Berto Jongman: CIA Clown Show — Garbage Man as “Top Spy” and the Framing of Donald Trump UPDATE 1

Government, Ineptitude
Berto Jongman

CIA's Kremlin agent was a ‘lackey' who drank too much and complained about his pay, claim furious Russians as he is revealed to have swapped two-room Moscow apartment for $925,000 Virginia home

Phi Beta Iota: This is unprofessional across the board, starting with his being “placed” in a luxury mansion in the DC area rather than in witness protection.  This is also a clear attack on the President by Deep State minions within CIA who should be rooted out and heavily sanctioned. The media narrative — and the CIA narrative — are absolute bullshit — a “signature” of John Brennan.


Matt Taibbi Blasts The Smolenkov Saga As “Latest Pile Of BS Dumped On Us By Intel Agencies”

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