J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week 32 – The Epstein Debacle

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American Gray Swans – Week 32 – The Epstein Debacle

Dam, I did not want to discuss this scum of humanity in the Gray Swans, but it is a good example of a Multi Dimensional Chess Game playing out.

Whatever actually happened, whether he committed suicide, was hit, was removed, was exchanged, was cloned, or won the Israeli Mossad “Get Out Of Jail” card, there seems to be at least 1 similar outcome – and that is Continuity of Government. If he opened his mouth in court it really could have been the collapse of many Western Governments, not to mention a few Royal Houses, and maybe a religion or two.

This is a classic example of where the Dunning-Kruger American public will think in checkers and what this single move immediately meant verses the multi-dimensional chess move and its ramifications 30 moves down the road. It seems somebody is keeping the dominoes from falling, even if they are corrupt immoral illegal and possibly not human.

I have no clue what the outcome of this chess move will be, but it does highlight whatever is playing out is way above our ability to ascertain, especially with the limited information we are “allowed” to have, or can verify.

This does support my theory that whatever is happening, it seems an Event(s) is coming and that the Governments know about it, and that a collapse of Western government may worsen the preparations for the Event (at least for the controllers). So while it seems all of America is focused on the drama “Murder on the Lolita Express”, I am focused on what is the possible Event and what can we do about it.

It seems the Russians and Chinese are preparing safety for a large percentage of their populations, and the US Government has done virtually nothing to protect our population at large. Thanks Guys!

So whatever the Event is, be it an EMP, a Solar Minimum, a World Financial Crash, a Pandemic, a World War, or even as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley’s said “ Little Green Men ” – the most we can do is create a truly Sustainable Farm.

That is sustainable in Agriculture, Environment, Energy, Finance, and Security. Basically a Sustainable Lifeboat to handle whatever Event is coming.

One would think that part of Gen. Milley’s responsibilities would be to help create the most resilient and diversified Food Grid in America instead of leaving us wide open for collapse caused by any of the 13 American Gray Swans. Military Strategy 101 – Cut the supply lines.

Oh look, Putin is creating farming, and the Chinese are buying up the most fertile farm land on the globe including ours. I bet these guys are so smart they are even hardening their electric grids – gee, what great ideas?

The Gray Swans are events that are either guaranteed to happen, or have a high probability of happening that will shut down our Just in Time (JIT) Delivery system leaving a majority of Americans with no food. In the position we are currently in, it is simply a matter of time. If we do not reposition with a diversified sustainable farming Food Grid – it is over for us. That simple.

These are news articles just from this week verifying the Gray Swans.

Gray Swan – Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology

China’s Giant Ionosphere-Zapping Radar Is Weaponry Masquerading as Science

Comment – Did somebody mention Tesla Technology? You mean like HAARP, and Woodpecker?

Of course this is a Conspiracy Theory if used by the military and as the article points out “The conspiracy theories don’t hold up, of course.” Why do we know this? Because the CIA told us so!

And it is absolutely absurd to think an earthquake could be triggered like at China Lake Navel Weapons Base forcing the Navy to evacuate, just coincidently 4 days after a Russian secret mini spy sub caught on fire killing 7 Admirals. I am sure it is all coincidence.

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

“Heading Towards A Waterfall” – Fourth Turning Economics

Comment – quote – “With global debt now exceeding $250 trillion, up 60% since the Crisis began, and $13 trillion of sovereign debt with negative yields” what could possibly go wrong?

“The Average American Should Be Terrified”

Comment – I am not sure why people aren’t figuring out that if we have a financial collapse the JIT system stops delivery, and the food is on average 1,500 miles away. This is exactly what happened when the Soviet Union collapsed except their food was between 15 and 30 miles away.

Why our leaders are doing nothing about this seems to indicate either ignorance or they have been compromised. In either case, we are screwed.

“The End Of The World As We Know It” – China Going Nuclear Means There’s No Turning Back Now

Comment – Crap, better get on Ebay real quick and buy all the useless stuff we don’t need before the tariffs kick in.

BTW – did you ever really think of what you would need if the electricity went out for a year, or two?

“We Only Needed A Trigger” – Iron Ore Plunges Into Bear Market

Comment – This is just 1 trigger for only financial. There are at least 12 others, and some of those are hair triggers.

“We’re In A Quagmire”: Global Markets Tumble On Trade War Fears

Comment – we are more than in a Quagmire – we are totally f…ed if the JIT system goes down.

“You’re Not Losing Your Mind… Everyone Else Is”

Comment – please note in the other Charles Dickens famous book A Christmas Carol they had a snow ball fight in London and Scrooge was famous for being tight fisted on coal for heat. It was the tail end of the last mini-ice age. Now we are entering the next mini-ice age.

In our present position, if a Gray Swan lands there will not be any Goose for Christmas Dinner. So let us change our positioning.

Active Asset Managers Are Facing A $74 Trillion Problem

Comment – Somehow I do not think they are talking about extreme weather changes when they say “We’re clearly at a watershed moment”.

Chinese Yuan Crashes to New Record Low as Global Markets Tumble

Comment – the Currency wars are going to be brutal, but if we have food we will get through them.

Consumer Credit Rises To Record $4.1 Trillion As Student, Auto Loans Hit All Time High

Comment – Here is the real issue. We can not do anything but move forward until some form of collapse happens. The issues simply can not be solved without some form a catastrophe.

If the catastrophe collapses the JIT system than I guarantee you nothing else will matter. Your 401k, IRA, portfolio, precious metals, and cash will not matter if there is no food.

Global Stocks Crash, VIX Surges, Europe Tumbles As Currency War Begins

Comment – History shows Currency Wars lead to Real Wars. Does anybody see that on the horizon?

Greyerz – Most People Don’t Understand The Scale Of The Collapse That Is In Front Of Us

Comment – I agree, it dwarfs any financial collapse. But the scale of the financial collapse people can not even wrap their head around. How do you make sense of $1.4 Quadrillion Derivatives? We have a perfect storm of collapse that is now here. World Food production collapse, a Solar Minimum, World Financial collapse, a World War, an Environmental Collapse.

The Hopi say it clearly – the ending of the 4th world based on “Service to Self”, and the beginning of the 5th world “Service to Others” if we make it. They also say 6 billion will not make it. See any evidence of this? Gee do you think food might be important?

It seems we have 2 choices – continue on the daily “hamster wheel” ignoring the obvious, or create the most sustainable farms possible.


Comment – Here is an example how the government can change your cash flow in a day! And also control your communications. If you do not think it can be done here in America, you showed your ignorance of our history.

HSBC CEO Abruptly Ousted, Bank Slashes 4,000 Jobs As Profit Outlook Plunges

Comment – Oh look, turmoil at the famous “Opium Wars” financial institution. I am surprised the Chinese even tolerate these guys after what they did. Remember, the Chinese think long term. The Americans think till their next Starbuck’s Latte. Ouch!

Is China Hoarding Food, Gold And Other Commodities In Anticipation Of A Global Collapse?

Comment – As I said before – it looks like they know what is going to happen, and are preparing for it.

Gee, according to the FBI they qualify as Domestic Terrorists for hoarding! So does the the US Military that have the DUMBs and are preparing but even the FBI is not that dumb to call them out …. I think.

Kyle Bass – It’s A MASSIVE “Can’t Pay,” Plus Expect This To Propel Gold Even Higher

Comments – Dominoes – the whole financial world is dominoes.

Malaysia Criminally Charges 17 Goldman Executives In 1MDB Scandal

Comment – Look Shocked! Not Goldman, not the most notorious name in the swamp! Not the monopoly holders of the Sec. of Treasury position since Robert Ruben. Tungsten anyone?

New Tariffs, Stocks Plunge, Manufacturing Falls Again And More Layoffs – But Everything Is “Fine”

Comment – I think most Americans do realize it, but what can they do? If they get off the hamster wheel they have no food to feed the family with.

Nomura: We Are Headed For A Second “Lehman-Like Shock” Selloff

Comment – That is the 2nd Shock, what about the 3rd, 4th, 5th ect.

Retail Apocalypse Claims Latest Victim: Barney’s Files For Bankruptcy; Blames Rising Rents, Fewer Customers

Comment – What about “Unsustainable” does nobody see. Walk through any shopping mall. $150 sunglasses, and $25 baseball hats. Since Radio Shack went bankrupt I don’t go in malls. By the way – make sure you have a Short Wave Radio.

Stocks Give Up Gains As Germany Denies Climate-Change Fiscal Irresponsibility

Comment – Germany will raise debt to fight (Climate-Change) a Solar Minimum. Didn’t they Germans ever read on Icarus? You can’t fight the Sun and expect to win.

And who talked the Germans into that? Oh look, the UN and the Vatican. Well I guess that is one way to go.

Ron Paul : Congress Spending Surge is National Suicide

Comment – This just proves my point. Something else is happening that is way more destructive than a financial collapse.

If you knew the ship was sinking and there was nothing you could do about it, would you really care about your debt at the ships credit window? No, just the opposite, you would max out your credit and get as many useful assets as possible for the lifeboat.

Meanwhile everybody else (the Dunning-Kruger crowd) is watching the ships entertainment system of “An American Idiot” or “Dancing with the Pedophiles”. It is called distraction. This special weekly show – “Murder on the Lolita Express”.

Did you notice the super rich are making “Bug Out” locations with bunkers? ie Lifeboats! (Hint hint)

The Swiss Battle To Cheapen The Franc

Comment – Now I am not going to shed any tears for the Swiss Gnome Bankers, but I can empathize with them on trying to keep a fiscal balance in this world of twits.

When You Get An Email Like This From The Fed, It May Be Time To Panic

Comment – I panicked a long time ago when I found the Fed’s fraud. So tell me, how is it that 2 Japanese get arrested (speaking of Switzerland) with $135 billion in bearer bonds, and then let go? Wow – that case disappeared quick.

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)

Blackout Strikes London As UK Power Grid “Experiences A Major Incident”

Comment – Doesn’t it look a tad suspicious that there have been blackouts in NYC, DC, Wisconsin, Venezuela, and now London. Surely they all can’t be mis-designed and overloaded by air-conditioning. Let us not forget Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, parts of China and Brazil.

UK Power Blackout After Nuked Russian Military Base Goes Into Lockdown

Comment – Oh look, 4 days after a Russian military ammunitions depot blows up and the same day as Russian rocket engine explodes, the electricity for some unknown reason shuts off in Britain. I am sure it is all a coincidence, and not those pesky Rothschilds and their ridiculous world conquest conspiracy that does not exist.

North Korea Took $2 Billion in Cyberattacks to Fund Weapons Program

Comment – $2 billion? Beginners! They need to consult with the pros, the 5 banks that pleaded guilty in the $40 + trillion LIBOR scandal . They got fined about $50 billion, which is about 1/10th of a cent on the dollars stolen. Nice profit! We can’t even calculate the ROI because it wasn’t their investment in the first place.

Gray Swan – Pandemic (Human & Animal)

Bio-warfare experts question why Canada was sending lethal viruses to China

Comment – Oh good, our northern neighbors sending lethal viruses to the country we are getting in a trade war with, and maybe a real war.

Oh look, a table-top pandemic exercise by John Hopkins only took out half our population. You know, sometimes those Canucks are a little slow – viruses do not recognize northern borders.

US government shuts down military lab studying Ebola and the plague over safety fears

Comment – so much for Maryland being a Bug Out location!

The CDC issues a “Cease-and Desist” notice citing a number of safety concerns!

Holy Cow! That means the Bat Shit Crazy Conspiracy Theorists where correct!

But the CIA told us Conspiracy Theories don’t exist. And the FBI just told us that Conspiracy Theorists are domestic terrorists!

But wait, wouldn’t that make the FBI the domestic terrorists supporting the release of Ebola?

Is Ebola Evolving Into a More Deadly Virus?

Comment – That is what happens when military laboratories experiment on it.

Mozambique sets up Ebola screening at Malawi border

Comment – a great reason for a wall. And AR guns.

The source of the Lyme epidemic
Comment – What? Ticks & Biowarfare! That sounds like something the Nazis would think up. Coincidence?

Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

China scientists warn of global cooling trick up nature’s sleeve

Comment – Oh look! The Chinese are saying global cooling is on its way, and there is no room for complacency or inaction.

Our problem – those last 2 words define our government – “Complacency and Inaction”. Hey, how about that Joint Chiefs of Staff and Trump administration doing nothing to create Food Security. Don’t they know that if there is a Civil War over food they won’t be able to play golf!

Denver proposes business energy tax, city office targeting climate change

Comment – another example of a false “Cause & Effect”. “Man Made Carbon” causes “Global Warming” therefore we will tax you. Like a tax will stop anything.

First – the science they use to justify the “Cause” is created by government paid scientists. This is the same as Monsanto’s scientists providing data that Round-Up is harmless.

Second – the proposals “have been crafted behind closed doors with zero input from the community.”

and you wonder who the Nazi/Communists are?

From golf ball-sized to grapefruit-sized, hail slams parts of Twin Cities metro

Comment – Grapefruit size hail dropping at terminal velocity! Do you think that may impact food production a tad?

Germany To Tax Sausage To Fight ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Comment – And here is an excellent example of how the globalists use lies to increase our taxes and control food. Notice, they are pro-actively making decisions while the debate on climate change is unsettled. Understand the battle is coming down to who controls energy, water, and food. And it appears these people are not even human – who does pedophilia and child sacrifice?

Holy hail storm: Grapefruit-sized hail batters Edmonton-area

Comment – And now in Canada – first it was lime size, then orange size, now grapefruit size … when it gets to watermelon size you better have an underground bunker. Does anybody see a pattern forming?

We have time to invest in hail-resistant growing systems now.

Kerala India floods Live: 30 families feared missing after landslide yesterday

Comment – India is getting hit much harder than normal by the monsoons

New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’

Comment – Oh look , stated by a world expert on Sea Level Change that the UN is using as a tool “Man Made Climate Change”. Quote – “Its a wonderful way of controlling Taxation, controlling People”. Gee, what a surprise, an organization (the UN) created by the Rothschilds, and supported by George Bush Sr. to lead the New World Order trying to control people.

Do you think the UN controlling “energy and water” worldwide would control food production?

What a coincidence – Henry Kissinger – Grand Poo-bah Zionist – “…. control food and you control people”.

Oh look, the organization created by the Zionists and Nazis wants to control food production.

Severe thunderstorms are set to sweep the East Coast and Mid-West

Comment – Yup, a tornado in NJ – that is normal! Oh, the storm hit Baltimore – It must be a White Supremacist storm.

Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum

Comment – Now there is a concept!

A climate catastrophe that can not be stopped by human means! Russian fires now bigger than Denmark: 13 million hectares gone

Comment – That basically means New Taxes can not do anything except give raises to the administrators that passed them. (hint hint)

More than a million evacuated as Super typhoon Lekima smashes into China’s East coast

Comment – as the Solar Minimum gets worse, more and more people will be displaced. Also more and more food production will get destroyed.

What is spooking the whales? Scientists are mystified as another 20 pilot whales died

Comment – Oh crap! An indication that our magnetic fields are changing? Must be either the Russians or Farting Cows.

Gray Swan – Civil War

How the VA ‘red-flags’ patriots

Comment – “The road to hell is paved by good intentions”. The VA can claim “good intentions” but it is actually violating the Constitutional Rights of the people that defended us, and meanwhile starting a Civil War. I wonder who pulls their strings?

This does have a lot of similarities to the Bolsheviks (Khazarians) registering the Russian veterans who had guns, and then killing them. What do you think Veteran Administration Comrades?

Things You Can Count On When The UN Is Brought In to Quell Racial Unrest Resulting From False Flag Attacks

Comment – Many believe that if the UN (Rothschild Army) is brought in for any reason to police the US then a Civil War will break out.

MSNBC Contributor: ‘I Want Pitchforks and Torches Outside’ Trump Donor’s House in the Hamptons

Comment – Oh somebody has been reading the Gray Swans! “Pitch Forks and Torches”. Technically I wrote “be prepared for a wave of peasants with torches, pitch forks, and hanging ropes”. I didn’t mean Libtard peasants, I meant the screwed Middle Class.

Also, it is not wise to bring a pitch fork to a gun fight – but then again that is why they are nick-named Lib-TARDs. Most people living in the Hamptons can afford anything they want. That includes a 338 Lapua in which if a Libtard was standing in Sag Harbor he would still be within range. And because he knows nothing about firearms, it does not qualify under Nanjing Nancy’s definition of an Assault Rifle – so it is allowed. Even if Beijing Bloomberg’s (BB for short) wet dream of a 3 round magazine happened, a 338 Lapua would still work just fine.

Paul Craig Roberts Slams The FBI’s “Open Invitation To Tyranny”

Comment – The FBI document says that conspiracy theories “are usually at odds with official or prevailing explanations of events.”

Really? 3 Steel Span buildings collapse in less than 10 seconds when only 2 planes hit them. The FBI needs to go. They obviously can not do 3rd grade math.

20 Dead, 26 Injured In El Paso Mall Attack

Comment – Many believe this shooting, along with others, are False Flags created to bring the country into a Civil War.

The Official Narrative of this event has many discrepancies including how many shooters there was, the lack of magazines for claimed bullets fired, ect. Most probably the court file will be sealed, just like a majority of other events.

Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

Comment – So it seems the FBI is creating a False Narrative.

Another Mass Shooting Leaves 9 Dead, 26 Injured In Dayton, Ohio Bar District

Comment – That shooting events are back to back implies they are running out of time.

Breaking “Chicago 40 People Shot 3 Dead”

Comment – This clearly shows that legislation does not control violence, nor gun violence. Further that our inner cities are getting so violent that a Civil War can break out there.

Chicago Hospital Stops Accepting Gunshot Victims After Trauma Center Overwhelmed

Comment – this clearly shows that our social safety net systems are not working. All you have to do is research knife violence in the United Kingdom to see the issue is not the weapon but the people.

GRAPHIC: Narco-Terrorists Hang Bodies from Overpasses in Mexico – 19 Hung or Dismembered

Comment – for the extreme Libtards – Mexico has some of the tightest & stringent gun laws in the Western Hemisphere. There, the common people can not defend themselves. Then why is there gun crime? Because criminals don’t follow the law.

BTW – if you don’t want to own a gun and protect yourself, that is fine, be a soft target. We need to reduce the surplus population.

Mexico’s Murder Rate Soars To Highest In History As Narco Shootouts Plague Capital

Comment – a neighboring country of 130 million is going into chaos. What do you think the chances of it spilling over into America is? Oh, it already started, and there is a distinct organized effort to have tens of thousands come across the border.

More Than 1 Billion Euros Of Cocaine Seized In Record German Bust

Comment – I am missing something. If the IRS can find a missing $10 Starbuck’s receipt on our tax return, and our satellites can read the writing on a dime from space, and the NSA knows everything I have telecommunicated since puberty – than why can we not find the multi-billion dollar (maybe trillion dollar) drug industry destroying our families, culture, and children?

Gun Sales Surge After Mass Shootings, Trump Gun Control Promise

Comment – Americans are voting with their wallets. We insist on the ability to protect ourselves.

Henry Kissenger-s Food Genocide Plan Against Human

Comment – Here is a video showing how our food supply is polluted and controlled. This is straight out of the Nazi handbook.

McAfee Offers Latest Advice For Coming Civil War: “Arm Yourselves To The Fu*king Teeth”

Comment – Obviously things are getting tense. I recommend to the Liberals – please write your Congress-person and complain. If not successful, continue to do so until the law changes. Buy more pink pussy hats to wear in demonstrations. Put up signs on your lawn – “No Guns Here – we support Obama & Hillary”.

For the Conservatives – arm yourself to the teeth, take lessons, and get 3 times the ammo you think you need and read James Wesley Rawles books.

Opioid Distributors Propose $10 Billion Settlement To Make Flood Of Lawsuits Go Away

Comment – How about Treason charges? I think that would dramatically reduce the supply.

Does this opioid epidemic not resemble the Opium Wars created by the British?

Outrage after two white Texas cops are pictured on horseback leading handcuffed black man by a ROPE

Comment – this could start a civil war, and I would be on the side of the oppressed. Are they serious that those police did not radio in that they had a suspect and needed transportation? Or is this another set up?

Times Square: Panic as motorcycle backfire sends crowds running in New York

Comment – seems like we are properly programmed for panic! A little more and we will start reporting on family, friends, and neighbors – straight out of Orwell’s 1984, and also the Soviet system. Oh wait, we have Red Flag laws so they can do it legally.

Toxic, treasonous media pushing “white supremacist” hoax and hit lists of Trump supporters in desperate scheme to drive America into civil war

Comment – Divide and Conquer

Trump Calls For ‘Red Flag’ Laws To Stop ‘Dangerous’ Individuals From Buying Guns

Comment – a few more Red Flag arrests should do it and ignite a Civil War. Nice Job Mr. President.

Unconstitutional and Tyrannical Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws Are Coming

Comment – Here is a good article on the problems with a Red Flag Law.

Tucker Carlson Rails Against The Left’s ‘Frenzy of Racial Hatred’: ‘This is the Path to Civil War’

Comment – a good short video summary by Tucker Carlson. As I have said, someone is trying to start a Civil War.

We’re All Enemies of the State: Draconian Laws, Precrime & the Surveillance State

Comment – I would just get ready, this will be ugly.

Gray Swan – WW III

America reportedly wants to station missiles in northern Australia

Comment – Look, we have to protect our (not so) secret underground bases. Aussies don’t get your panties in a bunch just because it makes Australia a first strike target. You know China is going take over Australia and New Zealand as you are both the largest and closest food stocks.

For the billionaires thinking to escape to New Zealand I recommend starting to learn Mandarin now, it is a very difficult language and you will need it in the work camps.

As US Ditches INF, Mid-Range Missiles To Be Deployed In Asia “Within Months”

Comment – well there is a good time-line for us. I would get that last vacation into Down Under while you have the chance. It might be green glass the next time.

Explosions at Siberian Arms Depot Injure 12, State of Emergency Declared

Comment – wow , look at that. Another Russian military factory blows up on Aug 5. I dealt with the Russians for 18 years, and they really can become quite nasty when pissed off.

Global Times Shows Dramatic Video Of Chinese Army Preparing For Hong Kong Invasion

Comment – Great, we get to watch our demise on TV.

India Absorbs Kashmir; WAR with Pakistan now foregone conclusion

Comment – I think this makes the 7th location that WW III can ignite, and it is starting to look like they are all timed together.

Heavy Clashes Erupt Between Indian, Pakistani Forces In Kashmir

Comment – But leave it to the Indians and Pakistanis to cut the line.

Iran is reportedly jamming ship GPS navigation systems to seize them

Comment – Oh look at the vulnerability of GPS! Thank you US Central Command for verifying the Gray Swan that is out of your control.

I could have some questions for US Central Command

1) How many foreign wars has Iran been in, and how many the US been in, in the last 100 years?

2) How many times did the Iranian authorities lie to its people bringing them into major wars?

and how many times did the US Government lie to its people bringing them into major wars?

What do they say – you lost the moral high ground, and a long time ago.

Iran seizes another tanker in the Gulf, state media say

Comment – The Brits should not have started violating International Law.

Nearly 90 percent of B-1B bombers not ready for war, top Air Force general says

Comment – Maybe now is not a good time to piss off the Russians, or the Chinese, or the North Koreans, or the Iranians. How about we give peace a chance!

But I do have a question for DOD – If you did not repair your B-1B bombers, what did you do with the $21 trillion that is missing? Did you invest it with Bernie Madoff, or give it to the Israelis?

North Korea Fires “Unidentified Projectiles” Into East Sea, Warns Of “Heavy Price” To Be Paid

Comment – Do you think we can get them to wait until our B-1s are repaired?

Russia reveals its new ‘Hunter’ stealth combat drone

Comment – Looks a little familiar, I wonder if any of our Senators had something to do with that? 3,000 mile range. I hope the Russians do not copy Obama drone striking wedding parties, paybacks will be a bitch.

Russia Will Be Forced To Deploy Banned Missiles If US Does: Putin

Comment – the chess game is getting tense.

Ukraine Triggered After Leather-Clad Putin Attends Biker Rally In Crimea

Comment – Why don’t people read the history of Crimea? And also see that Russia has the right under an International Treaty to bring troops to protect their Southern Fleet in Crimea just like we do at Guantanamo in Cuba.

And why did the US State Department fund $5 billion to overthrow the Ukraine Government as admitted by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland? What was it she told the EU to do, oh that is right – “F off”. Nice diplomatic training!

NATO is outnumbered 6 to 1 by Russia in Eastern Europe, what do you think Las Vegas is giving for odds?

UN Plans New Global Censorship Push to Combat “Hate Speech”

Comment – now why would anyone want to have hate speech against one of the most corrupt organizations in the world (formed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers) that is trying to get total control over world use of water, energy, and food production? And didn’t insiders say the UN Military actions has a reported 65,000 cases of accused rape!

But they have nice pretty blue helmets!

Violent Chaos Breaks Out In Hong Kong: Police Stations Set On Fire

Comment – I wonder what Las Vegas is giving as odds for the start of WW III

1 – NATO and Russia in Eastern Europe
2 – Venezuela/Russia and US
3 – US and China in South China Sea
4 – China and Taiwan
5 – Israel and Iran
6 – US and Iran
7 – Syria/Russia and NATO
8 – India and Pakistan
9 – and the underdog – the Balkins
10 – and the possible newbie – Antarctica!

I would be real careful in Antarctica, the last time the US got it’s ass kicked and Admiral Byrd had to retreat.

Watch: Nazi Quest For The Holy Grail Exposed

Comment – Hey, where did all the Nazis go? Great book by Jim Marrs – Rise of the Forth Reich. What was it that Admiral Bird said after getting his ass kicked in Antarctica?

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

Fukushima rocked by strong 6.2 earthquake – Ring of Fire on alert

Comment – Rocking & Rolling Karaoke anybody? Looks like the Earth is expanding and nobody wants to tell us.

Was this the Israelis coming back for the 4th China syndrome, or was this really Mother Nature this time?

Either way, don’t you think it is a really bad idea to place Nuke Plants near fault zones, or vulnerable to tsunamis, or dam failures, or droughts, or terrorism? Hey, what a common theme – nuke plants are a really bad idea. But it is methane from AOC’s farting cows that will kill us! Glad we have our priorities straight!

NASA Circling DC-8 Jet Around San Andreas Fault Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Comment – 1st off – no conspiracy theories because the FBI says you are a domestic terrorist. NASA was just sightseeing, consistently, over only one spot, for 2,000 miles.

Six underwater volcanoes found hiding in plain sight
Comment – I advised last Gray Swan – buy Grappa now if you like it. Oh look, 6 volcanoes found off Sicily!

Volcano erupts on Italian island of Stromboli, killing at least 1

Comment – I guess you could play the futures market on Grappa, as long as the markets exists. Stromboli went off last month, and Etna the month before. Does anybody see a pattern here?

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

China Will Not Be Able To Hurt Them”: Trump Hints At Third Farm Bailout

Comment – No Farms = No Food. Better create a diversified small farm Food Grid while we have the time Mr. President.

“Worst Year Ever”: China’s Ban On US Ag Products Will Be A Death Blow For Countless Farms

Comment – do not let any farms go bankrupt. It takes 5 years and hard work to create a farm. It takes 5 hours and a loud mouth auctioneer to destroy a farm.

We are the only species that willingly destroys its own food production. And we have a collapse of World Food Production beginning.

Farm Crisis Spreads As US Corn Exports Plunge To 19-Month Low

Comment – the Perfect Nightmare is forming in American farming. If you like to eat, maybe pay attention.

– loosing a large customer
– flooded lands
– aging expertise, and not being replaced
– regionalized production
– deteriorating soil conditions
– force pesticide use
– collapsing trucking industry

Here Are The Signs The US Gov’t Is Preparing For Farmageddon

Comment – what they need to prepare for is the collapse of World Food Production.

Another Blow To U.S. Farmers: China Suspends Agricultural Imports

Comment – The private sector better get engaged or you will not have an endowment for your kids.

Gray Swan – Trucking Industry Collapse

Collapse In Trucking And PMI An Ominous Sign For The Economy

Comment – Understand – trucking collapsed when the Soviet Union collapsed. If our trucking collapses we have no food, no medicine, no fuel.

Derail: Traffic Declines Across US Railroads Signals Broad Industrial Slowdown

Comment – rail is also important. Our country survives on transportation.

Truckers angry over $500 fines for parking at Kentucky Walmart

Comment – Insult to injury

J.C. Cole
American Heritage Farms
building Safe Haven locations

Just in Time (JIT) Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

DOC (14 Pages):  American Gray Swans – Week 32 – The Epstein Debacle

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