COLOR PRINT COLLECTIBLE: EYES ONLY: For the President (and the Public): Everything the Deep State Does Not Want You To Know (Trump Revolution 43)

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence, Worth A Look
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This is a COLLECTIBLE in FULL COLOR, 8.5 x 11 pages, glossy, I will sign any copy presented to me when our team tours nationally toward a 2024 win-win for all.

I support President Donald Trump but if he does not embrace #UNRIG now, he may lose to Bloomberg-Gabbard, because the GOP, WH, and campaign staff stink at connecting with the 70% of the public that has been disenfranchised. They are OUT OF TOUCH.

Mother of All Landslides? Here's how….

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The first briefing, “If I Were President,” suggests a restructuring of the White House to include Dr. Cynthia McKinney replacing Mike Pence as Vice President; three Deputy Vice Presidents (Global Engagement, Commonwealth, Education/Intelligence/Research) and proposes new uses for the space now occupied by media scum: a strategy advisory group, a Trump Studio, a truth channel, and the President’s Own Open Source Agency.

The second briefing, rooted in over 2000 non-fiction book reviews, identifies 25 mind-bending transformative books and their runners ups, and then presents the top 10-20 books in each of 26 clusters that could be used to establihs a new national conversation about America — what kind of nation do we want to be?

The third section of the book provides sixty-eight answers with many links to questions from the participants in the Dimensions of Disclosure conference recently concluded — answers the Deep State does not want you thinking about.

Everything we are being taught and told is generally a lie, if not an outright lie then a partial lie. Bill Casey told Ronald Reagan in February 1981 this: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

CIA — and the City of London, Wall Street, UK elite, and Zionists behind CIA — have almost succeeded in destroying America the Beautiful. One person and one person only stands between the total destruction of the USA and our resurrection: President Donald Trump.

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#UNRIG: Unity with Integrity Election Reform Act

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