China Peony: Xi Jinping Sends — Where China Is Going….

Commercial Intelligence

Xi makes three proposals for economic globalization

  • Jointly building an open and cooperative world economy;
  • Jointly building an open and innovative world economy;
  • Jointly building an open and sharing world economy.

19th CPC Central Committee concludes fourth plenary session, releases communique

ROBERT STEELE: Like it or not, China (and later  India and Indonesia) are going to rule the world, particularly if Russia, the USA, Europe and the United Kingdom continue to treat their indigenous pubics like shit. The Chinese vision could be enhanced by embracing both Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), and localization. Globalization is only as strong as its weakest links.  Every locality must be self-sufficient and healthy in every respect for their illness will utlimately infect and harm the global whole.

The US “challenge” to the Chinese One Belt One Road, is shallow idiocy. The USA lacks both moral and intellectual standing as well as capacity to follow through, and the US conceptualization is “dead on arrival” because of its reliance on the banks and major corporations, all of which are corrupt. “Dots” are inherently discconnected in contrast to the Chinese initiative that is very connected. The Secretary of Commerce is a Deep State tool, and the sooner this Elmer Fudd is fired, the better off we will all be. President Donald Trump means well, but he is alone — because of Jared Kushner's destruction of Chris Christie's brilliant transition work, most of the US Government is still staffed with Obama people who are inherently anti-Constitution, anti-Republic, and anti-American.

US Challenges China's Belt And Road With New Global Infrastructure Scheme 

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