J. C. Cole: American Gray Swans – Week 37 – Depopulation.

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American Gray Swans – Week 37 – Depopulation.

Not a particularly charming subject, but certainly relevant. As an engineer we are trained to look at the evidence while removing emotion from our decision making process. It seems we have about 7.4 billion people on this spinning planet and it is increasing, and that with our current systems of government and decision making we are destroying our own environment.

We certainly have food growing systems that are in harmony with nature and the environment, but it seems we have a stunning amount of legislation to make these uneconomical if not directly illegal. We have no acceptable way of controlling population growth so obviously something is going to break.

On depopulation it looks like there are fast systems, and slow systems. Today let us review the fast systems and see if any are predictable – War, Famine, and Pandemics. History verifies these are quite effective. Please note – I am not saying these are deliberately created, nor accidentally, just that they are in place to happen.

War – and a world war at that. It seems there is presently at least 10 potential “Flash-Points” that could easily set off WW III. Of course if one flash point goes off, we can easily have a domino effect igniting the other flash points and the entire planet erupts in war.

1) Eastern Europe and the conflict between NATO and Russia.

2) The Middle East and the conflict between Israel and the Arab countries.

3) The Middle East and the conflict between Syria, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and NATO

4) South China Sea and the conflict between China and the US.

5) Hong Kong and the conflict between China and Hong Kong

6) Kashmir and the conflict between India and Pakistan.

7) Venezuela and the conflict between Venezuela, Russia, and the US.

8) The Arctic and the conflict between Russia and the US.

9) The former Yugoslavian territories and a resurgence of conflict between Balkan groups.

10) Space – the final frontier.

I am sure there are some more, but these 10 will do to make the point. Unfortunately it only takes a few agents from a parasitic bloodline feeding on human misery to ignite a Flash Point and it is Game On. If we go to WW III than virtually every expert agrees that the US main land will be hit this time, and hit hard. Long gone is when an ocean or two protected America. For us in America it could easily turn into a Blackout War and then virtually everything would be turned off.

Civil War – This would be one of the greatest force multipliers possible for an enemy of the United States. Divide and Conquer. Pit the right against the left in a bloody battle of brothers. An invading army would only need to come in and clean up the pieces, and as Albert Pike (reportedly) wrote – “once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion” and  “a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil”.  Does anybody see any entities trying to start Civil War? Coincidence?

Wow, look at that, it is so simple to shut down our supply lines by collapsing the “Just in Time” (JIT) Delivery system you would think somebody would have noticed it. It almost looks like it is deliberately being ignored and left open as a blackmail tool. Almost like why we have not hardened our electric grid. It is a good thing foreign agents have not blackmailed our Congress with things like pedophilia and sexual misdeeds because that would be treason. Our DOD must be naive to think our enemies not only see this, but have planned accordingly.

Famine – caused either by Mother Nature or man-made. Stalin seems to have provided an excellent example when he destroyed the Ukrainian Farms, confiscated the food, and shot or sent the farmers to the Gulags causing the Ukraine Famine. Too bad the farmers did not have guns to defend themselves. They must have had Beto O’Rourke advising them! Maybe they could have had flint-lock muskets against Mosin-Nagants (still a viable weapon of war – but not a semi-automatic, and without a magazine). About 4 million people died, only 13% of the Ukraine population. Do you think it should be mandatory for our political leaders to pass a world history test instead of winning wet T-shirt contests?

“Famine often achieves a socio-economic or military purpose, such as transferring land possession or clearing an area of population, since most flee rather than die,”

Oh look, if the JIT Delivery system goes down in America we have 2 weeks to fix it before a man-made famine hits the entire United States. I am sure it is all coincidence.

By the Way, how are our farmers doing? Oh crap, sorry for asking. Bankruptcies spiking, suicides spiking, farm labor education levels dropping. What is it about our species that destroys our own food supply? So the DOD can admit to loose $21 Trillion but we can’t keep our own farms afloat. I am not sure what they are defending us against if we all starve to death.

Pandemics – Mother Nature seems to have a “Checks & Balance” system in place for when populations get out-of-balance. Unfortunately it looks like a few of the world’s military have been able to figure this code out. Oh look, just this week a fire broke out at the secret Russian military biotechnology laboratory at Vector that houses plague, small pox, Ebola, and some others we don't even know about. Oops!

I do not mean to advise President Putin but in the last few months in Russia there was an ICBM factory that caught on fire, a secret mini spy submarine that caught on fire, a military arms depot that caught on fire, a nuclear missile engine that exploded, and now a bio-tech laboratory that caught on fire. Either the Russians are just learning how to play with matches or something else is going on. Coincidence?

A Pandemic is a insidious unbiased enemy as we can not see it and it infects virtually everybody. Even worse for us Americans it is a double edged sword. Besides a pandemic being able to spread throughout our country at lightening speed because of our air transportation links, a massive Pandemic will cause a collapse in the JIT delivery system and if the pandemic does not get us, then the famine probably will.

Unfortunately for us peasants it looks like all 3 of the Depopulation events have a high probability of coming our way, if not some guaranteed. WW III and a Civil War are both on the horizon, a Famine can easily be caused by the collapse of our JIT Delivery system and a Solar Minimum, and a Pandemic is inevitable. All are Gray Swans – predictable and devastating.

I recently wrote about Deagel.com, an allusive military advisory company that is forecasting a 70% drop in American population by 2025 just 5.5 years away. Very concerning, although this is not written in stone.

What is written in stone are the Georgia Guide Stones. Somebody apparently thinks the world population should be 500 million, a 90% population drop. Whether an expensive joke, or a serious warning, the Guide Stones have been up for 40 years. I have yet to hear any US politician discuss them, nor suggest they be taken down. Coincidence?

It is clear we are positioned for Depopulation, whether deliberately or by ignorance. If the JIT Delivery system goes down it facilitates all 3 of the greatest depopulation strategies – War, Famine, and Pandemic. Thus one of the best ways to strengthen and protect our country is to remove our vulnerability to a JIT system collapse. That can only be done by creating a massive investment in EMP proof locally owned Sustainable Farms throughout the country. This creates Food Security. This can be solved with one simple Executive Order.

I would like to suggest to President Trump that if the JIT system goes down than the restaurant at Mar-a-Lago will stop being supplied, along with the rich and shameless at Trump Tower, so it behooves him to sign the EO. Although the White House will have an ample supply of MREs. But I really would recommend trying one of those before the JIT system goes down. And have some Ex-lax stored as MREs tend to block the digestive system. Lord knows we can’t have the entire White House staff blocked up and constipated. Well, more than they normally are.

It almost looks like there is a battle going on between Good and Evil. But that would be a conspiracy theory, and we know those do not exist because both the FBI and CIA told us so.

Edmund Burke once said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” Evil is here, I suggest we act.

A Gray Swan is a predictable event that causes a catastrophe. America is positioned for many. They all have 1 thing in common, they collapse the Just in Time (JIT) Delivery system leaving the country with no food delivery – ie No Food Security. We are guaranteed to collapse in our present positioning.

Here are the approximately 50 articles from only last week supporting the approaching Gray Swans.

Gray Swan – Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)

The United States Suffered its First Cyber-attack on the Power Grid

Comment – What do you think – will there be more? Do you think we might be vulnerable?

How about we are standing butt naked in a field with our pants down around our ankles bent over waiting to get screwed! And it seems our government is too well paid to do anything about it. The question is – who is paying them?

Gray Swan – Credit & Financial Payments Collapse

 “Judging By Bond Markets, Economic Armageddon Is Just Around The Corner”

Comment – There is no doubt at some point a massive financial correction will happen, and when it does the credit markets collapse, and so does the JIT Delivery system. Nobody is going to send food if payment is not guaranteed.

“National Emergency” – US Business Formation Goes Negative

Comment – Now why would that be? Possibly because most of our markets are saturated, and virtually every government agency is a parasite?

$200 Billion Asset Manager Warns A Liquidity Crisis Is Coming

Comment – Liquidity – i.e. Cash – the life blood of commerce. Please try and send a $100,000 container of beef from Montana to NYC without Cash or a guarantee of payment.

An Unprecedented Collapse of the Global Financial System

Comment – Unprecedented, as in never seen before. We have had major financial debacles before like the (Black) Tulip Mania of the 1600’s, but food was always locally available. This is the first time in history where food comes from a few thousand miles away.

Biggest Inflation in the History of History Coming – Bill Holter

Comment – Don’t worry, I have you covered. I raise egg laying chickens as they are the easiest animal protein to raise. I anticipate 1 dozen eggs = 1 ounce of silver.

Consumer Credit Card Debt Explodes In July Despite Rates At 18-Year Highs

Comment – On the other side of all that debt, are the companies that lent it. Somebody is going to pay, the question is who? We could create debtors prisons – but we already lead the world in incarceration. Looks more like a Civil War to me.


Comment – A lot of firsts these days. The first time in history all currencies are Fiat. All governments are in the Red. The majority are hording gold. I can’t help but sense that they are expecting something, so no need to reset until after an Event.

Fictitious Markets, False Economics, and the Reality of Fraud

Comment – What is he talking about? I am still waiting for my multi-million dollar check promised by the Nigerians! Hey, how about that Social Security is now a “Benefit”!

Gold Prices Will Keep Rising Because Crash Conditions Are Becoming Obvious

Comment – Obvious? You mean like it is obvious that only 1% of Americans can raise food? And if any Gray Swan lands then food will not be delivered? You mean that type of Obvious?

Barter – 1 doz eggs for 1 Lamborghini, but only the 1st one because I don’t want 2.

Medical Debt is Crushing Many Americans. Is the Health Care System on the Verge of Collapse?

Comment – I think all debt is crushing Americans. We have entrapped our youth with over $1 trillion of student debt. Gee, even Molach only took the 1st born, we now financially sacrifice the majority of our youth.

Medieval Diseases, Homelessness, And Now Fears Of Leprosy In L.A.

Comment – check out the video, seeing is believing. Any signs of a financial collapse, a catalyst for a Civil War or the start of epidemics?

Moody's downgrades Ford to ‘junk' status on weak outlook

Comment – Somehow I don’t think Moodys is a biased Chevy or Dodge fan on which pick-up is the best (I run a Ford F-350 diesel), so what is up with this. Maybe an indication?

Oil To Hit $100? Half Of Saudi Oil Output Shut After Drone Strikes

Comment – I think you will be shocked to find out how many events have hit gasoline refineries this year.

Pod People

Comment – a scary video on a new form of housing for our youth. I can understand why California politicians don’t want their citizens to have AR-15s. But, that dam “Piece a Paper” (as Bush Jr. called it) keeps getting in the way!

Quant Carnage Wrecks Tech As Small Caps Soar On Financial Frenzy

Comment – Just more indicators.

Russia, China Continue “Massive Substitution” Of Dollar Assets By Gold

Comment – any indications that the Fed US Petrol Dollar control is coming to an end?

European Banks Have Paid €23 Billion To The ECB… And Now Face Disaster

Comment – Any evidence of Smoke and Mirrors?

The Global Debt Bubble Enters It's Blow-Off Stage

Comment – Better have a few real chickens, because when the debt chickens come home to roost it will be ugly!

The National Debt Is Now More Than Ten Times Annual Tax Receipts

Comment – Don't worry. The Fairy God Mother will wave her magic wand and it all goes away. Bernie and AOC have a solution – spend more, lots more!

The Price Of Gold Just Hit A Record High…

Comment – a Barbarous Relic ….. that seems to keep part of its value no matter what happens. Some might call that physical insurance.

US Car Ownership Costs Surge To Record Highs, Delinquencies Soar, Trouble Ahead

Comment – here are those transportation and debt issues again.

Zimbabwe Hikes Rates To 70% To Halt Hyperinflation 2.0

Comment – Dam, I am still waiting for my $100 Trillion Zimbabwe note to be revalued so I can own Bill Gates and Warren Buffet together. Who in their right mind issues 100 trillion notes when the human brain can not comprehend it? Gee, sounds like the US Government liability level estimated at $240 trillion.

It is a good thing Zimbabwe doesn’t have any valuable natural resources otherwise we would invade to save the people from their evil dictators.

Gray Swan – Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos

First tornadoes in 18 years hit Sioux Falls, leaving destruction in their wake

Comment – as we have noted, we are seeing what is considered rare weather events

Imperial cars, homes slammed with fall hail storm

Comment – Hail events are increasing

Once again, climate warriors rescued from their ship trapped in polar ice

Comment – where is Al Gore when you need him to comment? The Polar Bears and ice caps are doing just fine decades after they were supposed to be gone. But those are Inconvenient Facts. I wonder, do polar bears fart. Maybe we should send AOC with Cory Booker up there to check it out, of course with no guns.

Raging floods sweep cars away as ‘cold drop' causes worst rain in a century in southern Spain

Comment – Worst rain in a century! Wait till the Solar Minimum and it will be the worst in a millennium.

Seven million people have been forced to flee their homes due to extreme weather

Comment – here is an indicator to start to watch. How many people are displaced by weather. It is only the beginning.

Subways underwater: Flash flood drenches Algerian capital

Comment – for those of you who know where Algeria is, 3 months of rain fell in 40 minutes inundating it's capitol. As I have said, our drainage systems are designed using 200 years of weather data, and we are getting 1,000 year storms.

Severe crop damage after late frost hits parts of Argentina

Comment – and here is evidence of the destruction of the food supply from the change in weather patterns.

Summer Heat Waves Kill 1,500 People in France

Comment – I wonder what it would be if also the electric grid got knocked out and water supply stopped.

Surviving the Super Grand Solar Minimum

Comment – Let us ignore the evidence and listen to the bought and paid for politicians.

Thousands of lightning strikes hit Washington state, triggering delays and power outages

Comment – looks like more evidence we are in an electric universe.

Worst storm in over a century hits Spain, major floods and tornadoes reported

Comment – any indications we are not talking about 1 or 2 weather anomalies? Worst storm ever!

Gray Swan – Civil War

Will The Matrix Prevail?

Comment – If you doubt someone is trying to start a Civil War, read this Paul Craig Roberts article. The author clearly calls out who.

A Third Of Democrats Favor Declaring NRA ‘Terrorist Orgnization'; 28% Say It Should Be Illegal To Join

Comment – well isn’t that the Pot calling the Kettle Black. These Democrats have no problem interpreting the Constitution to fit their agenda, and will obviously cause a Civil War.

NRA Sues San Francisco After City Brands As “Domestic Terrorist Organization”

Comment – How about arrest SF Administrators for treason?

A Warning to the Gun Owners of the World

Comment – Instead of listening to the gun grabbing politicians, listen to the people of the world that experienced it.

Baltimore On Track For Record Homicides As City Descends Into Chaos 

Comment – Must be the White Supremacists. Glad to see Gun Control works. Wait – what? A leading city in gun crimes?

CNN accuses conservatives of being “terrorists” on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,

Comment – so now it has escalated to that conservatives are terrorists. Do you think that might trigger a civil war?

Detective who led Epstein investigation died after “brief illness” at 50

Comment – What a coincidence. The State Police officer in charge of the Sandy Hook investigation also died young.

And the Chief investigator for the Charlie Hebdo event also died unexpectedly.

And a Federal Prosecutor was found dead related to Broward County.  Coincidence?

Five NYPD Officers Injured Trying to Halt Massive Brawl

Comment – Any signs of society collapse?

German citizens are arming themselves with firearms

Comment – Oh wait, Europeans are anti-gun. Why would they arm themselves?

Growing Number Of States Adopting ‘Red Flag' Gun Seizure Laws In Wake Of Mass Shootings

Comment – Well if you need a Flash Point for a Civil War, I guess a massive violation of the Constitution will do that.

Gun Sales SURGE After Democrats Demand Buybacks & Confiscation

Comments – looks like Americans are voting with their wallets and feet.


Comments – finally a point both the left and right can agree upon.

New Jersey “High-Capacity” Magazine Ban Took Effect 9 Months Ago – Not a Single Magazine Has Been Turned In

Comment – How to turn law abiding citizens into criminals – authored by the Democratic Libtards.

New Jersey Banks & Guns — State Will Refuse Business with Banks, Retailers that Resist Stricter Gun-Control

Comment – A clear misuse of political power. Wait till there is a shortage of food, paybacks are a bitch.

Red “Communist” Flag Gun Laws Are Rooted In Communist Methods Of Oppression

Comment – what was the saying from the 1950's? “Better Dead than Red”. Yup, the Red Flag laws are Red Communist – straight out of both the Bolshevik and Nazi handbooks.

The SHTF Starts When People Lose Their Guns

Comment – Selco is a man that would know. He spent 1 year stuck in Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) in a city under siege between 2 armies without water, food, and heat. Highly recommended reading his books.

The Suicide Rate In The U.S. Has Hit The Highest Level In 50 Years

Comment – any signs that society is reaching a breaking point?

The United States Is In A Time Of Great Danger – Do nothing and you will make sure your wife and mother and children will be raped and injured beyond belief!

Comment – again, indications that the society is coming to a breaking point.

This Is It! Repeal Of The Second Amendment Is Coming, Dems Believe

Comment – more proof somebody is trying to start a Civil War.

UVA Medical Center has sued former patients for over $106 million in medical debts

Comment – a breaking point is coming, here is more evidence.

Gray Swan – WW III

US Navy’s ship-killer missile bound for China

Comment – tensions increasing in the South China Sea Flash Point.


Comment – Oh look, another petroleum factory on fire. Gee, ours in Philly burnt down by “accident” (we think). Coincidence? Would taking out the gasoline factories be a Force Multiplier?

Hundreds Of Russian Troops Deploy To Idlib In Case Ceasefire Collapses

Comment – another Flash Point has tensions increase.

Israeli Attacks On Syria Halted After Russia Threatened To Shoot Down Jets

Comment – and at a 3rd Flash Point tensions increase.

Marines “Remind China Of America's Military Edge” During 11-Day Exercise In The Pacific

Comment – I am sure the Chinese do not need reminding. Maybe Saber Rattling!

 Mysterious waves have been pulsing across Oklahoma

Comment – quote “The strange signals originate from the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant.” Something they forgot to tell us about? Nope, no evidence of Tesla Technology.

Netanyahu: Israel Might Launch Full-Scale Gaza War “Before The Elections”

Comment – So start WW III to win an election, what is the big deal?

Phoenix Air wins federal contract for diplomatic, evacuation flights

Comment – they couldn't be preparing for something, could they? It is a good thing the American public is wide awake and paying attention. Hey how about Kardashian’s big ass!

Venezuela ready to defend itself after US invokes Rio Treaty

Comment – and at a 4th Flash Point tensions increase.

Venezuela starts military exercises as 150,000 troops amass along Colombian border

Comment – Dito! This is what happens when you have too much oil and a nasty neighbor.

Was Dorian a Direct Hit on Chinese and Danish Deep State Sites in the Bahamas ?

Comment – Conspiracy Theories! Come on, a Cat 5 Hurricane always stops for 36 hours and then makes a right turn. But how about that Collateral Damage! Not a good time to be a peasant.

China’s Hidden Navy: The Maritime Militia

Comment – well it isn’t going to hide in the Bahamas!

Gray Swan – Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity

6.3 magnitude earthquake near Bandon, Oregon, United States and San Francisco, California, United States

Comment – an awful lot of earthquakes.

M3.7 earthquake hits the New Madrid Fault Zone in Arkansas

Comment – When the New Madrid goes expect a stoppage of transportation and energy supply across the Mississippi River. For those on the East Coast, the food is on the other side.

Gray Swan – East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)

A Mega-Tsunami Is Coming-Geologists Theorize That a Volcano on La Palma Might Fall Into The Ocean

Comment – a bit of a hype piece – but still accurate. The La Palma/El Heirro Canary Island landslide scenario can wipe out the East Coast. It can be triggered by Mother Nature or an enemy. There is not much we can do about it with the exception of diversifying our Food Security and Food Production.

Gray Swan – American Farming & World Food Production Collapse

America Has Abandoned Its Farmers with Devastatng Consequences

Comment – Here is a summary of what I have been saying. If we don't protect our farmers we will have none.

Bahamas: “People Shooting Each Other for Food and Water”

Comment – Don’t worry – it can’t happen here! Well unless a Gray Swan lands – then we are screwed.

But if you live in Democratic cities like LA, San Fransisco, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore ect – don’t worry – you are in a Gun Restricted location so only the police and the gangs have guns. Just sing Kumbaya down to the local food store that has no food. Your local government will take care of you just like during Catrina.

 Fukushima: Japan will have to dump radioactive water into Pacific

Comment – So the Pacific is one of the largest Food Stores on the planet – what could go wrong?

Korea Angry over a Japanese plan to release radioactive Fukushima water into the Pacific Ocean

Comment – Now why would that be? Just polluting the Pacific for 10,000 years or so.

Notice that the UN is quiet on this! And also the American Politicians.

What Would You Eat To Save The Earth?

Comment – quote – “there is a propaganda push by government to eat only plants, insects and even non-food… because humans”.  Somehow I think Soylent Green is coming.

 Wisconsin Farm Loan Delinquencies Jump To Levels Not Seen Since 2001

Comment – No Farms = No Food. Well except for Soylent Green.

Gray Swan – Trucking Industry Collapse

The Trucking “Bloodbath” Continues As 4,500 Truckers Lose Their Jobs

Comment – Let us screw the Farmers, screw the Truckers, and screw the Veterans but make sure the bankers, lawyers, and politicians are taken care of. Now that is one dam good reason to grab the guns – to save the children!

No food, No food delivery, and nobody to protect us then there will not be any children. What part of history do we not understand?

J.C. Cole
American Heritage Farms
building Safe Haven locations

Just in Time (JIT) Farming & Supply Chain Collapse

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) – Solar, Nuclear, and Tesla Technology
  • Credit & Financial Payments Collapse
  • Cyber Attack on Infrastructure (water, oil, gas, electrical control systems)
  • Pandemic (Human & Animal)
  • Solar Minimum – Environmental Chaos
  • Civil War
  • WW III
  • Electrical Grid and Energy Infrastructure (Physical Attack on Critical Substations)
  • Satellite takedown (blocking GPS usage that is critical to JIT delivery)
  • Mississippi Earthquake (New Madrid Fault) & Tectonic Activity
  • East Coast Tsunami (El Hierro Volcano)
  • American Farming & World Food Production Collapse
  • Trucking Industry Collapse

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