Robert Steele: Netanyahu Indicted — Are the US Traitors Next?

09 Justice

Netanyahu charged in corruption cases, deepening Israeli political disarray

* Bribery, breach of trust and fraud among the charges

ROBERT STEELE: A deal seems to have  been cut behind the scenes — a new era begins in Israel, perhaps leading to the end of Israel, the restoration of Palestine, and Jews living in peace in Palestine as they once did.

Are the US traitors next?  All signs point to at least six people being criminally indicted by 11 December 2019 when the Durham Report is released. Then there are all the neocons, Christian Zionists, and dual-Israel-US citizens who place Israel First, not America First.  9/11 disclosure soon?  Epstein disclosure soon?  Sandy Hook disclosure soon?

SIDE NOTE: My observers tell me that the new YouTube policy against channels that are not “commercially viable” (including those that YouTube makes NOT viable with demonetization and shadow banning) is in anticipation of the Durham Report and the Alternative Media exploding with commentary on the now proven “dirty Democrats” and their Deep State / Shadow Government allies such as John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzek, and Lisa Page among many others.

At the same time, Google is moving into broadcast audio (radio) and TV, perhaps with the thought of burying all the conservative AM radio personalities.

The  time has come for both massive class action lawsuits against all platforms (along with a RICO lawsuit that includes the Anti-Defamation League, an unregistered agent of a foreign power), and the creation of a federated blockchain social media ecology that tells the truth, does not censor or manipulate, and does not deplatform absent a court order (and even there, we have so much cleaning up to do in our courts — witness the Wisconsin miscarriage of justice by a warped judge against Jim Fetzer).

We live in interesting times.


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