Stephen E. Arnold: China #1 in Artificial Intelligence? Is #Borg Taking Over China? Will China Embrace OSEE?

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Stephen E. Arnold

What Country Is Number One in AI?

DarkCyber believes that one need only look at the demographics of computer scientist, engineering, and mathematics students in MA and PhD programs to get a sense of where technology innovation is heading.

The graphic below (Forbes), provides a clue:

ROBERT STEELE: It is with great distress that I contemplate the corruption and idiocy across my own government, and in particular the retarded by design education, intelligence, and research communities. The Open Source Agency and the tri-fecta of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) that I have conceptualized — and that has been so successfully marginalized by those who profit from the existing system — is one that could usefully be embraced by all countries….the rising tide that could lift all boats.  I consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be a threat to humanity and both a witting and unwitting accomplice to the Deep State desire — on behalf of its Satanic masters — to achieve transhumanism — the death of humanity, the end of spirit and soul.  OSEE is Earth-friendly, and humanity-friendly. One wonders if it will ever be realized.

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