Review: The Source Field Investigations – The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies, by David Wilcock

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David Wilcock, The Source Field Investigations: The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations Behind the 2012 Prophecies (Dutton, 2011)

6 Star – Authentic, Compelling, Sensible Documentation and Explanation of Cosmic Consciousness, Energy, & Stellar Civilizations

Reviewed by Robert David Steele

This is the big picture connect the dots master work and it manages to avoid a focus on stellar civilizations per se while documenting the inter-actions of energy, consciousness, time, and space, within which matter (and seeing through matter), free energy, remote viewing, and stellar civilization in various forms, all make sense.

At a minimum — five stars just for this — the book is an extraordinary survey of the literature (including the here-to-fore completely ignored Russian scientific literature where the government has been much more engaged toward constructive ends for the public than in the USA).

At best — and easily carrying the book over into a 6 star rating (top 10% across 3,000 non-fiction books I have reviewed) — this book is the key to our blessed future; a most balanced presentation that is authentic and compelling.  The author is brilliant in combining findings of fact with questions of possibility.

I was fortunate to become a friend of Alvin  Toffler's after TASC Corporation introduced him to my work, funded his appearance at OSS '93, and he then chose to write a chapter around me, “The Future of the Spy.” This author — David Wilcock — reminds me of Alvin Toffler in his gifted integration of various specific people and their experiments or experiences, so as to create a superb narrative of cosmic — no pun intended — proportions.

The examples he has researched and brought together are extraordinary and to me represent painstaking and thus meritorious attention to detail.

This is the bridge book between the consciousness and energy communities, and the extraterrestrial and unidentified flying object communities (there are also unidentified submersible objects).

The author makes excellent use of “odds” in suggesting the relative credibility of particular findings or supposition. The book's greatest strength is that it builds toward a cosmic — stellar civilization — triumph of love and good in such a meticulous and thoughtful manner that by the time the skeptical reader reaches the final chapter, they are totally open minded and ready to consider the cosmic possibilities.

The author is sensitive to hoaxes. The saddest aspect of this book is its documentation of how easily — how unethically — Western science has allowed itself to be censored, diverted, and mis-directed.

The author is particularly compelling in discussing how there exists a biological information transfer capability — including teleportation — that is almost instantaneous (beyond light speed) and that includes all living beings — networks of plants, animals, humans, and one imagines — members of other stellar civilizations living among us.

The ending soars. We can return to the Garden of Eden, slow time down, and be happy and prosperous at peace.  The author speculates that America was created for a special purpose and in the aftermath of the 2012 passage anticipated by the Mayans, could not come into its own as a force for good. Elsewhere he writes that insiders have told him that President Donald Trump is committed to full dislosure, the most important aspect of which is free energy (free energy makes possible unlimited desalinated and decontaminated water and changes everything for the five billion poorest).

Where the author and I meet is with respect to the pathological impact of secrecy.  Secrecy has destroyed prosperity and prevented peace.  Secrecy has empowered the 1% over the 99%.  Full disclosure is how We the People return to the Garden of Eden and defeat the Satanic forces that have been looting the Earth and treating all of us as vermin to be exterminated at will.

I make a note at the end to connect with the Princeton Global Consciousness Center.

See the free online article below for additional perspective on why this book and this topic matter now as the 1% strives to start a nuclear war with Iran. It includes links to other key works including David Icke's monumental work for which I have produced a 40 page summary.

SPECIAL: Robert Steele in Tehran Times on Full Disclosure (extraterrestrials, No Nuclear War, End of the Deep State?) UPDATE: Front Page Print Edition, Info to President Trump

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