Yoda: Boycott Chick-Fil-A? LBGTQ & Amazing Polly on Large Unassimilated Immigrant Communities Producing Traitors

Cultural Intelligence

Losers, they are.  No ethics.  No balls.  Just losers.

Over The Last 3 Years, American Culture Has Gone Even Deeper Down The Toilet

Has our society gone so far down the toilet that it is now considered to be “evil” to give money to The Salvation Army?

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Phi Beta Iota: The LGBTQ (Q stands for pedophilia) is no longer about respecting the right of a minority to privacy in their lifestyle, now it has become about the right of a generally perverted minority to attack family values across the board. Herbert Marcuse called this “repressive tolerance.” We are headed toward a violent civil war if this keeps up.  There is a difference between genetic mutation away from the man-woman dichotomy and a deliberate subversion of society, seeking to impose a new “normalcy” of up to 30 different kinds of perversion as now embraced by California and imposed on children, to include cross-dressing — grooming for pedophilia and being a transvestite.  America is losing its mind, its heart, and its soul.

In a related development, as we observe various Ukrainian traitors who penetrated the US Government while remaining agents of a foreign power, the point is being made that unassimilated immigrants — one must include those who believe that religious laws should supercede US laws and that “anything goes” when dealing with the Christian heathen — are a stake in the heart of America the Beautiful.


The lawlessness and de-humanizing TYRANNY of the establishment Left is teaching patriots what’s at stake when the civil war begin

Alert Reader summarizes Amazing Polly:

Too repulsive to wrap our head around without losing all hope for humanity's future.  Too far-reaching and for too long.  Italian and Russian mafia, Mossad, dead bodies with Russian names falling around Golda Meir, the Windman brothers (with the same Russian names) traced back to Italy where they first lived before coming to the US, PBS falling so much in love with them that the family was followed from Italy right off the boat all the way to the US and into the US military for years and… eugenics, with the expected Epstein connection.

And… a Schiff connection, of course.

These are the people whose salaries we pay while knowing NOTHING about them and how profoundly dirty they are, from generation to generation.  At this juncture, so much money is being laundered and flows in and out of government that… our taxes are NOT even needed to finance government or any infrastructures: there is a reason why our country is being taken down and it is systematic and methodical.

Time to pull the plug and restart life on a local level. The way we need to look at it is simple: we can live happily in our communities by ignoring all of the rot and avoiding participating in any of it or remain enslaved by a system we will never know anything about and keep being enslaved by.

Q: What do the CIA & the Mafia have in common?

A:  Large Unassimilated Immigrant Communities.

This video was inspired by research into the Impeachment witnesses Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovich and CIAr@m#lla.

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