Mongoose: The Saudi Attack Was Done by Israel

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Bob Moriarty: This Is The Most Dangerous Time In History

Bob Moriarty: No shit. That was not a military mission, period. It wasn’t done by Iran. It wasn’t done by the Houthi Rebels. It was a political statement by somebody who wanted to encourage somebody to retaliate against either Yemen or Iran and you can try to figure out for yourself. But it was a political statement, it was not a military attack, period, okay?

Bob Moriarty: Here’s what’s really scary, because you talk about asymmetric warfare and opening Pandora’s box. This attack, it doesn’t make any difference who did it, just proves that every kid with the $99 drone has the potential to attack a major world power.

Now I’ll go you one better. I can’t absolutely prove it’s true, however there have been several reports of it. Which direction did the drones/cruise missiles come from?

Goldfinger: The east.

Bob Moriarty: No, they came from the northwest.

Goldfinger: The northwest would be Israel.

Bob Moriarty: Or Jordan.

Bob Moriarty: Like 1929 I think we’re going to have a high for the overall stock market in September, and we’re there right now. Then we’re going to have a major crash starting in October.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Robert Steele: I agree  that Israel, with Saudi collaborators, did the oil attack, and it was mostly cosmetic including burning barrels to simulate damage. What Mr. Moriarty does not factor into his predicted October crash are the surprises that President Donald Trump appears to be planing for October, including a Global Currency Reset moving to asset backed currency (liquidating a great deal of fake wealth “invented” by the Central Bankers to benefit themselves, perhaps a new Vice President, and perhaps some combination of a student debt jubilee and announcement of the planned cancellation of the federal income tax beginning in January 2020. There is no limit to the intelligence, integrity, and imagination our President can bring to bear. It is not for me to second guess him but I would predict the Mother of All Landslides if in addition to the above he starts to defend the Constitution, makes the deal with Iran, and introduced #UNRIG election reform act in time for Independents and Libertarians and others to take 100+ seats in 2022.

The biggest change in my mental model in the past three years is that I know how much I do not know.  From false flags to mind-control to extraterrestials to free energy, there appears to be so much represssion of truth as to be risking a violent revolution if it comes out too quickly.  This is why I pray that Q is right, trust the plan, let us all rise together. America is worth saving!

Those calling for regime change in Iran are idiots or paid shills for Israel. Iran is the adult in the region, I believe our President now understands that and also understands, as Henry Kissinger anticipated, that it is time to uninvent Israel and restore Palestine to the Palestinians.


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