Gordon Duff: Israel Is Dying – Can Middle East Survive the Death of Israel?

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Can the Middle East Survive With Israel Gone?

Israel is dying. It has nothing to do with Hamas or Hezbollah, no rain of missiles will destroy Israel. Israel is in a cycle of self-destruction that began in the 1990s with the advent of the Likudist party.

The writing is on the wall, Israel is destroying herself. It wasn’t a foreign enemy, no armies of Arabs marched Jews into the sea. Benny and Sara Netanyahu killed Israel. The flag hasn’t come down yet, but that time is close, so very close, and as with other changes of late, the world is unprepared.

In the balance is the state of Israel, leaderless, inherently unjust, a nation that tossed aside any normal role in the world community the day the Likudists took over.

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