Paul Adams: Is Israel Turning Against Trump?

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Paul Adams

This is very odd. Are Zionists taking Trump down for his inaction over Iran?

The Times of Israel: Jewish Democratic Council ad calls Trump the ‘biggest threat’ to Jews

The Times of Israel: Trump adviser Stephen Miller sent white nationalist materials to journalist

The Times of Israel: Jewish groups join call for ousting Stephen Miller over white supremacist views

ROBERT STEELE: The Zionists are also freaking out over the Democrats turning away from Israel First — when Elizabeth Warren attacks Israel for its settlements and genocide of the Palestinians, she is saying two things: first, that she does not need Zionist money; and second, that she can count on Jewish votes — between Rabbi Michael Learner and Marjorie Cohn and others, progressive Jews now understand that Zionism is a curse upon the Jewish people, and “progressive except Palestine” does not cut it.  Peace in the Middle East will benefit Jews everywhere, and the way we achieve peace in the Middle East, while ending Zionist (and Vatican) subversion in the USA is by restoring Palestine to the Palestinians (Jews continue to live there in peace), and eradicating Zionist control of the US academy, the US economy, the US government, and US society.

Separately I am hearing the most extraordinary hard to believe rumors that Chabad has made a deal with Trump and is going to throw Netanyahu and Israel under the bus in exchange for some concessions on their immunity from prosecution in the USA — certainly Jared Kushner must desperately want some immunity for himself.  I will be observing from the sideline with great interest.

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