Mongoose: Alain Soral Framed by Deep State and Zionists — Anti-Semitic “Trick” Used to Jail Critic of Grand Theft

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Anti-capitalism as the new Antisemitism? Alain Soral faces two years in prison for criticizing Capitalists

Phi Beta Iota: This particular extremist has a track record and has demonstrated that he is a slow learner.  What jumps out however is the degree to which judges are controlled and facts can be “interpreted” to arrive at conclusions that in essence frame someone for something they did not do.

The Zionist playbook is increasingly exposed and subject to national challenge.  Extreme rightists should always be suspect as Zionist-funded provocateurs and their hatred and disruption never accepted. Zionism needs to be defeated in the minds and hearts of the citizens of each country, starting with Jews and including the complete separation of church/synagogue and state.

As with the Ben Garrison case, where he was disinvited from the White House for a cartoon depicting two capitalists — Soros and Rothschild — as puppet-masters — the “interpretation” was that he was anti-Semitic which is far from the  truth — he has also been vilified by neo-Nazis (who may be Zionist provocateurs) such as Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer.

Zionist control over language (for example, labeling A-OK as a hate symbol, should be both mocked and legally attacked as a form of cyber-stalking, which is a federal felony in the USA.

Free Speech has to mean something.  President Donald Trump has been slow to defend the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, and  this is going to be an issue in the 2020 election. It is noteworthy that there are 27 anti-BDS laws that make it a felony to criticize Israel in 27 different US states — every legislator voting for such legislation should be investigated for having accepted bribes or been blackmailed, and run out of office by their constituents.

Our first challenge in the USA will be to clean up the courts of all the judges and prosecutors who are controlled by the Zionists with pedophilia and murderous pedophilia videos obtained via Jeffrey Epstein as controlled by Ghislaine Maxwell and the Mossad (funded by Les Wexner), and the other 49 entrapment cells that exist in every state of the USA.

We have faith in our President and “the plan” but the Heartland is losing patience with the persistent crimes against all of us by the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly.

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