Robert Steele: Is the Director of the FBI Dishonest? How Is White Nationalism More of a Threat than Zionist Bribery & Blackmail?


FBI director says white supremacy is a ‘persistent, pervasive threat’ to the US

I have zero confidence in the Director of the FBI, and I believe he should be fired. He is not serving the President or the public when he says stupid shit like this.

Zionist Israel — represented by AIPAC and ADL and the Mega Group that financed Epstein and 9/11 — is vastly more of a threat to the USA than its own citizens, or even China, Iran, or Russia.

The FBI was founded by a pedophile, J. Edgar Hoover, who pioneered the use of FBI capabilities to blackmail Members of Congress and others. Neither the FBI, nor the National Counteintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) are doing their jobs. They are a worse than a joke, they are a travesty.

Since the 1930’s the Zionists have been seeking to open US borders and promote multiculturalism, which is code for screwing all indigenous Americans — red, white, and black. The black Muslims that are here today as a result of the Zionist endeavor are the most rascist intolerant people in the USA other than the Zionists, who consider all non-Jews (and most Jews who are not Orthodox) to be “shiksas” — gentile girls who can be treated as whores.

These are the same Zionists created by the Rothschilds to wreak havoc on the world, who today claim  the right to closed borders and manage the genocidal, apartheid, criminal invented state of Israel stolen from the Palestinians.

To say that whites who love their country and the Constitution that led to the founding of the USA (We the People give the government enumerated rights, not the other way around) is the full equivalent of saying that blacks in rebellion over slavery were a “threat” to the criminal ursurpation of their natural rights. As Dr. Cynthia McKinney has long said, “everything the whites are experiencing today was done to the blacks first.” Indeed….and a sound foundation for US whites and blacks to come together in support of President Trump and against these Zionist invaders who treat us like disposable whores.

Enough, already.

The lack of cultural, historical, and political intelligence and integrity on the part of the Director of the FBI, Christopher Wrey, is noted.

The evidence of treason on the part of former FBI Directors Robert Mueller (covering up 9/11, complicit in murder after the fact as well as obstruction of justice) and James Comey (total abuse of discretionary power to commit criminal acts against President today and then candidate Donald Trump), are noted.

There is no future for the FBI on its current unethical and retarded course.

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