Election 2020 – Week to 11 Aug 2019

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Sunday, 11 Aug 2019 — Praise be to God!

Big Picture. Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard emergent as winnable pairing for  Democrats. Williamson has one chance to crush it in next debate: call Trump out on his big three. Trump near catatonic with shit staff losing base percentages by the hour over his gun control idiocy. “White Supremacy” and censorship of “haters” is the big picture “trick” for stealing the election in 2020. As of today the President is providing zero leadership against this trick being carried out by the Zionists (ADL) across all mainstream and social media platforms. The President is also ignoring Marianne Williamson and the politics of love.  YUGE mistake. She is awaking the dormant social consciousness crowd (not to be confused with the corrupt Democratic politicians like Elijah Cummings). Both sides seem certain they will win by a landslide.  One of them is wrong. The country is divided — NEITHER of the two parties is speaking to the 70% who are disenfranchised — NEITHER is offering #UNRIG Unity with Integrity (Election Reform Act Proposed).

Budget Busters. A new Democratic strategy appears to be emergent that seeks to financially harm major corporations whose owners favor President Donald Trump. Home Depot was the first, now the owner of SoulCycle and the Miami Dolphins facing similar threats — threats that include defaming the President with falsehoods.  A truth channel is desperately needed.

Candidates. Despite Sanders-Gabbard as an emergent ticket, Democrats are still not checking the authenticity box. Indeed Democrats are now in a real panic, at least at the Presidential level. WIlliamson has two sides to her, best illustrated by the gay community that knows her the AIDs days…. Biden on his death bed.  Tulsi Gabbard getting a bounce — smearing is applause.

Demographics. College students may be the critical swing vote and the President is not doing well there. Most Republicans (13% of the eligible voters, perhaps 45% of the actual voters) and white evangelicals are likely to stick with the President no matter how insane he gets between now and 11/2020.  Trump is losing among the young. Seniors wavering on Trump? Democrats going after rural voters.

Down-Ticket Impact.

Election Reform/Electoral College. Will the Greens and the Libertarians help Trump or the Democrats? Could it be time for someone like Marianne Williamson to call Trump — and the inauthentic Democratic candidates for President — on #UNRIG Unity for Integrity (Election Reform Act of 2020) that would among others things include Instant Run Offs allowing conscience voting but  also providing for a second choice?

Fake News/Election Interference.

Impeachment/Investigations. The airing of a Clinton impeachment series right before the 2020 election is troubling some, amusing others

Issues. Trump has lost a great deal of his base over his handling of  the El Paso and Dayton false flag events — apart from not calling them out for what they are, his call for gun controls (instead of urging every American to practice their open carry rights) appears to be a death wish. He is on track to losing to Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard if he does not defend the Constitution (especially 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments); if he continues to place Israel First instead of America First; and if he fails to sponsor #UNRIG to open the political process to the 70% of the eligible voters who are now disenfranchised.

Elizabeth Warren will pay people to move to rural Iowa.  Really.

Kirsten Gillibrand (and Israel Firster) has a Rural America plan.

Amy Klobuchar has a Health Plan.

Marianne Williamson has a Reparations Plan.

Marianne Williamson has a Gun Control Plan.

No candidate — including President Trump — has a holistic grand strategy that addresses all threats, all policies, rooted in true cost economics and all integrated into a single balanced budget.  Not a single one of them.  Marianne Williamson has several big things right: a politics of love, and Yada Yada Yada.

Technology. Google (and Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube) have a political agenda and are using their technology to make sure Trump loses.

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud. California’s demand for tax returns — and all the states seeking to violate the Electoral College — should be over-ruled by the Supreme Court.  In addition to Florida and Texas Trump must take Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin and those states are the ones that must be considered as Democrats choose their team.

Zionist Influence on USA. Remarkably absent from media discussion is the fact of the Jeffrey Epstein situation being a Mossad blackmail operation with CIA and FBI complicty, and the most visible of what are at least 50 similar but smaller operations, one for each state, across the USA. As the CIA joke goes, “how many pedophiles does it take to cover up our blackmail operations? answer: all of them.”


Big Picture.

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Budget Busters.

Owner of SoulCycle and the Miami Dolphins faces outrage and calls for boycott over Trump fundraiser


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Down-Ticket Impact.

Election Reform/Electoral College.

Will the Greens and Libertarians Affect the 2020 Election?

Fake News/Election Interference.


FX Boss John Landgraf Defensive Over Airing Clinton Impeachment Series Right Before 2020 Election- TCA


Dave Bertrand: “Red Flag Laws” Will Lead To Soviet Style Gun Confiscation, Incrementally by Expanded Mental Health Issues For All That Oppose a Communist Take-over in America

Elizabeth Warren says she wants people to live and work in rural Iowa. Here’s her plan to help boost those communities.

EXCLUSIVE: Kirsten Gillibrand’s new plan would create a $50 billion fund to help rural America solve its challenges

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Marianne Williamson presents the 2020 Democratic primary’s first reparations plan

Marianne Williamson outlines gun control plan


Google has ‘political agenda,’ wants to make sure Trump loses 2020 election, says ex-employee

Voter Fraud/Ballot Fraud.

Trump campaign, GOP sue California over 2020 election tax-return requirement

Why the Electoral College is vital, not outdated

Electoral College protects Idaho’s votes

15 States Have Already Taken Steps to Make the Electoral College Obsolete

It’s the Electoral College, stupid: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Zionist Influence on USA.

SPECIAL: Zionism in America – Murderous Pedophilia Entrapment – The Nine Veils of Evil [Update 36 to the Mossad-Epstein Story]

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