J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week 31 – False Flag Hat Trick or more?

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American Gray Swans – Week 31 – False Flag Hat Trick or more?

As America is appalled at the multiple recent mass shooting events, so starts the argument again between conservatives and liberals on “Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment”  – the only thing that is protecting us against a totalitarian government. It is a terrifying example on how easily we humans are divided.

Rather than get into the “checkers game” argument on the significance of the events as most of the majority of “Dunning – Kruger” Americans can only understand checkers, it is better to look at the global chess moves being played out. Clearly the official narrative of the Walmart El Paso mass shooting event does not hold water and is falling apart. There are enough articles on the web with verifications that I do not need to repeat it here.

So let us look at the Chess moves. The rare and hidden understanding of what is going on. If you have yet to figure it out, we are in a multi-dimensional chess game (and we can only see the 3rd dimension), for the resources of Earth (of which we are one of them). Earth is in play!

It is clear some groups are trying to cause the collapse of the United States. And it looks like they have a deadline to complete that because we are getting multiple back-to back events. Even the most naive of Americans will admit that it is possible for nefarious groups to create an event and blame it on other reasons for their own benefit and agenda. This is a False Flag. They have existed and been used throughout history.

FDR knew that the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor would happen, and that cost 2,400 Americans their lives. It brought us into WW II. This is verified by his family.

LBJ totally made up the story of the Tonkin Gulf incident that brought us into Vietnam and cost 58,000 American lives and approximately 1 million Vietnamese (not counting the effects of Agent Orange (Round-Up)). This lie is verified by the then Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in his autobiography.

Let us not even talk about the 1967 Israeli attack supported by LBJ on the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans and wounding 174.

One of the most famous of all False Flags, Hitler and the Nazis burning down the Reichstag (Parliament) in 1933 and blaming it on the communists bringing in the The Enabling Act (suspiciously similar to the Patriot Act passed after 911).

And of course we have yet to see any high member of the US Government, DOD, nor Joint Chiefs call 911 a False Flag, which directly indicates their level of integrity and courage. Here, let me see if I can do it for you – it was the Bush Cabal, the Israeli Mossad, and the House of Saud. Just look at the evidence and who benefited.

Now is it not difficult to figure out that this group of scum that killed 3,000 Americans and started 18 years of war would kill innocent Americans at a Walmart just to get us unarmed? This isn’t rocket science.

Notice some similarities of these False Flags – Israel – Nazis – War. Coincidence?

It is clear that an enemy will use every trick in the book, and then some, to bring down the United States. Gee look, George Bush Sr. was the poster boy for the New World Order – Again Coincidence?

Turn black against white, against yellow, against brown, against red – while turning rich against poor, young against old, gay against straight, all religions against each other. If you are human maybe it is wise if you wake-up to the manipulation before we are exterminated.

Oh look – our entire World Food Production is collapsing and nobody is saying boo about it. Coincidence?

The American Gray Swans are a series of events that are “Predictable”, that when one happens will collapse the Just in Time (JIT) Delivery system leaving America without food. Do you see any groups that would benefit from this happening? Oh look, the NWO Globalists! And they just happen to be also the pedophiles and child sacrifice bloodlines being exposed by Epstein and Weiner. Coincidence?

These are articles only from this week.

Gray Swan – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology

Black Sky Video

Comment – if you have doubts about the seriousness of an EMP – here is a video on what some of the world leaders say.

Did Russia Retaliate With a Tectonic Nuclear Energy Weapon Threatening to Destroy China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station

Comment – You don't think Tesla earthquake technology exists? Oh look, somebody suggested Russia has earthquake technology. Let us see – July 1 a Russian mini spy sub catches on fire killing 15, of which 7 are Admirals. And 4 days later an Earthquake just happens to shut down a Navy Weapons base in California. And the Russians say – “a global catastrophe was averted”. Coincidence?

Did anybody ever hear of the Soviet Woodpecker in Riga? Hey, I lived in Riga for 18 years.

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

Global Endgame Looms As Soaring Debt Smashes Into Shrinking Populations

Comment – World Debt is going parabolic. We all know this is unsustainable. The controllers that manage this planet are not morons, although the political puppets they put in place often qualify. The old system was to let wealth rise as the peasants climbed out of their poverty hole, then pull the plug and the controllers collected 80% of the assets (as in the 1929 crash) and started the Monopoly Game again. Peasants loose everything and return to “Go” and start again penny-less.

We cruised right past this “pull” mark in 2008 without a reset, and massive amounts of money were pumped into the system to keep it afloat to this day. Now a world financial crash will be so damaging that the controllers may loose what they have and possibly their lives – think French Revolution.

So what gives?

The best answer I could come up with is that something else is happening (and they know it), and whatever that is Dwarfs the damage of a world financial collapse.

Oh look, the Earth is rapidly expanding, our Magnetic Poles look to flip, UV and Cosmic rays are exponentially increasing, a Solar Minimum is beginning, weather patterns are radically changing, all major powers are preparing for war, about 10 countries & companies are trying to get off the planet, and Trump wants (has) a Space Fleet. That seems to me good reasons to ignore fiscal responsibilities, because they will not matter.

If the ship is sinking and you know it, do you really care what your debt is at the ship's casino?

Ignore the evidence.

“Watch Out America” – China & Russia Are Coming After The Dollar

Comment – If our dollar is controlled by the scum of the Earth exploiting humanity, than why wouldn’t the Russians and Chinese come after it?

10Y Treasury Yield Plunges Below 2.00% As Curve Collapses

Comment – here is that word again “Collapse”, that will never happen to America as we have Starbucks!

 A Million Job Cuts In India Point To Economic Turmoil

Comment – Economic Turmoil in India? Does that mean our call centers will go out of business? Press 2 for Spanish!

Citi To Fire Hundreds Of Traders As Revenue Tumbles

Comment – I thought the economy is fine! Do you see the problem, these people have no useful skills to humanity in a collapse. They are liabilities. They resemble a huge percentage of our population. So our farms are collapsing, and our “food eating” liabilities are increasing.

Chinese Bank With $100 Billion In Assets Is Bailed Out

Comment – Beginners! Get serious, talk with Goldman on how to really screw society and the world!

Entire German Curve Drops Below Zero For First Time Ever

Comment – Zero Hedge – if you continue to comment on Germans you will be sent to the (soon to be) Russian Front, and there you will really find out what below zero is like. (I lived there, I know)

Greyerz Just Warned Central Banks Are Now In Panic Mode

Comment – That is because they just realized that they do not have a ticket for the bunkers. Bummer!

Lowe's is laying off thousands of workers

Comment – Has anybody figured out the vulnerability the Big Box stores have put us in? If Lowes, Home Depot, and Ace go out of business, the majority of building components become unavailable.

This is basically the same issue with Big Farms in the mid-west. Massive concentration without any diversification is the kiss of death waiting to happen.

 Morgan Stanley: “The Divergence Between Markets And The Economy Has Never Been This Great

Comment –  The ECB has signaled it will cut rates and is assessing its options for QE (which we think will restart in 4Q19)

It proves my point – just print money (QE) until the Event.


Comment – I agree, but it is not only about finance, it is about food. While gold and silver are wise assets to have, at the end of the day you have to eat – and if there is no food it will not matter how much precious metals you have. Read any book by Selco Begovic.

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)

Capital One Admits Massive Data Breach: 100 Million Americans Affected, Seattle Woman Arrested

Comment – what is the concern, only 1/3 of all Americans are affected by only 1 person.

Woman? I would use that description carefully. Try Trans-gender Woman. We must be politically correct. And don’t leave out that her roommate was arrested with 20 illegal guns. Oh that LGBT community. Such bad boys! Or is that bad girls? Or is it bad its? Never mind.

Absolutely no evidence of social moral decay with that group.

Gray Swan – Pandemic (Human & Animal)

Rwanda Shuts Border With DRC After Ebola Deaths Hit Border City

Comment – Wait a minute! What happened to the Pope’s humanitarian “Open Border” policy? Where is Nancy, Diane, and Chucky on foreign policy? Something about “Practice what you Preach” or be a hypocrite.

More Flesh-Eating Bacteria Cases in the Gulf of Mexico and Elsewhere Are Likely Because of Climate Change

Comment – I think Debbie Wasserman Schultz should hold the next Democratic National Convention on the Gulf of Mexico. Only invite those that like Pizza and Hot Dogs.

 Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

 Nearly 500,000 California Homes Worth $268 Billion Are at High or Very High Risk of Wildfire

Comment – At some point somebody is going to figure out the Dollar cost of Weather change, and it will be unsustainable and bankrupt our systems. You can not insure against a Solar Minimum. Will this be the first domino?

Alaska wildfires surpass 1 Million acres burned

Comment – does this qualify as Man Made Carbon? How many of AOC’s (and Al Gores) (and the Pope’s) farting cows equals 1 acre of forest fire pollution? Sorry about that engineering logic that keeps sneaking in to the Gray Swans, we should base our decisions on shear emotion and stupidity. Oh look, we are doing just fine.

Downpours to escalate in southeastern US, increase risk of flash flooding

Comment – 1,000 year storms escalating – gee, that sounds like the beginning of a Solar Minimum

Watch the dams in the South East – some geniuses located a few nuclear plants down river.

Hail in Yorkshire…in July

Comment – that really makes the pudding fall! And it is definitely the “Last Of the Summer Wine!” You need studded snow tires to get up the hill to the chippery, and Campo probably froze to death.

Huge Hailstorm Brings Winterlike Scenery to Colorado Springs Area

Comment – If this is the beginning of a Solar Minimum, what do you think the worst part will bring? Do you have any idea what massive and large hail will do to our food production?

We should prepare for extreme weather, but tying it to climate change is a mistake

Comment – In other words, it is a distraction to blame extreme weather on man made climate change.

We have an opportunity to be proactive in preparing for weather disasters, reducing our vulnerability and increasing our survivability.

Notice she said “Survivability” – if we have no food we are not going to survive.

Mass whale stranding in Georgie worries wildlife authorities

Comment – is it possible that our magnetic shield is changing?

US Map of Significant Wildland Fire Potential – Aug 2019

Comment – with changing weather patterns we will get changing fire patterns and increased vulnerability.

More Than 1,000 Evacuated In Russia’s Irkutsk Region Due To Flooding

Comment – again, this is what happens when society builds based on 200 years of weather data and a 1,000 year storm happens. As we are heading into the Eddy Solar Minimum this will be the norm. If you live in low areas I suggest you move.

Norway Landslides: One Man Presumed Dead, Several Others Missing

Comment – this video shows an excellent example of the dangers coming. With us going into a Solar Minimum we can expect a massive increase in extreme weather disturbing the normal equilibrium of land & water thus causing flash events not seen for a few hundred years.

As humans , we don't adapt to change well. And often argue against the evidence. “My family has lived here for over 150 years and it never did that!” Yup, that is correct, but now we are entering a 400 year cycle that we have extremely limited data on. Dunning-Kruger at its finest.

Here is another – “They been telling us we will have a currency collapse ever since Nixon took us off the gold standard August 15, 1971”. Yup, and here is a hint, what could really be the reason? Do you remember the $100 toilet seat and hammer back from the 1970's when they padded the bill for the space industry? Where did all the money go?

Recent burning of boreal forests exceeds fire regime limits of the past 10,000 years

Comment – This gives an idea of the scope of change coming. And somehow I think they did not have SUVs or a huge population of farting cows 10,000 years ago. Could it be the Sun?

Weekly we see more stunning evidence our weather patterns are in massive flux, and this will devastate our existing planting systems that are based only on the last 100 years.

Rhine River At Dangerously Low Water Levels Could Cause Production Hell For German Firms

Comment – an excellent example how weather changes will directly effect commerce.

Also note – if water levels drop lower that intake channels, electrical power plants will not have cooling water. A big problem for fossil fuel plants, a catastrophe for nuclear plants.

 Second freak hailstorm in Jalisco Mexico over the last month

Comment – Hey Hombre, we only have chilled Tequila today!

If this is the beginning of the Eddy Solar Minimum, how are we going to grow crops in the future?

“It has transformed into an ecological disaster!” Wildfire smoke travelling east from Siberia has reached Alaska, the west coast of Canada, and Seattle

Comment – this is an excellent example of how a massive volcano eruption can effect food production continents far away by blocking out the Sun. One historical event was the eruption in Iceland that caused a crop failure and famine in Europe (down wind) that led to the French Revolution.

“Something's going on up there!” Strange sunsets are being witnessed around the world as the Arctic burns: “Worst Arctic wildfires in 10,000 years!”

Comment – Worst Arctic wildfires in 10,000 years – Hint hint!

North America's strange and bizarre summer continues:

Comment – this was all called out in John Casey's book Dark Winter – How the Sun is Causing a 30 Year Cold Spell on the arriving Solar Minimum. Coincidence – that is what we are seeing. Expect a collapse in world food production.

Tornado Touches Down in Central Minnesota Sunday

Comment – It seems a tad north for tornadoes.

 Tornados, lightning, flash floods: Italy's extreme weather leaves three dead

Comment – Tornadoes in Italy?

Shocking Weather Poses Existential Threat to Species

Comment – while the author claims it is global warming – it is extreme weather change. And we may be heading towards a 6th extinction event. No reason to stop spending!

 Whaley Bridge dam collapse, England : Evacuation over Toddbrook Reservoir fears

Comment – one of my degrees is Civil Engineering – the engineers that design & build our society infrastructure. It is designed based on 200 years of weather data. With the Eddy Solar Minimum beginning we are starting to see 1,000 year storms. These “in general” exceed the design criteria of the existing infrastructure. This means an increase in failures.

When dams fail your will get 1) death and destruction down stream, 2) an immediate change in regional irrigation, 3) and if a hydro-electric dam, a failure in electricity production.

As example – if the Hoover Dam fails – 1) anything down stream for tens of miles will be destroyed in minutes, 2) parts of Arizona and most of Southern California will loose water supply, 3) and the electrical production will obviously fail loosing 4 billion kilowatt-hours per year. It took 5 years to build the Hoover once the political will was reached, so expect a whole region of the US to revert back to the 1930's without the infrastructure of the 1930's for a minimum of 5 years.

Gray Swan – Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)

Fire at Texas Exxon Mobil Refinery Slightly Injures 37

Comment – Oh look, another refinery caught fire …. and for a 2nd time. The extent of the damage I do not know. Reminds me of the largest East Coast refinery that burnt down last month not to be rebuilt. I guess gasoline is not important. Coincidence?

Middle Eastern Terrorism Coming to the US through Its Mexican Border

Comment – I remind the readers that according to the FBI report on the Metcalf  Electrical Substation  attack in 2013 , it only takes 27 people and 9 rifles to take down the nine key substations and dropping our grid.

It is a good thing we have reduced our vulnerability to a Grid Down event with EMP proof Sustainable Farms – oh wait – that takes Trump and the Joint Chiefs. Maybe they could get to it after golf!

New York City Electricity Grid Put To The Test In Blistering Summer Heat

Comment – Fail!

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

Ebeko Volcano activity

Comment – How much of AOC's farting cow methane does it take to create this explosion? Could it be the Sun?

Is Anchorage ready for the next big eruption in Alaska?

Comment – Has anybody noticed the Ring of Fire is ablaze?

M 6.9 – 102km WSW of Tugu Hilir, Indonesia

Comment – Also, has anybody noticed that the USGS consistently downgrades earthquakes into the next lower category? Wouldn’t that skew the data at the end of the year misrepresenting the true level the Earth is experiencing? Nope, that is crazy talk – the US Government would never manipulate data to hide something! By the way – how is your social security looking these days?

Major stratospheric eruption at Ulawun volcano, ash to 19.2 km (63 000 feet)

Comment – a nice example of how a volcanic winter can occur. You know, the ones that create famines.

Mexico's El Popo volcano spews smoke and ash

Comment – Popocatepeti went off again this week. As I have said, when this has a major eruption the 25 million people in the Greater Mexico City area are going to scatter. Which way do you think at least 1/2 will go? Wow, look at all those potential new Democratic voters – and they don’t even speak English so they qualify.

This is also an excellent example of human behavior – or lack of it. Why does our species sit like a deer in the headlights when a very obvious and present danger is about to happen? And do we not all exhibit this? We know world food production, along with American farming is collapsing. We know a solar minimum will reek havoc on the Earth – yet we do nothing.  Well most of us do nothing – POTUS and the Joint Chiefs seem to play golf, but they will never beat Obama’s record.

Are we related to the Lemmings? But instead of running and jumping into the sea, we sit there and watch. Is this a DNA programed population reduction cycle? Maybe! At 7.4 billion somebody has to go.

 Over 80,000 Quakes Have Hit California Since July 4th, Aftershocks Headed “Toward The Garlock Fault”

Comment – Do you think Vesuvius gave any warning to the people of Pompeii that it was about to explode? Do you think maybe some clairvoyants sensed it? I am sure that a few people figured it out and moved, but obviously the majority ignored the warnings. After all they had lived there for centuries and no explosion had happened. Oops!

Nope, no warning signs I see.

 Scientists warn Oregon is lagging in disaster preparedness

Comment – Scientists? What do they know? We need to ask the lawyers, politicians, and government  what to do – after all they lead us! Did I mention Lemmings yet?

Strong and shallow M7.4 earthquake hit near the coast of southwest Sumatra, Indonesia

Comment – another Earthquake in Indonesia.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake Vanuatu islands is the 91st major quake of 2019 already 61 more than the entire year total of 1919

Comment – Numbers Numbers – so they show an exponential rise in earthquakes over 100 years. So what. My friends have lived in California for over 30 years, and the big one did not happen therefore it won’t. The same for the financial collapse.

Oh, Did I mention Lemmings yet?

More than 30 million people rattled after magnitude 6.3 struck near the south coast of Japan's island of Honshu

Comment – what happened to Japan, it was here last week?

WTF? This 1949 Science Fiction Novel by a Legendary Rocket Designer Names the Leader of Martian Civilization as “Elon”

Comment – This world gets weirder and weirder every day. Werner von Braun apparently wrote a fictional book on a Mars civilization led by a guy named Elon. Ingersoll Lockwood wrote 2 books, “Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey” and “The Last President”.

Now you have to ask why so many projects are trying to get to Mars and not hardening the Grid? Trump wants a Space Force by next year. As an engineer – either it is already built (hint hint), or that will be one really big technical rabbit to pull out of a bankrupt hat.

Have they forgotten to tell us something?

Where is the book, JC Revolutionizes Small Sustainable Farming?

Gray Swan – Civil War

Flood of illegal migrants to the border outpaces last two years with 1.1M expected in fiscal year 2019

Comment – ” Immigration” Weapons of Mass Destruction (I-WMDs). Clearly organized, clearly to destroy the existing structure. These will start a Civil War – so someone is intentionally doing it.

“California Should Be Embarrassed” – State Passes Law Banning Trump From Ballot Unless Tax Returns Released

Comment – more evidence of unconstitutional actions for political benefit that will create a Civil War.

48 People Shot, 9 Fatally, Over Weekend in Democrat-Controlled Chicago

Comment – we see how well Gun Control works in Chicago, LA, Baltimore, and other major cities. The constant pushing by parts of the political system to violate the Constitution will only cause a Civil War as people have the right to defend themselves. Could these Politicians have been blackmailed with pedophilia and child sacrifice to push the agenda of foreign powers?

America Has Gone Crazy: A 79-Year-Old Woman Was Just Sentenced to Prison for Feeding Stray Cats

Comment – another example of a corrupt and broken system. Time to start appointing Hanging Judges  and start hanging some of these administrators. I am sure it would clear up real quick.

Antifa TERRORISTS Gearing Up for 10-Day Siege on Southern Border, Flyers Show Dead ICE Agents

Comment – this is not activism, this is intensionally starting a Civil War.

CA judge rules semi-auto rifles not protected under 2nd Amendment

Comment – Any indication that certain groups are trying to start a Civil War. Convenient that the decision was right when another strange shooting in California happened. Don't you just love it when 1 person makes a decision on the interpretation of the Constitution (our foundation of law) – when the document has within it the system to change it that requires the transparent opinion of many.

Remember – it only takes 1 spark to start a massive forest fire. Once it starts, it has to burn itself out. Civil War is very similar. The real solution is prevention, and prevention at almost any cost. But not throwing the Constitution under the bus.

California is the 8th largest economy in the world. It would be a prized possession for any bloodline trying to find a homeland. Coincidence?

Canton 10-year-old charged with assault following schoolyard injury

Comment – a 10 year old is charged with aggravated assault for playing dodge ball! Have we lost our minds? Any signs of society breakdown? I think we will need a drive-up window for the Hanging Judge.

Creator of “Drag Queen Story Hour” Admits to “Grooming” Children to Become Transgender Queers and Drag Queens

Comment – How would you like your grandchild sitting on this thing’s lap? Can you say “sexual predator”? What can we expect from a Congress full of pedophiles?

 We Were Warned Of The “45 Communist Goals” That Would Destroy America Back In 1963

Comment – Do you see any promotion of a clash between moral values in our society? As I said, there are groups trying to start a Civil War. Even if you are gay, would you want your child sitting on the lap of a Transvestite?

Cuomo Goes Ballistic On Guns

Comment – “These measures continue New York’s legacy of enacting the strongest gun laws in the nation by helping keep firearms out of the hands of children,” Gov. Cuomo bragged ….. and he puts children into the hands of Drag Queens and pedophiles. I wonder what Weiner’s laptop says about Cuomo.

 Drug companies have deluged the US population with billions of opioid pills, with some areas receiving 306 pills per person each year

Comment – again, we have satellites that can read the writing on a dime from space, but we can’t figure out where the opioid epidemic is being supplied from when only pharmaceutical companies can make it.  Someone is allowing this to happen!

And it is estimated that about 30% of Americans are on some form of mood altering drug. These will be the real Zombies when the JIT system collapses.

Does this not resemble the Opium Wars the British used on China?

Epstein's Lawyers Request A Full Year To Review A Million Pages Of Documents

Comment – Take an Evelyn Wood’s Speed Reading Course. Whatever happened to water boarding? Didn't Dick Cheney say it was Kosher? Let this a-hole go and I think we will have a worldwide French Revolution supplying a good amount of body parts donated by the Mossad for Israelis dark business.

Fmr. Merck Scientist Explains Why He Doesn’t Vaccinate His Children

Comment – Why is it that forced inoculations is straight out of the Nazi handbook?

Government Officials Steal Man's Home Over $8.41 In Unpaid Taxes

Comment – Another good catalyst for a Civil War. I would hate to be an administrator if the purge begins, but don’t worry – “It is to save the children”.

Is This The Atom Bomb That Will Take Down The 1st Amendment And America?

Comment – Yup, that should start it! By the way – for the mental midgets at the FBI – this is a conspiracy theory – you are conspiring against the people of the United States – so kindly arrest yourselves. Please apply water boarding for full accurate confessions.

The Rise of the American Gestapo: Has It Already Happened Here?

Comment – Surprise surprise! Where did all those paper clips end up?

The Democrats Are the Gun Confiscation Party-Genocide ALWAYS Follows Gun Confiscation

Comment – it is quite simple to understand – The Patriot Gun owners already know what this article states, and will not give up their guns under any circumstances. And it does seem they have the foundation of American law on their side – “Shall Not be Infringed”.

Liberals, while believing the rhetoric that they are “protecting children” miss the entire concept that to truly protect children and the future you have the guard against a totalitarian government taking power. Doubt that is true, study history, and then ask both the Russians and Ukrainians. And German Jews, and American Indians.

But there is no cure for stupid.

This Could Turn Into A Bloodbath: Antifa To Converge On Texas Town

Comment – speaking of stupid, these guys are clearly being funded by someone trying to start a Civil War.

Woman accused of urinating on potatoes at Walmart turns herself in

Comment – Pee-tatoes anybody? Have we lost our minds. I would go for Clif High's strange energies from space on this one. See any signs of society breakdown?

Gray Swan – WW III

“Plans Already Implemented”: Russia Warns US Will Unleash ‘Space Arms Race'

Comment – Somehow I think we are already there. Didn’t Wernher von Braun warn us decades ago not to let them weaponize space? And didn’t he say – “The last card will be a fake Alien Invasion”

Dam, I live a few miles from Grover’s Mill! Best get the 12 gauge ready.

16-Year-Old Fortnite World Champion Wins Record-Breaking $3 Million Prize

Comment – can you say Ander's Game?

As Tensions Flare Between US & Iran, More Oil Tankers Are ‘Going Dark' In The Strait Of Hormuz

Comment – This does seem to be going along Biblical Prophesy, and rumors are by October. I would like to point out just 1 good cyber attack and we have no food delivered, and that would really put a dampener on the election.

As US Officially Exits INF Treaty, Gorbachev Warns Of “Chaotic Developments”

Comment – I actually like being human, and I think it is a very good idea to continue our species.

Crackdown Coming? China Gathers Forces On Hong Kong Border Amid Unrest

Comment – another potential Flash Point for WW III.

Gordon Chang: China ‘Happy to Kill Tens of Thousands' in U.S. via Fentanyl

Comments – It seems governments like to poison people with drugs.

China Warship Slams Into Taiwan Freighter

Comment – “Remember the Maine” – just one incident could trigger a war, or be used to Trigger a war.

India Massing 80,000 Troops in Kashmir; Pakistan Puts Army and Air Force on Alert

Comment – one of the potential flash points for WW III makes the news again.

India orders tourists to leave Kashmir over ‘terror threat'

Comment – One more indication war may breakout.

Iran, Russia Planning Joint Naval Drill In Contested Gulf Waters

Comment – Nothing like a little taunting.

Pakistan Evacuates Chinese Nationals From Border Areas Amid ‘Unprecedented Escalation’ With India

Comment – Another indication war may breakout.

Russia, China crushing U.S. in hypersonic weapons arms race

Comment – Maybe we should try an olive branch instead of a shillelagh?

 Tanker Seizures & The Threat To The Global Economy From Resurgent Imperialism

Comment – If a free-for-all starts on grabbing ships we will have a collapse of International Law.

Turkey Threatens To Reignite European Migrant Crisis

Comment – this is the use of human migrants and refugees as an Immigration Weapon of “Mass” Destruction (I-WMD). This is similar to the Teutonic military strategy of catapulting the plague ridden bodies over the wall into the city under siege. The “city” in this case is Europe and the United States. So Mass Immigration overwhelms the social safety net, stresses government resources, creates ethnic conflicts, creates moral conflicts, creates religious conflicts, and brings in diseases.

The moral value of “Humanity” is used to justify this, but it is an inhuman tactic – that should give a hint who is behind it. All roads lead to Rome.

US Army Major (Ret.): Could President Trump Actually End The Afghan War?

Comment – The Afghan war is about drugs, black money, human misery, and destroying the human soul. This is a repeat (or extension) of the Opium Wars and the same bloodlines are behind it.

US begins nuclear chicken game with Russia

Comment – Oh great! Just do not play roulette or we will have a bunch of dead chickens.

 US Eyeing Militarization Of Antarctic As Well As Arctic

Comment – Oh good, what could possibly go wrong. An agreement that is Fallen. Doesn't seem like anybody are being Angels here!

US monitoring Hong Kong as Chinese forces amass at border

Comment – Not very good odds!

We Just Witnessed 3 Major Developments That Could Easily Lead To Global War

Comment – 3? I am up to 7, and that is here on Earth.

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

“We're Already Starting To Ration Our Corn” – Perfect Storm Could Send Spot Prices Higher

Comment – Wait till it becomes all food.

Faster Water Cycle Brings Worries of Increased Drought and Flooding in the United States

Comment – Just more evidence that our existing Farming practices need a serious revamping.

From Texas To Missouri To South Carolina To Colorado To Washington State, ANP Readers See The Big Picture

Comment – Oh look, a food shortage is beginning. Surprise Surprise!

Irrigation tunnel collapses and cuts off 100,000 acres of farmland in Wyoming and Nebraska

Comment – When Technology Fails! So what to you think is going to happen to our overused and under repaired infrastructure when its design criteria is exceeded ten fold?

US Farmer Crisis: China's US Soybean Purchases Plunge To 2004 Lows

Comment – when a farm goes bankrupt it is generally disassembled at auction. It takes 5 years and an incredible amount of skill to build a farm. It takes 5 hours and a loudmouth auctioneer to destroy a farm. We are the only species that willfully destroys our own food production. Well Done!

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lied to the world! “Under control,”

Comment – Nothing to worry about – just 3 China Syndrome nuclear reactor meltdowns pumping continuous radiation into one of the largest food stocks on the planet. But we must stay politically correct!

Gray Swan – Trucking Industry Collapse

Trucker Bust Begins As Oversupply Plagues Freight Industry, Spot Rates Crash

Comment – No Truckers = No Food Delivery!

J.C. Cole

American Heritage Farms

building Safe Haven locations

Just in Time (JIT)  Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

DOC (13 Pages):  American Gray Swans – Week 31 – False Flag Hat Trick

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