Gareth Porter: Why Evidence on Saudi Attack Does Not Matter

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Gareth Porter

Why Evidence of Iran’s Role in Attack Doesn’t Matter

The Trump policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran thus represents an extreme violation of a state’s right to participate in the global economy, without which a modern state cannot survive. It is the equivalent in trade terms of a naval blockade to starve a nation, and it would be universally recognized as an act of war if carried out by any other state in the world. Iran calls it “economic terrorism.”

In the context of these larger legal and moral issues, the question of the respective roles of Iran and the Houthis in the strike is a matter not just of tactical and propaganda significance but of fundamental principle. The shutdown of Abqiaq is the clearest signal possible from Islamic Republic that, as it has stated on several occasions, if the United States insists on depriving it from being able to sell oil, it will not allow the rest of the world’s oil to pass through the Strait of Hormuz.

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ROBERT STEELE: Gareth Porter is the top person I trust on the intersection of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the USA, but in this instance I am inclined to believe that the evidence points to an insider job, Israel with Saudi collaborators.  The US secret intelligence community has the ability to track things the size of a grapefruit (according for former DCI Bill Colby speaking at my 1994 conference — that was then,  today I think it is closer to an orange). This is no way we do not know with certainly who did it.  I believe the President is being lied to by Zionist collaborators in the secret intelligence world.


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