Anthony Hall: Case Studies in Zionist Censorship – Zionist Strike 51

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The Israel Lobby and University Governance: The Case of Dr. Steven Salaita

In their introduction to a volume published in 2017, We Will Not Be Silenced: The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics, Prof. Robinson joined with Maryam S. Griffin to report,

The [Israel] lobby has drastically stepped up its campaign to silence and repress those who have spoken out for Palestinian freedom.

An Honest Living

What is it like to go from a tenured professorship to an hourly wage driving buses? This piece tries to make sense of an unusual transition.

There are lots of stories from Virginia Tech, the University of Illinois, and the American University of Beirut [AUB], but they all end with the same lesson:  for all its self-congratulation, the academy’s loftiest mission is a fierce compulsion to eliminate any impediment to donations.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The time has come to eradicate the Zionist parasite from every country — not to be confused with Jews, but the Jews need to be held accountable for their enabling of the extortionist and state-sponsored  terrorism ways of the invented criminal genocidal apartheid state of Israel.

It the case of both the corruption of the US Congress and the corruption of academic authorites, it's all about the Benjamins. Money rules.  In the case of the Department of Justice and the corrupt judges and prosecutors all over the USA, its about both the Benjamins and the pedophilia blackmail tapes created by the Mossad with the complicity of the CIA and the FBI.

America First — with justice and fairness for all — will ultimately lead to the restoration of Palestine to the Palestinians, AND the eradication of Zionism for the scourge that it is in every country.  Enough, already.

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