’t read, but it sure looks like their game plan. Maybe we have to wait till lawmakers confiscate bicycles from 10 year olds for riding too fast before we donate lead & copper at high speeds to them.

The Homegrown Crisis California Refuses To Own

Comment – This is unacceptable and this is un-American. And it is time we take the worthless politicians and administrators and reversed these positions.

The WSJ CEO Pay Ranking

Comment – We need to put out a survey to all these CEOs – what is their favorite flavor of cake!

Zuesse: The Civil War Now In America

Comment – Somebody controls! Who exactly that is, maybe we should not mention. But the Billionaires and CEOs are not needed if this ship sinks. This isn’t Gilligan’s Island, and there certainly will not be enough food if the paradigm collapses. The Howells (skill-less), Gilligan (a clown), and Ginger (high maintenance) get thrown over the side real quick.

I suggest all those CEO’s watch the TV series “Revolution”. You will figure which fat person you are. Don’t take it personal, you just do not have any useful skills in a new paradigm.

Portland: Watch Antifa Thugs Beat Elderly Man With a Crowbar

Comment – As said before – somebody is trying to start a Civil War. So somebody has to be paying these protesters to create social unrest. The people who benefit the most from a Civil War in the US are the Globalists.

The Govt. Wants to OUTLAW Encrypted Messaging

Comment – Control, Control, and Control. Some groups are trying to create 1984.

Gray Swan – World War III

Urgent consultations in Washington, Moscow on reported US-Russian submarines in firefight

Comment – I think this is a wake up call for all those Americans watching Dancing with the Stars. Yes the electricity could get turned off if this goes the wrong way. I recommend you video tape a few shows because that may be all you can watch for many years.

China has carried out ‘disturbing’ anti-ship ballistic missile tests in South China Sea: Pentagon

Comment – Just one mistake, and it is game on.

Air Force chief details US response to Russian nuclear attack

Comment – Glad they have it all planned out. How about planning that we save the Earth?

Damascus: Israeli air/naval forces hit 10 Syrian, Iranian, Hizballah targets

Comment – Did you ever wonder how much World Peace there would be if God came down and removed all Zionists from Earth?

Israel Life Span will be only a “Half-Hour” if U.S. Attacks Iran

Comment – see above comment.

Israel Talks ‘Preemptive Strike’ On Iran As China Slams US As “Root Cause” Of Tensions

Comment – see above above comment.

Iran Threatens Seizure Of UK Oil Tankers In Response To Royal Marines Boarding Its Own

Comment – Ask the Brits – where is the LIBOR scandal money that you stole from all the people?

Provoking Iran Over and Over: US “Throwing Kitchen Sink” at Islamic Republic

Comment – let us not beat around the burning bush. The US Military is the bitch for Israel. And Israel needs the Dome of the Rock to disappear. We all know this. Then they can build a 3rd Temple – go back to blood sacrifices (of which they admit) and their Satanic Messiah can come back. I suggest you read the Sumerian Tablets to find out who that is.

Russia Declares Continued Support To Venezuelan Army, Debunks “Myths”

Comment – Don’t play Russian Roulette with Russians, they are much better at it. Remember, this is not Soviet Khazarian Zionist Roulette. The Russians are pissed that 60 million innocent people where exterminated by the Soviet Khazarians and 90 years of prosperity was lost. Nobody is believing the Khazarian BS anymore even if you hide under your little beanie.

Turkey’s Erdogan: Russian missile defense system to arrive in 10 days

Comment – the World “Risk” game is getting very interesting.

Gray Swan – Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)

Russia Releases Video Of ‘Satellite Killer’ Anti-Missile System Test

Comment – Maybe we should just ignore it as Russian propaganda – after all according to Hillary – its the Russians. Or by coincidence while President Trump wants a Space Fleet by 2020 to protect our satellites, maybe there is something here. But here is the issue for us peasants, if GPS goes down so does our JIT system. And the Russians just told us they have the capability.

So do you think it wise to invest in locally owned sustainable farms? Or stand there like a normal American moron and hope not?

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

Russia Hints Earthquake Weapon “Active” As 7.1 Trembler Strikes California

Comment – Anyone who follows Nikola Tesla and HAARP knows the technology to trigger an Earthquake has been around for a while. Look into the Haiti Earthquake and ask how was it the Israeli Medical Teams where already in the air before the Earthquake hit? Of course the Haiti EQ relief is a famed Clinton Cabal fiasco.

Whether these California earthquakes where triggered, is not the issue. The technology to release the New Madrid, or El Hierro exists. So why are we totally unprepared? The only thing we can do is build massive locally owned Sustainable Farms.

California ‘could face even BIGGER quake within days’

Comment – It is pretty straight forward for anybody with a brain and paying attention, that the Earth is expanding. Those living on a fault zone most probably chose poorly. As the comedian Sam Kinison used to scream – You live in a Desert!  California – you live on a fault zone. A very long fault zone.

For the next one can somebody make sure Nancy, Diane, and Chucky are “Standing on the dock of the Bay, When the tide rolls away!” Because I think it indicates a tsunami.

Mauna Loa volcanic unrest prompts HVO to elevate the volcano alert level

Comment – does the word Pompeii mean anything?

State Of Emergency Declared After 7.1 Quake Rocks Southern California; Massive Aftershocks Shake Towns

Comment – So what happens if it is a 9.5 to 10? Remember it is logarithmic so it is exponential in size.

For the rest of the country – oh look – 20% of our food is grown there. About 80% vegetables. Do you think it wise to diversify our food production before California goes swimming?

Violent Stromboli volcanic eruption kills one tourist in Italy in videos and pictures

Comment – I think they have a good understanding of the meaning of Pompeii. But do we have an understanding of volcanic winter. Fast translation – food does not grow.

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

175,000 acres of farmland now underwater in Tennessee – Cotton and soybean crops ruined

Comment – more evidence of more farmland damage.

Austrian parliament approves total glyphosate ban

Comment – So the Austrians have woken up! The Americans are still watching Dancing with the Stars and how huge Kim K’s butt has become. The FDA allows this poison to be sprayed on our food, which is possibly Treason.

Popular Herbicide May Epigenetically Promote Health Problems In Descendants

Comment – “The F2 offspring showed considerable increases in diseases of the testis, ovaries and mammary glands, plus had higher rates of obesity. The male F3 generation exhibited a 30 percent increase in prostate disease, and the female F3 group had a 40 percent increase in kidney disease. These third-generation results were respectively 3 to 4 times greater than the control populations.”

You mean we are forced to spray glyphosate by FDA approval for Big Agra because it only works with GMOs. That is a double cash flow monopoly.  And it makes numerous generations sick, and we can only use FDA approved treatments – which is another monopoly for Big Pharma.

Who is smart enough to do this?

Oh look, it all started about the time of the CIA running project Paper Clip bringing in the 20,000 Nazi scientists. What a coincidence!

Farmers’ woes seen from SPACE as the US Corn Belt appears brown due to extreme weather

Comment – here is a visual look at the sheer size of the catastrophe.


Comment – And so it begins. Let us remember, we have been warned, and warned, and warned.

A new water mark: Flood of 2019 likely to ‘easily’ set a record for duration

Comment – “it appears the Mississippi River will set a record later this month for consecutive days above flood stage at Cape Girardeau.”

Low salmon count creates major ripple effect in western Washington

Comment – “Many salmon counts are the worst in decades, researchers say”

Cooked mussels, melted starfish! The death of the Pacific has started:

Comment – and notice nobody in MSM discusses Fukushima

Lithuania declares emergency as drought hits farmers

Comment – Do you know how sparsely populated Lithuania is? It is just smaller in size than South Carolina with only 2.85 million people.

Russia Launches “Floating Chernobyl” Bound For The Arctic

Comment – What happens if this thing sinks?

Are Alaska’s vanishing ice and an Arctic ozone hole  related to the Fukushima disaster?

Comment – It seems we are entering a new world. Also notice that the Carbon Man-Made Weather change crowd never discuss nuclear pollution, nor geoengineering, nor fracking, nor the Sun.

J.C. Cole

Just in Time (JIT)  Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

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