Yoda: Is Zionism a Symptom Not a Threat?

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Alert Reader — someone who reads as much as Robert Steele but along different even higher lines of reflection — writes in after Phi Beta Iota said about Polly 3:

“Phi Beta Iota: Polly rocks, but she is still missing the whole picture, the Nine Veils of Evil. Epstein is the pimple on the Zionist ass.  Until you get that, you don’t get it at all, and everything else is chatter.  Totally agree with reference to David Icke, here is Robert Steele’s 40-page summary of Icke’s 741-page book, and a recent Icke interview.

I agree completely with PBI Comment but everyone has a role to play in lifting as many veils as possible (I bet you’re missing a few too, like all of us) and what’s important is to do it progressively so as to reach a maximum of people at whatever level they are right now. We need the Pollys and Tracy Beanz of this world because not everyone can absorb the entire truth all at once.

David Icke is not for the beginners. Nor are Ben Fulford or David Wilcock. Nor are you, hence the attacks you’re under too, mostly from people who are scared shitless of having to face reality or are being manipulated to be part of a troll conspiracy to defame and diminish.

Zionism is not the cause of anything but a symptom of something much, much deeper. What is at its origin as a concept is the cause and it is NOT and never was human, but getting people to look at energy as life source versus human puppets as ultimate guilty parties when life ceases, in a strictly dualistic world (God good, Satan bad), is a daunting task.

I don’t know how you feel about Gregg Braden or Nassim Haramein: they still fly way over my head on many subjects (most of them) but the energic resonance is there: they tap into something that I know I once knew and which was taken away from me, hence my birth in that genetically inadaptive family of mine.

Hell, I had to go through so many different sources over decades (since my birth, actually), starting with Robert Charroux, Jacques Bergier and Louis Pauwels and moving on to Hancock, Bassett, Greer, Dolan, Moulton-Howe, 911 and holocaust doubters and the list is endless…

Believe me, from where you sit, you may not realize how very close to TRUTH humans are despite all their trials and tribulation, and yet how desperate they are —  by programming over their lifetime — to escape from the truth  in order to “fit in”.

Why? Because somewhere along the way, they learned that material (therefore materialistic) life was all there is to life and death was the absolute worse they must dread, with the threat of eternity in hell, whatever that means. What a good job religion accomplished!

I don’t knock anyone anymore, except anyone and anything purporting to derail people from learning, by censoring anything or willfully and intentionally spreading disinfo. Censoring — and lying — are manifestations of evil.

It feels like a race against time and yet… patience is the key if we want to reach people where they are. Kinda sucks, doesn’t it? Especially when we see and visualize how beautiful it truly was once and how fast and with such little effort it could be recovered.

Which is why, in my humble views, removing fear of death is the first and foremost priority. And notice how all the civilizations which never feared death have been systematically and methodically genocided, no matter WHO the genocider was..

On balance, I see the public waking up. Each of us willing to  think critically and able to refuse censorship is part of that awakening. I think you are right, Zionism is over, but Zionism is a symptom, not the threat. The threat is the dark energy forces  that thrive on fear and pedophilia and adrenochrome, on war and body parts and human slavery, and that is why David Icke matters so much, along with the others looking at types of energy, consciousness, and the larger cosmic scheme of things.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: As much as I (and my extension, EIN and PBI) have been focused on Truth & Reconciliation, this comment brought me up short. I realized I was not being as kind to the Zionists as I could be.  They can and should be treated as “possessed” and our goal should be to not only end Zionism, but free Zionists from possession.  Most Jews — despite their closed culture that treats all non-Jews as “sub-human” against whom anything goes, no morals need apply — have begun to realize that the Zionism is killing Judaism. New expulsion edicts as well as stalking in the streets loom and I for one certainly do not wish to go there. I embrace Alert Reader’s guidance going forward. America First includes our getting it right here at home and never again being a tool of the Zionists or the Deep State against others.



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