Mongoose: CIA, UFO, JFK, Extraterrestrial, False Flag, & More…

Cultural Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Alert Reader summary below the fold.

When you have 43 minutes, please do listen to this interview about how much is now known and proven about the reasons for JFK's assassination: he wanted a world of peace, he wanted to share with the Soviets our UFO files and start cooperating with them on space exploration since he knew both blocks of influence had similar information and could only cooperate. That is… if Dulles hadn't been the vengeful greedy psychopath and paranoiac we've all learned he truly was.

Hard to decide whether to rejoice as what Linda Mouton-Howe states and how much she discloses or to rage at the enormous amount of time we've wasted and the destruction we've caused since WWII.

One of the most enlightening interviews on that subject thus far. We're getting closer. Hopefully it is not too late…

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