Petition to Pardon Roger Stone

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PETITION to Pardon Roger Stone

Needs 85,947 signatures by December 15, 2019

PETITION to Pardon Roger Stone

As I contemplate all the lies told by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, and all the lesser shits (and Schiffs), I find it very sad to see the “conviction” of Roger Stone in a rigged courtroom, right down there with the police arresting black people who stand, alone, in front of their door, at midnight — their crime: “obstructing pedestrian traffic.”

I do not make this shit up. Between Sidney Powell and Matt Taibbi we know all we need to know about our crooked Department of Justice, our crooked FBI, our totally compromised judicial system that sells young kids and blacks into the prison industry for a fee per head, when it is not responding to Vatican, DoD, or Zionist pedophile entrapment pressures.  ENOUGH.  Just as the President was totally correct to pardon our warriors whose crimes are vastly less than those of the flag officers that dishonored the Constitution by accepting illegal orders from Obama to kill millions as a profit center for the bank, so also Roger Stone should walk free.  There is no “Justice” system in the USA worthy of the name. Dave Hodges has this right: the President must pardon Roger Stone — who made mistakes but was also entrapped and abused — if he is to be re-elected. The deplorables want to know if the President has our back.  Does he?

PETITION to Pardon Roger Stone

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