The Saker: NWO Meltdown, Russia Stronger Than Ever

06 Russia, Commercial Intelligence

New World Order in Meltdown, But Russia Stronger Than Ever

Jon Hellevig

Having at least a working knowledge of seven languages (English, Russian, Finnish, Swedish, Spanish, German, and French), Hellevig has been able to follow first-hand the news across the Western hemisphere. Doing so, he realized a decade or so ago, that all the Western media in unison report the same stories about Russia and circulate the same fabricated scandals in the same words at the same time. Frustrated with the totalitarian style propaganda lies about Russia, Hellevig began to regularly produce fundamental analysis reports on the Russian economy in the wake of the sanctions that the Western powers imposed on Russia following the Ukrainian crisis in 2014

Phi Beta Iota:  Read every word of the long article with graphics.  This is the stuff that the NYT and others should be printing, but they are all lying sacks of shit controlled by the Deep State, so for get aboud it. Jon Hellevig is the real deal, and what he writes is closer to the truth than anything we have seen.

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