Yoda: Whither Our Understanding on Extraterrestrials, Human Trafficking, and Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)?

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Alert Ready writes in:

David Icke makes the point over and over that people fear consequences from speaking up but consequences do take care of themselves as they speak louder and louder.  David Icke went so far that, had he ever weakened in his resolve and steadfastness, he would be gone by now.

Same for Fulford.

Steven Greer has been relentless for decades, he was attacked from every angle, ridiculed, disparaged but he’s remained steadfast and won’t stop.

We are not fighting against co-opted individuals, people or countries but “principalities” we have been prevented from discovering or facing by design.  It is bigger than all of us and attacking each others here on Earth on emotions and pride, short of understanding what we are all facing collectively, weakens all of us.

We, humans, have been pawns of entities at war against each others from the very first day we came into existence, whatever the scientific means used to create us (which humans must never know, hence the fables close enough to real science but far enough to be unthinkable).”  The proof to me is that we have never been allowed to know our true history: “Give them enough conscience to conceptualize, create and invent but never enough for them to break free by questioning their role in the universe, lest they would become one of our dominating species.  Give them compassion and a sense of doing it all for the greater good to them.  Let them grow in numbers so that they all slave and do what we need.  When all of Earth resources have been depleted by their work, we’ll move elsewhere.”

The same way those entities brought us here to fight their proxy pillaging and wars, they will take us out when our job is done here, on Earth, and create other pawns elsewhere.  Their biggest fear is that… we would become one of them before they’re done with Earth and us.

Our own Bible told us everything we needed to know.  Where is God in all of it? Don’t know.  If God is the eternal interaction between energy and matter, it is neither good nor bad and the absence of either would result in what? Eternal nothingness?

ROBERT STEELE: My sorting of the 2000 or so books I have reviewed, while invited by John Petersen of the Arlington Institute, is something I have been meaning to do for some time.  The top three books I will be speaking to have literally blown my mind and caused me to lose faith in my government. CIA and NASA mind-control are especially troubling, as is trade in women and children includiing children being birthed as a cash crop. We are at a tipping point. I believe the controlling  elements Dr. Greer speaks to have failed, and humanity is fighting back with intelligence, integrity, and imagination. The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.  That is what the intelligence community should be doing.

I will be reviewing this book (which is being shadow-banned, it costs over $300), sent to me by a PhD MD who says it tracks with their own knowledge. As much as I loved Bob Hope and what he did for the troops, and as much as I do not wish to rush to judgment, the allegations in this book appears to be deeply credible and potentially explosive, especially if a modern figure such as Tom Hanks — who has been accused by Sarah Ashcroft — is found to be a murderous pedophile.  I have no direct knowledge.  I have a sense that we are at the very beginning of general public understanding of deeply rooted pervasive Satanic evil of which the extreme left is one manifestation, the Zionists another.


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