John Solomon: Ukraine Bonfire – Obama Biden Clinton Kerry Nuland Yovanovitch Brennan List of Available Documents That Will Torch Them Once Released

Corruption, Government

A dozen document troves that could change the Ukraine scandal if Trump released them

List Only:

  1. Daily intelligence reports
  2. State Department memos detailing conversations
  3. State Department memos on U.S. funding
  4. The transcripts of Joe Biden’s phone calls and meetings
  5. Office of Special Counsel whistleblower investigation documents
  6. All documents on Burisma from CIA, FBI, Treasury, State
  7. All USAID documents on funding Burisma
  8. All State documents on Burisma dealings
  9. All Energy, Justice, State documents on Biden – Burisma
  10. All US Embassy documents on monitoring or NOT prosecuting X, Y, Z
  11. All USG documents on Ukrainian influence ops including anti-Manafort
  12. All USG documents on DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa

Read full article with descriptions of what is available for each of the above.

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