Owl: Andrew Joyce, PhD: How Zionists Subvert Everyone Else

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Who? Who?

This article matters because it is the single best summary of the four ways in which Zionists, always using Jews as cod pieces, subvert everyone else:

  • Culture of Critique — silence everyone else
  • Culture of Tolerance — demoralize everyone else
  • Culture of Sterility — sterilize and poison everyone else
  • Culture of Usury — steal from everyone else (including intellectual property and tangible property purchased with invented wealth)

“The Necessity of Anti-Semitism”

Phi Beta Iota: The title is erudite but misleading for the average person. Zionism is not Judaism. Anti-Zionism is everyone’s duty, anti-Semitism is unacceptable (but individual Jews must be held accountable for treasonous and criminal acts in support of Zionism, which is state-sponsored terrorism).

As a minor note,  the word Semite actually applies to the people of Southwest Asia and the Jews originated in Eastern Europe, so anti-Semitism actually means anti-Arabism — at multiple levels, the Zionists are the most anti-Semitic and hateful people on the planet — they hate goyim, they hate Arabs, and they particularly hate Jews that are not part of the Satanic Chabad cult.


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